“With a GoodRx discount, a month’s supply would cost $2,373.06.*”

This is from a note from my pharmacy, informing me that 9mg Austedo would cost me $2,373 per month—more than I make in a month

I need Austedo for my tardive dyskinesia. The previous medicine, Ingrezza, was priced similarly. Austedo works better. I want to switch. I was able to receive Ingrezza through a grant program—maybe the same thing is available for Austedo. I hope so, and I'll look into it Monday

Meanwhile, what is the sense in sending such letters? What is the sense in pricing medication so high that only the rich could afford it?

I'm sick. You have the medicine. I don't have the money. Are you going to give me the drug or not? That's the whole thing. If you don't care about me, why did you develop the medicine in the first place? To help people? (Obviously not or you wouldn't price your medication so high that normal people can't pay for it!) If your goal was purely to make money, why did you develop a drug to treat a rare condition? Regardless, what is the sense in pricing it so high people can't pay??

I will contact my doctor on Monday, see what can be done

Hopefully we can find a grant program while I limp along with samples

While I work my way through this snaggle, I ask the people who created it: Why?