You’re doing fine—it’s a pandemic

And there's no better time for a reminder—

It's time to give yourself a break—even relax the rules a little bit. I'm not talking about going skydiving without a parachute, but this is a good time to have a little extra fun, go a little easy on the rules, do something special every day

Yes, the pandemic is stressful—but don't let it have the same effect on you as it does on so many of our so-called "leaders"—It is easy, when stressed, to relax some of our being nice rules (what better time to cuss someone out?)—I challenge you to take the alternate point

Do something special for you

Take an extra trip to go to a restaurant you like

Use your spare time to make art

Take an easy hour at work

Dip in a bath

Yes, it's the pandemic. A lot of people are gonna die—a lot have died already. You're not in control. You can't make your neighbors get a vaccine. Nor can you stop them

There's an article somewhere called "You're doing fine—it's the end of the world." That article requires a different set of rules. This isn't that article. So be prudent in your wildness—at the end of this thing a lot of us are still going to be sitting at the same table (looking around, trying to figure what happened)

But we're not there yet

You're not dead

You're doing fine

We're right here together

We're in this together

Let's help each other—and celebrate!

Celebrate today (because today is here) and celebrate tomorrow if we're lucky

But today, don't wring yourself into a rag about the pandemic. Do what you can (this is very little) and accept the rest. This isn't good advice—it's a statement about what is possible for you to do

What is not possible is that you save the world

What is possible is that you do something a little bit nice for you or a friend