What makes you real to me is that when you cry—I feel it

It's is my belief in (and my feeling of) your emotion that makes it real to me. That's what makes you real to me—that when you cry, I feel it

Otherwise I'm having a psychopathic experience with respect to you. If I don't believe your emotions (if you're not real to me) then I'm the psychopath

And if someone doesn't appear real to me, it doesn't matter if they're true to themselves or not—I shouldn't allow myself to be around them (because I might treat them with less care than I should)

That realness (that reality of my emotions) is a safety check in a way, toward my treatment of others. If I'm a true (all around) psychopath and I don't feel that anyone is real, that's a truly tough position to be in—in that case I wouldn't have safety checks at all. So it's my ability to feel that makes me behave like a human being—the degree to which I cannot feel is the degree to which I am anti-human (even anti-myself)

So we should teach ourselves to feel

Allow ourselves to feel

Revel in feeling

Someone else's pain

My own pain

Someone else's pleasure

My own pleasure

I am taught It is so beautiful to feel—maybe this is part of why