We've had great moments

These four words—as what we do in life

We have great moments but we also have great moments

And there's a lot of empty spaces where there could've been moments—but actually there's only a few moments here and there. And maybe that's what's being explored in this whole universe system

(Like if someone's running us) maybe they're exploring the interplay between people (so called people) that have moments that are either closer together or far away from each other (in greatness)—Like some lives would have a lower amplitude of moments. They wouldn't have horrible moments but they wouldn't have great moments. And other lives would be there to test what happens when you have moments that are far from each other in terms of desirable. And what's the effect on a life (on the experience of the life)—maybe someone's testing that here

Regardless, we have had great moments. They were few and far between—but they were great!—and that is worth it