Trying Austedo for tardive dyskinesia

The last two weeks I've been trying Austedo for tardive dyskinesia. I've taken Ingrezza for about three years now and I decided to accept my doctor's offer to try Austedo. It's the same basic ingredient, just chemically packaged different. These are my notes

Day one didn't notice any changes from Ingrezza

Day two a touch better than Ingrezza

Day three better, able to sit longer. But I'm manic here!—Is it due to Austedo or the fact that I started programming a few days ago? Or—?

Day four more upright, still shaking but less. Went for a walk with my cane. Manic but feeling physically better than I have in a long time. Sat up rather than lied down most of the day. Muscles in my lower back hurting for the first time I can ever remember because I've sat up longer today than I have in a long time

Day five thinking less about my heartbeat. Less concerned. How much of my good feeling is due to mania, how much due to feeling better on Austedo? I am definitely manic today. Feel better physically today than I have before I got TD, seven years ago. I'm still shaky but I can stand and sit for much longer than usual

Day six no longer manic. Still shaking but sitting up more than usual. Washed dishes. Can carry cups of coffee without spilling. Still enough shaking to be a disability but definitely easier than before I started Austedo

Day seven can drink my coffee without spilling (from a sippy cup that I usually spill from anyway). Still fidgety. Lots of mouth movements. Still sitting up but lots of face mouth and neck movements. My GF thinks I'm more manic on this medicine—she thinks since I've started taking this medicine I've been manic

Day eight took 9mg dose today (the trial medicine is 6mg twice a day for the first week and 9mg twice a day for the second week). Been washing dishes every day since I started Austedo. Feeling pretty shaky when I walk and tense when I lie down. Took a nap and now I feel pretty much like I did before Austedo

Day nine still shaking as usual but I am able to sit up more. Somewhat easier to put on clothes. My TD seems to have moved out of my gut and into my face more (as it was in the beginning). When I lie down my legs are swinging less (there's still the urge but I can resist it much of the time)

Day ten it's a mess of a comparrison between Austedo and Ingrezza but my jerks are weaker on Austedo. For this reason I think it's better for me (even though there are more jerks). On Ingrezza, my muscle movements feel like they're going to tear my head off. On Austedo, the movements are lessened in intensity but increased in frequency

Day eleven I think it will be better for my body to be on Austedo than Ingrezza for now

Day twelve no new notes

Day thirteen I feel like my heart is working less on Austedo (fewer hard beats)

Day fourteen no additional notes

A quick note on viewing problems as temporary. I viewed TD this way when I was first diagnosed. I believed there could be a treatment before there was one, before there were two, and I think this condition may be curable in the future. Believe the future is temporary—it might be

I'm going to call my doctor in a minute and request the change to Austedo