What I do for tardive dyskinesia

I have tardive dystonia, the worse form of tardive dyskinesia

TD is a permanent disorder featuring uncontrollable muscle movements. These movements can be slight or significant, making it hard to live through your day, to sleep, to move normally. Movement takes more energy than usual, causing fatigue when doing easy work

This is what I do that helps

Take Ingrezza. There are a couple of medicines available for TD now. I take Ingrezza and this helps the most. Without this I'm a shaky mess

Dab. I vape cannabis concentrate daily. Smoking pot doesn't help me. Dabbing does. It helps me forget about my shaking and helps me shake less. Some of my purely peaceful moments are on dab

Manage my mind away from stressful thoughts. For me, TD is partially controllable psychologically. I can lessen the effects by reducing thoughts about stressful people, places, and things

Meditate on my heartbeat, ideally feeling it with my hands. Squeeze my hands into fists. Feel the blood pumping in my body, my hands, my fingers—focus on that rhythm instead of the irregular rhythm of TD twitches. Breathe in conjunction with my heartbeat—a breath in or out for every two or four heartbeats

Close my eyes/look away. Reduce light. Turn off lights. Look away from screens. If I do this for a minute or so, then re-open my eyes, I'm more relaxed. Visual information (light) seems to make my TD worse. Movie screens are bad. TVs are less bad. Little screens are ok

Be around fewer people. My TD is worse the more people are in the room

Lie down. Lie face down. Lying on my back is better than sitting or standing. Lying on my side is better than lying on my back. Lying face down is better than lying on my side, to lessen my movements. Lie on my back with my head on 3–4 pillows. Lie on my stomach with my head on 1–3 pillows

Have a cat sit on me or girlfriend put hand on me. Having a cat sit on me encourages me to be still for the sake of another. We rest together. We breathe together. My girlfriend putting her hand on me does the same thing

Get to the void place. Close my eyes. Let them totally relax—roll to the most relaxed place in their sockets. Extend that, like actively staring forward behind my eyelids. This is sort of like resisting being tickled. The urge to do TD movements are the tickle. The void place is resisting the tickle. Do this with my whole body. This is a type of resisting movement. It is the effortless place that is the result of much effort (which is effortless)

Ride my bicycle. The locked position of my arms works pretty well with riding a bicycle. Ditto pushing a shopping cart or a walker. My arms are still locked when doing these things but holding onto something feels good and the distraction of riding helps. Be careful of balance

Don't do fine or repetitive movements. Typing is bad. Washing dishes is bad. Folding clothes is bad. You have to do them, but notice which ones are worse for you and at least be aware going into them that you will hurt

Sleep. 12 hours. A nap. Anything. Sleep helps me feel better. Being fully rested helps. If it gets too hard, lie down and rest or sleep until I'm ready to continue. Listen to delta waves

Get to a quiet room and get quiet with the room. If I can't sleep, I just go somewhere quiet and I get quiet with the room. Rest

Eat a big meal. Filling myself with good food that takes a while to digest causes me calm while I'm digesting

Cum at least once a day. Helps

Take hot showers and baths. The hot water relaxes my muscles

Don’t question my movements—make them. Last, move normally (what is normal for me). It doesn't help to try and hide my movements or mute the sounds my throat makes. Life is harder with TD. Admit it. Let the movements happen. People who love you will understand—a lot of the world is sympathetic to movement disorders and it works best for me to grunt and shake as needed