We’re all different types of communicators

(From a discussion with my GF)

A terrorist, a murder, a writer, a lover—all communicate in their various ways

The terrorist by shooting up a school

The murderer by sneaking around raping and torturing his neighbors

A writer by distilling words into six—into five—into two

A lover by drawing shapes into her lover's body

All of those acts send a message into the world—they are a communication sent out (by various modes)—intended to say something to the rest of us

Communication is the whole thing! Everyone's behavior results from the need to communicate! You can view the world as a place where everyone and everything is a communicator—that's what we do primarily—and we're all a different style of communicator

That is our basic function—is to communicate—with the internet, with anything. Anything you do, you're communicating (your body language, tone of voice)

Information is flowing among us

We are awash in it

People playing various roles can be seen as people with varying communication styles

The mountain is communicating with us—with the sky, with the sea. The fish are communicating with each other. The whales sing to us!

As people, we've each worked our lives out so that we can communicate somehow. We need to communicate so badly (it is so essential to who we are) that each of us has overcome whatever obstacles were in our way preventing us from communicating—and each of us (the terrorist, the murderer, the writer, the lover) have found a way to say what it is that we have to say to the world!