The pocket guide to TRANS! people, places, and things

Turn! Turn around! Listen!! Do you hear the voices? I do—voices giving birth to every idea about me—voicing every of my fear, from somewhere inside me—my issues, my problems, my mundane moments from the night, getting up to use the toilet, sitting girl style, feet arched up on the tile, pressing into my stomach (kneading) making all the shit come out at once (avoiding the toilet heart attack) pressing and pressing from my girl/hole into munchkins and diarrhea (it’s a symptom of the medicines) and projected on the clear shower curtain liner to my left, a wordy catalogue of everything anyone is thinking about me in the whole world—sparkling in candy cane purple red cherry green apple until the dry erase markers untouchable ‘cept by my hand and I kneel before the bathtub erasing and re-rasing wiping up marker dust into my hand. That is the continuance—the legal reprimand. I lie, standing prone, eating up every lie and soaking up inaccuracies to the world’s understanding of me. I count my issues. My thoughts are maximal. I can hear you speaking before you open your mouth hear you speaking in your sleep wiping every syllable off your lips with my underwear—spotting you in case you fall. There is a battle in my brain, an argument for and a web of arguments against. Only one subject contains me—and it isn’t your perception of my people, our issues, what we hold in common. It is, without editing, without containment—the subject of me. I am @papertouch and every time you read my voice in this book it will sound like this—plain text 12pt non-bold Palatino. Is that what people think? Of me? That I really am that influential? When I go online, my hashtag and my name are written large, hundreds and thousands of mentions (which I don’t have time to read—half of them will be hate and the other half crushes by trashboys, so large): I love you @papertouch! and You’re so cute @papertouch can I wriggle my hand up your bra? Can I share you with my mother (she’s TRANS! too)? Can I see you, offline, and peek under your panties to see if you’ve had the surgery? No! You may not! Go on a proper date with me first—asking nothing of my geometry—and on the second date we’ll see. When I get ready to go I shower everywhere (especially my asshole)—no self-respecting girl ever leaves the house without washing back there. I never know who I might meet! (who I might be taking home) from my adventures in the large. Something I’d like to say: Just because you fucked a girl doesn’t make you a lesbian or bisexual—from that first moment you have to feel something for women, girls, from the elderly right on down to the crib—even if you wouldn’t fuck them, there has to be that special feeling (ya dig?) You have to know, holding a baby in your arms, that someday she might grow up female—that between you and her there might someday grow a winter/spring romance. I might have a penis—so might you. You might have a vagina. Maybe I do too—a giant penis-sized clitoris responding to your touch, tempting you downward to suck on me, as so many have throughout the years—my penis/clit is more popular than the entire internet: it never gets completely hard and the hormones give me shivers when you touch it, a momentary eternity, sensations running to my brain. Touch me—touch me now (But ha ha ha ha ha—I’m just kidding—this isn’t ego, merely a rapid response test of validity. Most of y’all won’t ever reach this level—my body, my mind—a touch of greatness never seen the universe through) You’ll get used to my “y’all”—forgive it—I’m from Tennessee. What an interesting place. Eastern Tennessee: we have a mural of Dale Fucking Earnhardt on the side of a building downtown—What does that tell you? When I pass it, I don’t worry. I’m not a TRANS! advocate because I want to be angry all the time—I’m a TRANS! advocate because I decided, once, that I have the right to be happy.


Turn the page. Turn the page. I am writing, I am written—I am done. Here it is in text, in TRANS!cript: If a TRANS! operates in stealth mode, respect that—don’t ask questions! Turn again!—One tip per page! If your date is TRANS! gender, he or she will probably reveal so on the second or third date. Omg. I found this book in the corner of the web—my virtual bookstore!—A pocket manual for the uninitiated, a codex for the international kind (me!) wanting knowledge on dating a TRANS! gender. Found! Loaded in my device! A guide (knowledge)—the perfect way to get to know those TRANS! I stalk. And one of us (the two of us) will end up together—ultimately—in a meaningful relationship. The title of the book? The pocket guide to TRANS! people, places, and things. I fold my app—stealing it away—forging moments hidden with my guide—underneath the table, my stealth fingers moving ahead of me, proposing a problem, selecting strategies with my thumb—everything lost! And so I bet my movements on this random text that I have written (@papertouch): How to not get another date with someone: Be creepily fixated on their genital configuration on the first (or any) goddamn date. @papertouch: How are there people that exist that do not grasp how creepy that is? We’re on a date (our first) and your mental capacity spent imagining my junk, reaching out to me in your mind, stroking my whatever with your tongue—undulating, sticking, creeping—not listening to a word I say (Some people are all about that thing) But I could watch Fright Night with you a thousand times, journey a million Halloweens, cuddling—and never even know your name. It’s not gay if it’s with Batman, right? (Italicsit’s your third person) Yeah, but what is your genital configuration? That could be the end of a section, or the book, a reveal to the (bold) character (call him @deadnovelist) that the reader never gets to see: Like @papertouch lifts her skirt and the main character is filled with the strangest (inextricable) joy..cut to black! (Quickly!) Open and close the book with genital configurations (Right?) Open with a discussion from the TRANS! person (@papertouch—that’s me!) of how she’s (I’m) not going to tell you (@deadnovelist) her genital configuration. Camera under a table, eating lunch above, moves with my hand, presses record at my touch, swooping all around under there, gaining maximum exposure—quick upload to my feed—swabbing my phone around like I’m looking for killer DNA—solving invisible crimes (the crimes of Nobody Notices Me!)—this is the country where all of Tennessee ignores me so I talk anonymous with a kid from North Korea (she’s TRANS! too) (she understands me) (she knows oppression and speaks through a tiny microbial TRANS!mitter sewn inside her skull) Maybe start the book like that—with global oppression, with people making hormones from paint thinner and garbage. Maybe. Maybe start the book with a quote of dialogue from me (exactly what I’d say to @deadnovelist): Why does my genital configuration matter to you? I want to know. You know what else? I would love to hear what in particular about me being a woman inconveniences you.


I’ll try to describe a part of it: There is a TRANS! boy named (@thehandsofacorpse) and so that means afab (assigned female at birth) who prior to the writing of this book what was then she reassigned as he but (as is usually the case) is not seeking any surgery to reassign but has psychologically reassigned us all to think of her as a boy == TRANS! boy. But hands of the corpse still has a vagina, and still dates boys. So? So: who cares if he’s TRANS! if he’s still got a pussy? Isn’t his boyfriend basically putting up with his partner’s TRANS!ness because he loves (formerly @corpsevagina now @corpseboy’s) essence—loves him or her blindly when it comes to personality, violently when it comes to his boyfriend’s pussy. Loves copulating in the same way as always (penis in vagina, penis in butt, penis in mouth, penis in hand) His boyfriend (the TRANS! boy @corpus) still gets bleeding and spotting, has remnants of PMS emotions (this is the cis man’s laughing monologue, about how he doesn’t give a shit about his partner’s TRANS!ness, confided in you (reader of this book) for what it’s worthmaybe nothing, as it comes from a trashboy (@deadnovelist) You can laugh at me and call me a trashboy but it doesn’t make any less of the fact that while you’re TRANS! (a TRANS! boy) I can still smell your pussy on my sheets. It says so on page 13 of my guide (The pocket guide to TRANS! people, places, and things): it says right here: You may enjoy all aspects of a TRANS! person, regardless of your initial associations with them—your sensory enjoyment is your own—go crazy, trashboy. Yes, but if you don’t give a shit about your partner’s TRANS!ness, you are enemy #1, a user/abuser, and your TRANS! boy will know right the fuck away. But don’t you resent me for loving your spout—you as a boy—I guess not if we’re in love. I’m reading here: it says: Your TRANS! needs special light (like a mogwai)—never feed them after midnight, apply all powders and liquid injections regularly. Keep them away from water, discipline them with a (slight!) touch to their genitals—refer any additional questions to the Q&A chapter at the end of this book. Your TRANS! may not want to reveal his or her TRANS!ness on the first date (best you be a mindreader or polydactic changeling, able to modify your own sexual desires—alive aboard secret space program, masturbating to your corn-fed Ohio beauties—your porn reveals your true sexuality, and all my files look like the daughter of a farmer about to move to LA, dressed in see-through clothing, letting me practice my every move on her, so that—someday—I will operate like this in the tea bars and sushi habitats on the opposite coast) She or he may feel comfortable operating with you in a private setting—like the back of a car in a parking lot of a mall. Try creeping your hand forward like a darkling skunk. Breathe for a few moments. Then catapult your hand again. You can suss out your partner’s sex by observing his or her facial hair—this works with a TRANS! boy. To identify a TRANS! girl is the simple matter of activating that bulge within the skirt. If a touch on the leg isn’t enough to arouse her, get her naked as soon as possible (throw down and skrog) try to ID those lips, the history behind her eyes (does it know Star Wars?) green out that TRANS!itory enculturation (ask trick questions like: Which do you like most, Star Trek or Star Wars?) green by association, green by choice of drinks. Turn the page. If you find yourself approaching TRANS! people with regularity, ask yourself: why am I approaching TRANS! people with regularity? What is the spot?—What is the game? What is the game? I don’t know—I’m trying to figure it out. What is to figure? Well, you’ve done a bit of it! What?Figuring? Don’t you agree?—An extreme amount. All I’m saying is you’re not going to find it in that book. No? I’ll keep it anyway, I think—yes I will (Stuff the book in my back pocket—straight cis white male activity?—I think so—can’t imagine a TRANS! person doing that) Rip out that chapter. What?? That’s rightyou heard me!rip out that entire chapter!! I’ll keep Mr J Evans Pritchard for now, thank you. If you must. For now, I think I will. You’ll learn as much about how to treat TRANS! people from that book as you will from being a tribesman of Boko Haram. Is this a date? Do you need it to be one? I need it to be something. Here, hand me that book. I take it from you and flip throughthen hand it back. There’s nothing in there for you. Start with this: Consider, from a TRANS! perspective, hearing straight women casually use the word “girlfriend” to refer to their platonic lady friends. Isn’t that the same confusing as cis guys hearing straight women use it? The point is, from a TRANS! perspective, it’s unclear. I’m trying but it doesn’t seem especially confusing—am I doing it incorrectly? Give me that book again. Here: if you find yourself overly fixated on others’ identities/genitalia, then you might be the one with the problem. I’m thinking, and I think I might be the one with the problem. You don’t have to figure it out now! Take a momenttake the day!see what comes of it! Ok. I flip a few more pages in the bookthe worthy, the fashion forward, the ever so pocket-sized Pocket guide to TRANS! people, places, and things and I find this: “Shakespeare nailed it, clearly indicating those who ’doth protest too much’ as those having something to hide”Get that? Yeah. What does it mean? It means: if you’re the one on the date who is spending all his time wondering what your date is packing, that you’re the one with something to hide.


Imagine a TRANS! suicide. Of a person who lives in Tennessee—maybe me. It starts when I go to college—one of the first places I am out (I am me) I want to study communication theory, but the major has been discontinued (lack of interest) so I switch to philosophy—like the classes—like the profs—but my living situation is unbearable—a single room at the end of the hall, enough reason to plop out the Flip-n-Fuck, less so for sporting a natural conversation from within, it starts when I call my father (bad idea) to tell him what my room looks like. He launches into a monologue on the work ethic of republicans, how the Repub’ party has changed over the years, why he switched from Demo’ to ’Pub,’ who he’s inviting to Thanksgiving this year and why I should attend (all he cares about is the food—any mention of me or us kids should be passed aside) I did coke in the downstairs bathroom last Thanksgiving (with my brother) and everyone knew when we came out what we had been doing. I’m trying to maintain a balance in my life (which would exclude cocaine from my regular) but, it’s hard. So this year I say no—and exude myself!—pure exudinal excitement peers through my chest like Supergirl! Then everything melts (emotion, that is) melts down down down a TRANS! suicide where I hand in all my work, my political theory paper (first one got an A because I derived needed theorems on the back of the test and referenced them on the front: an entirely new truism in logic (invented by me) and trounced! by my teacher, my prof, he denied me my A


I imagine sometimes I have a vagina—a beautiful thing. “You might be TRANS!” to myself I say, touching myself in my mind, seeing myself a female celebrity—Katherine Heigl, maybe—masturbating in my bed, fantasizing, rubbing my lips and clit and cunt—cumming wild on the underside of the covers—aren’t we all just pretending to be male or female anyway? If we think that way it’ll all be just pretending—my pocket pussy—you’re no shemale, only a man I refer to as “bro” and “dudebro” and I disdain you, every one. You know what it might be, bro? You might be TRANS! for identifying somewhat as female. Ok. I’m still mad at you, though. Why? For re-appropriating the term. Have I? Have I re-appropriated it? You have! So I’m not TRANS! for identifying somewhat as female? Not TRANS! Even partially?—somewhat as female?—where does my term lie? You know what? What? I don’t think you’re TRANS! at all. I wish Katherine Heigl would come out of the closet as gay (so s/he could be a possibility for me) but—year after year, when she’s giving a speech where she might come out—the star is straight, s/he’s just straight—Katherine Heigl (smoker, mother, actor) nothing.


Dream of sucking the dry, wilted penis of your sister in law—getting your wife and her sister in bed and dreaming of fucking them both but they take off their dresses and the sister has a tiny, dry, wilted penis and you suck it, trying to bring it back to life. My older brother bleating: “Oh god damn it ‘biologically a boy!’ ” That sentence should be banned forever—damned cis people and their chromosome obsessions. I lie there in infinite cycles, hating PIV sex and thinking it’s the worst and most boring thing in the world. People who enjoy PIV sex are crazy.


I started the #BanDudebros2014 hashtag. It means to ban dudebros from every post, every chat, every party in my living room. To unaccept every dudebro from every persuasion conversation and realization that is on the face of this Earth—the planet should be all TRANS! (everyone) and women (whatever) only halt the dudebro stance. #BanDudebros2014 is eternal. #BanDudebros2014 is everlasting. When I wake I slip off the covers, roll into the hashtag (which is draped next to my bed) wrap up in its fabric, protection against my brother, my uncle, my dad. #BanDudebros2014 is a quick way for anyone looking at my stream to know that they are not welcome—what I put out there is for the rhizome (no one else!)—that is all I can do—I can’t take care of all y’all—can’t entertain and help my little TRANS! boys even if there’s a little bit of dudebro left—I can’t help y’all—even if one pinky is still dudebro I can’t help y’all cannot help y’all not even one little bit. #BanDudebros2014 snap! Fuck, y’all can’t even follow me.


It’s true, my boyfriend is very gay! (But—no?—isn’t he straight and you have a vagina? How is that not straight? Do you think he cares that you’re TRANS!? Isn’t the story like this: you were both cis/straight male + female at which point you became TRANS! and you kept dating the same guy so you two went—anatomically—from a guy who likes pussy and a girl who likes dick to a gay TRANS! boy with a vagina who likes dick and that same straight cis boy who likes pussy and the one who likes pussy has pussy and the one who likes dick has dick—It’s the exact same thing as before with different names) The names make all the difference.


TRANS! woman peeing standing up in the women’s bathroom, sprinkling all over the seat—is that what you imagine? The grossest incarnation of me, triggering you, giving you flashbacks to memories from your childhood—(Dad peeing though the hole of his long johns, Mommy missing as always)—you’re trying to eat breakfast and that bathroom door is just within sight: Dad’s penis laying down large and flat—his hands hardly holding it, just guiding it, barely directing the pee. That’s not how it’ll be, though, not even: it’ll be me sitting quietly behind the door, occupying my women’s stall, sitting down, peeing between my legs. At least I’m not a trickin’ tranny who lied to my husband. No, you are a tranny who lied to herself (Bluffs off) It is impossible to ever know what it’s like to be the opposite sex—not completely through hormones, not completely through surgery. We must admit that a lot of that experience is the same or equal from all these various points of view—and we must admit that what is left, what remains that is truly inexpressible..untouchable..and totally inexperiencable for a cis person. A cis person is like a snail, waiting for real sexuality to fall upon them (not searching, not listening) just lingering in the meat market abstract cisboy bar, drinking beer (and I like a good beer) but (the lowest common denominator—right?) hoping to get picked up by some facet of randomness—not. Not war—not love—not hate. You think I don’t hate?—I hate. I hate all goddamn cis people—every one of them—every assigned correctly at birth—leading businesses—working in Congress—getting elected to President—going to war to fight for US—fuck every cis person in the mouth with a big fat foot—fuck them—fuck every successful cis business—only shop at TRANS!-owned grocery stores—only wear clothes designed by TRANS!—shop online at online stores owned by TRANS! women. There isn’t really anyone I’d want to shop from than a business owned by a TRANS! woman.


@therainbowcorpse: A small-size girl child did some hardcore staring in Walmart todayshe was unabashed, turning unchecked in the shopping cart to continue her staring. I think it was my hair maybe?But this isn’t the first time this has happened. Maybe small children can detect the presence of TRANS! people and she had me pegged instantly. Young children can still detect the presence of both ghosts and non-binary or otherwise queer people. Maybe it’s true (maybe not) but it is that idea that everything is all about youthat my gender is exposed, telegraphed, and a natural subject of conversation for everyone.


@corpsefeet: Honestly I feel bad about being a Male Writer ’cause everyone’s so tired of us. But I am one! White male writer ugh. I’m the worst thing to happen to writing ever. Fits. Starts. A glass menagerie of unique totality everyone wants to publish me no one will ever publish me. How will they publish me best? It’s not true, then? Is it not true that I am amazingI am a special flower? And what will I become when white (TRANS!) male writer is no longer a thing? What then?


Turn turn turn—turn the page. The glossary: one term: “gender reality.” Aka “what us cis people decide you are”—Isn’t that fucked? Aka “my reality is your reality.” Aka: “we hold the strings”“we hold your fate of representation/presentation in our hands.” Aka: fucked. You know people are still fighting wars with guns and bombs when all along it’s been a war of the words—words, I said—not worlds. But a war of the words (that’s the whole thing)—it’s only one’s inability to convert the enemy to use your terms—that happens far in advance of what troglodytes call a way. “Gender reality” aka “what us cis people decide you are”—as long as that’s happening, TRANS! people are oblivious to the starting line. Turn turn turn—new word: pornography. That’s a scary one. Yo—I’m serious, tho!—het porn is kinda scary!—I forgot how scary it is until I just searched “Things that het people do in their spare time” and the array of photographs that came back..I’m telling (ugly shit) But look up queer porn and you get a similar problem: it actually goes as far as being anti-het instead of being pro-queer. Which doesn’t bother me—I’m just saying. Funny word thing: whenever I hear someone refer to someone else as “a TRANS! gender,” I imagine they were about to say “person” but at the last minute they were sucked into a black hole.


I’m so grateful that my current show is auditioning TRANS! women to play TRANS! women. It’s such a low bar (seldom cleared) Is an actor an actor—whose job is to understand and play others—or do TRANS! women need to be played by TRANS! women?


In my dreams I’m telling boys who hit on me, “I’m a TRANS! boy and the fact that you’re hitting on me makes you oh-so-elegantly gayLMAO” I think (inside and out of my dreams) I’m mostly attracted to people who are not the sort of people I should be attracted to (really femme cis gay guys?) I have a hard time thinking someone cis would be into methen if they were would they just be fetishizing me being TRANS! ’cause eww gross. You can never escape being fetishized by cis people. But don’t even wanna go there: I’m TRANS! on top of being fucked psychologically from sexual abuseyou do not want to go there. Turn turn. Every page of my book is alive with the bustling of spring—a perfect guide, color-coded tabs, see-through pages in acetate, teaching me everything I’ll ever need to know about interacting with TRANS! people, boys and girls—men and women—diagrams of genital configs, tipping tables, things to say and things not to say to a TRANS! person. A million symbolically logistical interpersonal problems to solve—and with each, the reward of a new depth of the onion to peel to get to the center of every TRANS! There’s even a chart of TRANS!-friendly baby names (though the culture of the names seems quite white) And well-organized file boxes with categories and files (my favorite) as I try to deal with this new dimension rolling out before me, leaving icicles and diamonds, small pictures of RuPaul and Elton John dangle from my charm bracelet. But does @corpse have it right when he says that if I like her (a TRANS! boy) this makes me gay? Does one person’s sexual identity and sexual preference force me (a bystander with feelings) into being gay? Do others have that force upon me? Or does @corpsetags have to accept that a cis/straight boy might like her (him) and nothing about her (him) could possibly determine my standings, my pronouns, my feelings, my tags. But, ultimately, my liking grows and has nothing to do with @corpse’s genital configuration. She (he) is a writer (and so am I) and knowing another writer online is worth a million bucks—I love him. I love youbut your logic drives me crazy.


Just like some vegans, some gluten free, some TRANS! people want it to be a big deal that they’re gay or TRANS! or what. But ask me to care!—I know you’ve had it hard living among the straight cis whiteboys—but for some of us, we don’t care—we’re past it. Present that point of view: of someone for whom TRANS! sexuality is simply no big deal. Like the TRANS! girl (@paperlove) says I want the bathroom—all I say is “Fine—I don’t think there should be two bathrooms anyway. One unlabeled bathroom is fine with me but she wants” to be a girl entitled to use the girls room—to be special and to be in there—to be a goddess among men but I say “Who cares if you’re a goddess among men when you shit, when you pee (we all do it) why can’t you just be a person, defiled in the bathroom like all of us.” But you say: “It’s special—it’s controversial—” and I’m saying: “It’s nothing special—it’s just going to the bathroom. And once we all get used to seeing a symbol on that door that means—everyone—then it truly will be so what—the TRANS! revolution will be over—sex will start to disappear from the human race etcetera etcetera etcetera (In the future, people breed out sex characteristics, sexual identities, and we genetically engineer everyone from scratch—purposely erasing one of the most human (most essential) traits of who we used to be—till it’s gone gone gone) Gone Girl, codified—the disappearance of everything feminine and masculine by our own ideas and the possibilities of genetics. And the @tgirl says: “What have I brought upon myself?—A battle, a war of the words, forced debate with cisboys who never listen, who don’t even have in their basic capacity to be something desirable to me—I just want someone who will listen to the story of my journey—it was hard—it has just begun—it will be the only story I am ever able to tell. And to you—” —it’s just the story of oppression, that each of us will live a billion ways, starch-pressed out of the motherfucking bathroom. Yeah—because of an idea in your head. People don’t really understand what is humanity. No—we really, really do not.


”Hi.” “Hi.” ”Do you have a vagina?”


@papergirl: Weird as hell seeing one of your posts on the Today Show website. I feel in one regard that they’re using me—using my online comments as their subject pointed by the hashtag—I am just a token TRANS! opinion (But you’re an egomaniac so you love the attention) If I’m honest—yes! (But I can’t afford to be honest—it’s this weird push/pull thing you wouldn’t understand unless you were a minority) Haven’t we all been a minority at times? I don’t understand satire so if you’re using that here I wouldn’t be aware. Satire: when you ridicule someone’s vices. I don’t know! I don’t understand it so I’m a bit late to the party on recognizing it! You in elementary school: listening to your teacher, learning new words (happy, cis, straight, white, boy) while I’m in the back of the room trying to defend my sexuality from the bullies. What did they do to you? They called me by incorrect pronouns. Did they ever beat you up? Physically? Of course: physically. No—I was lucky. Well, you are lucky—I got beat up a couple of times. For being TRANS!? No—for being white. I don’t have time for your issues—I thought this book is about being TRANS! I’m just making the point that TRANS! people aren’t alone—in being mistreated by the schoolyard. I don’t understand why you’re hijacking this idea (this TRANS! idea) to be your own straightboy platform, with all the trappings of straightness, allied with cis straightness, aligned with the ideals of cis straightness, and you plug yourself right into every hardship I mention about myself—I’m the one mistreated. I’m the one who’s misaligned! No amount of reverse prejudice that you’ve experienced can ever relate to the mistreatment I’ve felt from others—ever. You’re on the inside—I’m on the outside. I’ve lived my whole life an oddball—you can never understand. Maybe I can’t—I’ll listen. Hmph. Let’s see. I also like the idea of being too touchy when there are numerous internet strangers who have gone out of their way to personally distress me. How do people find you? TRANS! activists get offended a lot because our society deliberately attacks TRANS! people and our identities!! Imagine that! That’s crazy. I guess as a TRANS! advocate you expect it. You expect it doesn’t make it right. No—it doesn’t. You wanna hear one cool thing about being bi for me? Sure. It was how often I was made to doubt it—or felt I had to choose rather than accept my complexity. That was cool for you? Yeah. It’s the same with the old prescriptivist ways of being TRANS!—those prescriptivist ways confused me about who I was for literally years—rather than learning to just do me.


Count me as one of the “elitists” that says RuPaul isn’t TRANS!—’cause he isn’t TRANS! There can be and have been TRANS! drag queens—RuPaul is not one of them. RuPaul is a man in a dress—a cis man—assigned properly at birth—no real cultural problems—having the acceptance of everyone—cis—man—dress. Why I don’t like him is because he clouds the issue of TRANS!ness—a man playing dress up (cis/gay—culturally accepted gay man in a motherfucking dress)—this is why people don’t understand me (us) at all!—They see a man in a dress when they look at me—And I am nothing of a man in a dress! I am female (quite simply) incorrectly assigned male at birth, killing myself on the internet out for these issues (of TRANS! women) (trying to make it work)—we are not just men in dresses (we are women) (and girls) genetically, culturally—in every way—caught up in a world who thinks when the doctor says we’re boys—that we are boys (wearing dresses) throughout our entire lives. This is where cross dressing comes into play—and this is why I’m on the fence about it: cis/gay crossdressing is a horrible subculture overall—but it has probably helped people in some way? That’s a question: has cis/gay or even cis/straight crossdressing ever helped anyone at all? I’m sure gay men like it but it ruins everything that I’m about over here and I’m forced to say I don’t approve. I do like RuPaul’s music however and nothing’s going to change that.


I’m seriously eye-rolling cis gay men interrupting TRANS! women bringing up completely unrelated points. It’s like: yes, we must legally protect queers (no one says otherwise) but why would you bring this up now? If a car hit your cat, would I bring up how spaying and neutering animals is a good idea? Fledglings: does that make sense to you? Does the conversational flow persuade? Do you find yourself challenged?—In a place where you say “your feelings make me uncomfortable and I don’t want to talk about this so stop.” And you know what I take from that? That you are an asshole—you know what I’m saying? A story about a dirty cop isn’t a statement that all cops are dirty—it’s a story about a dirty cop. It is saying there exists one dirty cop—or at most there exist some dirty cops—but (in this story) (as with a dirty cop story) I include reasonable TRANS! people as contrast.


I honestly had to search Brett Easton Ellis. I didn’t know who James was talking about—I hadn’t ever heard of the guy. After Wiki I’m like: oh so you are a grown-ass man who refers to people as “generation wuss”—remind me why I should respect your opinion Mr. Ellis? Haha he’s an ass but was a good writer with the emphasis on “was.” Maybe he has a point—I don’t know—but how do you call my entire generation “generation wuss” without pushback—ya dig? And the constant moaning of that man: unbearable. Are you going to read him? No—I would hate to see what’s in his books. Your loss. Maybe—but if after reading him I feel more hatred of him than I do from that article—it wouldn’t be good.


Think of the “male” child with ambiguous genitalia who is shamed by his father for playing with dolls—imagine this as a gay person would observe. First, it identifies the father as potentially gay. Second, it may fuck the kid for life. You know how we learn relationships from the first examples we are shown (usually by parents, sometimes from family friends)?—that relationship that kid is learning (with himself and his sexual feelings toward people and dolls—that kid may grow to adulthood harboring feelings of shame and wrongness that come out in non-obvious ways—ways without words, just feelings—that he’ll have trouble naming, embodying—his natural ideas of maleness and femaleness and his inalienable right to identify with any of those however he wants. That child exists—he goes to my mother’s church—he was adopted from China without the new parents’ knowledge of his ambiguous genitalia (of course—who demands to see a child naked when adopting—they must have shielded the new parents from diaper changes) and now they’re stuck with this non-binary baby—shocking genitalia!—and even though the child is ok with it, the mother suffers in silence and the father suffers out loud (shielding his meaning from those he speaks to)—the parents are way more traumatized than the kid at this point—but my argument is the dad’s discomfort will injure the kid. I know a gay woman who slept with men a little (in her beginnings)—it’s not black and white—you might not know you’re gay at an early age or you might not have comfortably embraced that, so you’re just sleeping with the gender you’re supposed to be sleeping with. It might not be that you absolutely cannot stand fucking men (if you’re a cis gay girl) it might just be that you prefer sex with women (obviously)—I’m just saying that if you’re well adjusted cis with a small number of abuse experiences, you might just have a preference for women (maybe)—maybe that preference might not be overwhelming. Then you have stories upon stories of people turning gay (even though that goes against the common thinking—people do claim that this has happened to them via a gay mentor or experience. I want to represent this occurrence or seeming occurrence—even if underlying they were always “really” gay) I don’t buy the completely genetic argument—to do so, one would have to differentiate “play” gayness with “real” gayness—seems like a case of nature + nurture to me. But you are an intolerably straight/cis/boy so what do you know?


TRANS! runs through TRANS! even though only TRANS! is TRANS! we motorbike through varying subjects: TRANS! gay/straight/bi/multi/queer :it’s a multi-player, multi-pass possession, multi-verse prayer to god who would not want to be TRANS! more like cis/gay or a detachment of love from my own breasts—a dollop of phantom milk!—and scene. The actors waiting in the wings, rehearsing their lines as a method of passivity even though they don’t need the review. Once onstage they’ll behave perfectly, hitting every mark, embodying their characters—every line delivered flawless—every emotion felt just enough to reflect it out among the audience and felt just little enough for the actors’ ability to maintain their own presence on the planet—When I act, I can feel it coming through my veins, enlightening you with my penis (TRANS!)—you can feel my TRANS!ness with every line delivered—made to confuse you and use your ticket price to buy more hormones—can you?—can you feel?—can you feel my intention, my scope, the bump that makes me automatic? Can you hear my birdie chirping? (I need to take him to the vet) But that is the point, though: (that is the point): a mystery novel sums up my character in five words, 32 letters, and the oddest punctuation ever used by a novelist.


@paperlock: My boyfriend, best boyfriend / I’m a cool TRANS! fabulous girlfriend. Need you between my legs, my ass cheeks, toting you home on the subway with my dog, a warm stallion jumping up!—into his little hole. I feel there’s so much dismissiveness toward cafab (coercively assigned female at birth) people in the TRANS! community and it sucks—like their gender identities stem solely from internalized misogyny and they’re just “playing pretend” or “trying to be different.” Anyway, gender prescriptivism in the TRANS! community is fucking stupid and hurtful and kind of what being TRANS! is..not all? I feel like no one takes non-binary cafab people and TRANS! men seriously at all and it?—sucks a lot?—but I feel like I have so much privilege being a TRANS! dude that I don’t have any place to talk about these issues (I’m overreacting) You’re still TRANS! thoI keep seeing this whole “TRANS! men have male privilege!” but it’s only on the condition that you passright? I am a TRANS! dude who will probably never pass because I am not interested in medically TRANS!itioning. A lot of people will still read me as female in public and treat me accordinglyI have no male privilege whatsoeverand while TRANS! men face far less public danger than TRANS! women do: “corrective” rape and workplace/social stigmas are still presentas are big threats to TRANS! men and non-binary cafab people as well. Ugh. Does no one see the “being TRANS! masculine stems from misogyny” as the other side of the “TRANS! women are men” TERF coin?—it is.


Just bringing up the word “TRANS!” invokes a lot of really violent reactions. Hold up @paper! I got this one: Bringing up “TRANS!” invokes violent reaction: Like this story my dad told me about a Louisiana weirdo who dressed up as woman and wanted to snag him—I told him he should—but it was a lesson for me and how I should never go with a TRANS! person. And, from aunts and uncles (and parents) some odd-ass view of people who wear the wrong type of clothes. Oh!—Also: one day I wore a dress to church and my everyone flipped out, assuming me and my cousin were a cute couple and then when they did figure it out giving my mom a true trouble of a time (she was the pastor) and she just brushed them off—but it was an early lesson on how little leeway one has when dressing for church (This is 20 years ago and they’d probably get it today, but 20 years ago that was a big no-no among people of the cloth—hopefully they’d get it right today—hopefully) It’s ideas of “scary” and “wrong”—of who gets this?—of confusion, of death, of things broken with the species—even thoughts of murder and death. We kick out the elements of our society we view as extra and wrong. Once it was blacks—now it is TRANS!—and no matter how well we get as people, there will always be someone with a new invention (a new discovery) about how we are who we are—and there will always be a challenge to accept our new beginnings. Our evolutions. And such.


I’ve seen explicit misogyny from a TRANS! man only once. He said he hated women and wanted nothing to do with them. Fuck that guy. On the whole, TRANS! men are like..conscious of themselves. A lot of TRANS! men recognize their privilege even when it’s not warranted—like if you don’t pass, how can you claim to have male privilege? It doesn’t work that way—it can’t. Unless you somehow have internalized all the privilege and acceptance you would normally get from others..but that’s a rare event.


It’s weird that gay people can make straight kids gay but that straight people—despite having a huge majority—can’t make gay kids straight (You mean that gay people have straight kids and gay kids and that straight people have straight kids and gay kids?) That’s what I said? (You said that gay people can make—intrinsically straight—kids gay) Don’t correct me, man! You know what I meant!! Hold up: a 16-year-old TRANS! girl is being sent to an adult prison without being charged—probably a men’s prison XXXXXXXX—do you believe that? (I don’t know what to believe—it’s terrible) I know what I believe—that it’s as terrible as a cis girl going to an adult men’s prison. Rape? You got it. Why is it acceptable that people (any people) are raped in jail?—You know?—I don’t think this is a TRANS! issue. It’s the bathrooms again! (@paperweight) says: You suggest one bathroom for everyone and I say I hate the idea—that’s because you want to use the girls bathroom—there’s some meaning there—a specialness that you have fought to be part of. You don’t want to see it go away. But it will—if you win the use of special bathrooms as step 1, you will see the elimination of special bathrooms as step 2. I daydream about cis boys peepees always like, “Hey yo I’m ready to go!”—And that’s really admirable—I love that can-do attitude. All these TRANS! girls telling their peepees who’s boss. You tell your peepees that you run this show right here.


I didn’t TRANS!ition to be defined by society’s terms. Society’s flawed interpretations of my identity don’t apply #StopTheSlurs. You wish you could control your reception. I don’t want people to apply their own interpretations—that’s the difference, right? You can’t do it—you can’t control people’s interpretation or reception of you. I had a friend who was a musician—Can you not speak right now? This is a book on TRANS! issues—You’re cis and you’re speaking—why? Because. I’m trying to give a useful point of view—one that you don’t have. Well: plug it!—why don’t you. You’re contaminating the TRANS! perspective. I’m supplying the TRANS! perspective and (as such) I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Police, legislators, and motherfucking cis boys. All you ever do is derail. I try and say something colorful—with meaning to the movement, the moment—and all you ever do is derail. I guess my perspective is of little use to you. Well—in this conversation—yes. What I need you to do is lie back and listen to what I have to say. I guess in a normal conversation we would both share. That’s true—it’s true—but in this conversation it’s my place to lead, your place to listen, be silent—I want to say what I have to say, not learn from discussions with others—or consider others’ opinions as ideas experiences and perspectives. So you’re not only TRANS! centric but also self-centric—Anything else does not apply. @paper: Being a “tranny” is incompatible with individuality and personhood in our society. That slur erases who we are. Slurs that make TRANS! gender identities shameful, forcefully closet us, keeping our lives hidden, misrepresented, misunderstood. TRANS! phobic slurs erase our narratives by imposing a false, caricatured narrative upon us, preventing us from being understood. Slurs like “tranny” reinforce offensive, entrenched stereotypes of TRANS! identities, reducing us to talk-show caricatures. How often do you hear TRANS! gender people defining themselves in mass media? How often do you hear tranny jokes in mass medias? TRANS! slurs are especially cruel because we’re such a tiny, silenced minority!Our voice has limited reach to combat stereotypes. Being black, I know there’s a lot of pain and anxiety that come from slurs, so when people say “a word is unacceptable”you need to heed it. Treat people with respect, and that means respecting their boundaries and concerns that may not always match yours. If “it’s just a word” then why do you insist on using it when you know it’s hurting people? What are you gaining? The person hurling slurs and shouting about #feminazi #sjws and #outrage #culture is usually the angriest person in the room. Does whatever you get out of using TRANS! phobic slurs really outweigh the harm they do to people? Is it really worth it? But who says “tranny?” Lowlifes, that’s it.


(@paper) #FuckThatDouchebag How miserable of an existence do you have to have to publicly post about how much you enjoy being a jerk to marginalized people? And there are people who are male and people who are female and there are people out there (who I still can’t believe) who chant a chorus of “penis is male” as a mantra to ward off TRANS! vampires—but, myself, I can’t read “penis is male” without chortling—I am on a future tip, having had arrived at a place beyond traditional sexuality (a sexuality that never did fit our species)—that reality would get in the way of the “who is the best activist” rat race (Sigh) It’s either a popularity contest or it’s not, people—pick one and quit playin’ lo-lo with my liu-liu (Fascinating) Then you’ve got Ellen telling a drag queen joke—why do I get the feeling I am not going to find this funny? Here, go look it up: XXXXXXXX—it insults Liza Minnelli and I searched everywhere for Liza to have a bad reaction but she didn’t—the only one offended is me.


Breaking down the gender binary is not for the sole benefit of people who are not simply men and simply women—it’s for everyone (every person) When you insist on a gender binary but make an “allowance” for people like me as “extras” you’re not allowing us universality. What do you mean by universality? Just that we’re intrinsically part of your system! You’re building a system, expanding one that is already built—in a non-binary universe we can all exist—men and women and everyone else, all taken care of (equally) by the rules. In a binary system that’s impossible. A binary system is like a coin: heads, tails, and that infinite edge which shoulders the occasional freak landing.


“TRANS! Women Are Not Drag Queens” XXXXXXXX—Read that, please. Using slurs against people is activism—we are through the fucking looking glass people. Follow me? @corpse: Is RuPaul saying it’s Orwellian to not want to be called a shemale? Did RuPaul really just bring up Animal Farm over being asked not to use slurs? Is that what I just saw? @paper: Lolol, yeah, we read Orwell too. Let’s talk about how institutional systems bring us down, RuPaul. Seriously, though, if someone says, “Hey, that word is used to oppress me on any basis the speaker delights in—just be cool”—words matter, otherwise every LGBT person that’s been fighting for marriage equality would have been cool with “civil unions.” Seriously, though: I’ll never understand why it’s so important for people to use a word that upsets others—just don’t do it ffs. But I really like that worrrd. Man if anything gives but everything I’ve heard from RuPaul sounds like a page out of Animal Farm. TRANS! phobic slurs goodhomophobic slurs bad. Just for clarification I think all slurs are bad.


Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary individuals, an XXXXXXXX editor uttered the words: “We pay in exposure.” Yes, well, he also thinks drag queens are “literally shemales”so yeahimpressive ignorance of TRANS! issues. I don’t care what you say: someone calls me “shemale” on the street, I’m looking for safety. So maybe just maybe they claim that word, too?—and can identify as such? Oh!—so because someone is mistakenly slurred once they claim that slur—it can be used against them as equal as it is to me? Really now?—Because I’ve been called “faggot” on more than one occasion—is that now my word?—(no) I’ve been called a faggot more times than I can countCan I claim it, take it back? No—not my word. THIS. Most of my youth, constantly being mistaken for a gay man. These words are not mine. Pretty sure if I (a TRANS! lesbian) started tossing faggot around, cis gay men would call for my head.


You think TRANS! phobia is ok in drag. I do not. You are not an ally to TRANS! people. The cis drag community does not get to police the acceptance of a TRANS! slur— But if they’re cis, why do they get to even identify with a TRANS! slur? Why is that ok to you? Because TRANS! people aren’t people. As long as cis gay dudes have a sense of community—who cares about ours? The word means something different in the cis gay community than it does in the TRANS! one. Ah: Perfect portrait of what we’ve come to expect from cis “allies” who should know better. When you prioritize cis dudes having a fun word to use over TRANS! women not being hurt—that’s on you. Don’t people all the time use a word to mean a variety of things? Wow. Way to dismiss our experiences with gender as just “fun”—that’s cool—it’s awesome—great job. When “shemale” is the joke—that’s mocking. But it’s not a joke about TRANS! women—in this case it’s a joke about drag queens. Comparing a cis drag queen to a TRANS! woman!—a hypersexualized porn one!—is a joke at the expense of TRANS! women using a common perception of us—Yup!—It’s straight-up mockery of us. Plain and simple.


If that person identifies with those terms and isn’t using them against TRANS! women but to define himself—then who am I to judge? That’s like saying (as a white person) if I identify as a “nigger” that it’s ok for me to use the term. You’re absolutely right: it’s not up to you to determine whether or not it’s ok to use those slurs—it’s up to TRANS! women. Or up to that drag queen? The male-identified, only doing drag for money drag queen?—No. Just look: 100+ TRANS! Women Stand Against Slurs: An Open Letter XXXXXXXX—Did you read that? Just think about the danger of over-policing my language, man—fuckin’ George Orwell and shit—communism, y’know?—fuckin’ gulags and shit. Like if I can’t say those words myself—fuckin’ Stalin!—when he did that thing in Russia!!—I mean that’s scary—we live in America people! It’s like there are power people holding weaker people accountable for what they say and shit—even famous people—movie stars and shit! I tell ya man—fuckin’ KGB. You know what the KGB’s most effective weapon was? What. A strongly-worded letter requesting that people think more carefully about others. Is that true? Yes—that’s true.


This according to your local dating site: Shemale or Female Test—Can U Tell? XXXXXXXX :do you believe this shit?


When someone says you’re censoring them, what they’re really saying is: “I have the right to verbally abuse youHow dare you take that right away.” It’s never valid criticismbut rather their sense of entitlement in terms of verbally abusing you. Protip: threatening or harassing speech is purposefully excluded from protection by the Supreme Court under the First Amendment. And: intimidation and verbal threats are criminal behavior punishable by law. Comedy died on April 14, 2014 when RuPaul’s “You’ve Got Shemail”—the wittiest, most intelligent bit of stand-up ever conceived and constructed by the mind of “man”—was taken from us. Never again will such a culturally relevant and thoughtfully constructed pun grace the exalted mountains and lowly plains of this great country. Never again will the light shine so bright.


You know what would be awesome—(like absolutely awesome?)—if cis dudes stopped telling TRANS! women what they’re allowed to be offended by.


Wow how noble of you to defend oppressed Nazis!—When the revolution comes, Nazi apologists will stand against the wall before actual Nazis (you annoy me) And the stones from a glass house award for the least self-aware post today goes to XXXXXXXX for this beauty: XXXXXXXX—!! Every time a cis dude defends the use of “tranny” and “shemale” a baby kitten dies—Save the kittens.


Maybe don’t end it with the genital configuration bit—that might cheapen it and be trite and serve to put too much emphasis on that.


If drag queens get to use TRANS! phobic slurs, does that mean other male-identified people who make paychecks by wearing a dress can too?—Yes or no? Neil Patrick Harris—Yes or no? Dustin Hoffman—Yes or no? Jared Leto—Yes or no? Ho-hold up. I mean—really?—You’re going to villainize Jared Leto for playing a TRANS! role? That’s what actors do. Do you think DiCaprio has OCD when you watch The Aviator? (He doesn’t—he’s an actor playing a role) Actors make their living pretending to be someone else—people who are mostly unlike themselves—but they do research and learn to speak and act as someone else does. A programmer I used to work with..he thought programmers, based on their programming skill, could do the technical/manual writing for all our projects—he didn’t have the humility to know that he and most other programmers would fail miserably at the task (that tech writing is its own independent skill aside from any other) I think this idea that TRANS! actors should play TRANS! parts in movies is basically wrong—movies would have poorer acting, and would be vastly different than they are today—maybe that’s what you want. I think it is. To have movies who are forced to cast TRANS! roles from the much smaller pool of TRANS! actors? I think so—it would make me feel more represented on the screen. Ok. There’s a definite antagonism from TRANS! people to the cis gay community that comes across in some of the threads I’m reading—and a villainizing of drag by TRANS! people as well—Yes or no? Yes or no: what??


So in Ontario it is now illegal for stores, businesses or organizations to refuse TRANS! people service or to discriminateand in the US it’s protected as your religious freedom. I was also impressed to see this in Ontario’s new policy for protecting TRANS! people’s rights: a recognition that the binary system applied to gender is an extension of a binary idea at the core of Western thinking: yes or no, right or wrong, silly or serious. Why do we have so many rules?—When you run a business, how many rules do you need about someone who wants to buy your product? How about this: serve everyone with money! Yeah, I know: it’s tough deciding between someone who compares TRANS! women to Buffalo Bill or—well—me. How about just serve everyone—money or not!


\#PaperSucks (@paper) When do I get my language police badge? I think next century. Lol—sucks. And for the record: No, I do not have anything to do with the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel—nor will I. Why—the man-in-dress thing? Of course! But he’s not playing a TRANS! person—he’s just a man in a dress—no connection to TRANS! people. He’s doing whatever he has to do to be close to his kids. Still, they could have found someone more TRANS! to play him/her/whatever. !@#@#$—I don’t get it. I just hate when cis men take the right to wear dresses—I do—it’s innate. But (cis) cross-dressing has a long history. Longer than TRANS! people? I don’t know but you’re demanding a lock on cross-dressing for TRANS! people and there are more reasons than that to wear a dress. If no one except TRANS! people can wear dresses (or suits)—what’s the fun in that? Wearing a dress means more to me than any of your non-TRANS! examples—for those people it’s to make money or trick their kids—for me it’s my identity—core core core.


@paper: “cisgender” == “weaponized terminology” “tranny” and “shemale” === “art and identity.” Here’s some Orwell for you: “doublethink.” Making “tranny” and “shemale” all about cis people isn’t normal—but when you’re this author, it is: XXXXXXXX What is that? It’s an article making the point that just anyone can use “tranny” and “shemale” whenever they like!—like on the one hand TRANS! women face massive levels of discrimination, joblessness, violence—on the other hand, someone screams “die cis scum” (that was me)—apparently “conservative TRANS! women” don’t want to be called “shemale” whereas liberal TRANS! women just completely sell out to the gay establishment—to snatch those words from the hands of the people who created them, who claimed them. Well I know who claimed “shemale”—and so does net search—image search those terms and see who you see. These words are not yours to control—you do not use them—you do not embody them—cis assholes seem to think I embody them. I would argue that the same process happened to the once-obscure academic term cisgender (which basically meant “not TRANS! sexual”) but that this process has now accrued a critical mass of scornful usage by hashtag activists who sneeringly use it to describe people they outright hate—search “die cis scum” for an idea of its bigness and compare to the results for “die tranny”—at this writing, there are almost 100,000 more results for the former than the latter. Acting as if drag is the most powerful and important LGBT art is a slap in the face to LGBT writers, artists, musicians, etcetera. So you want to abolish drag. [no response]


@paper: “He felt ground like beef and marginalized by the straight white privilege he had”—Never before has anyone described my life so poetically! #PaperSucks Also, seeing myself referred to as a he and with male pronouns doesn’t bother me but it sounds kinda—clunky?—just fyi. Or this article: The LGB/T Divide From a Cisgender, White Gay Male of Privilege (this is a good article—I promise) The “nobody can make you feel bad” argument is generally wielded as a club to make everything the victim’s fault. You know what @paper? What. I don’t know what a healthy relationship feels like and that makes me super sad sometimes.


It’s been interesting to watch as large swaths of the LGBT internet have either labeled me a villain or a hero—in reality, I’m neither. I do a lot of what I do for the LGBT kids—for free—I don’t expect payment or recognition. Isn’t it sad that often, I—the internet star—am the only person in their lives telling them nice things? We should fix this. I ain’t ashamed of my body but if someone demanded nudes of me I’d send them a pic of a fucking lamprey eel \#NationalSendYourManNudesDay Every day is #NationalSendYourManNudesDay around here. @papertrash spends the entire day railing against send your man nudes day on Twittershe just likes to be set against somethingbeyond a reasonable statement of critique, she appears to get off on complaining and opposing what she thinks is unjust (even as it may be!)!!


@paper: “Paper Trash Does Not Hate RuPaul” XXXXXXXX That’s one reason I don’t use pansexual—I’ve had people act like: Oh well I’m pansexual—one step beyond you in sexual awesomeness, puny bisexual. It’s really weird. I’ve had to be like: You know this isn’t a contest, right? Sometimes I hear it used as “and TRANS! people too”—which is pretty insulting to TRANS! folks who identify as men or women. Yes!I’ve heard people say: “I’m not bisexualI’m attracted to men, women, and TRANS! people!!” And I’m like: Buddy, please. Not strictly insulting only for binary-identified person, eitherit also has that connotation that to be attracted to any TRANS! person is this exceptional, extraordinary thing that requires a whole new terminology. I meanyesmany genderqueer people and non-binary people disagree with meand do prefer that specific distinction of “pansexual”but I find it creepy in that it regards all of us as having or being this “extra” thing that only special sexualities can possibly be comfortable fucking.


It’s kind of hilarious that they tried to argue it wasn’t me being made fun of in that video: XXXXXXXX Um..based on the picture, that video is totally and necessarily not about her! Use this as a facet/example of the all-about-me aspect of the @paper character. I’m close to her!—I observe: Well you both have hairand it’s cut the same way! But it’s a totally different color! We both have glasses. Lots of people have glasses. Let’s think for a minute: Would they post a video of a straight man shooting a gay man in the head, calling it “hilarious?”Because I’m guessing they wouldn’t. I’m guessing they’d actually condemn the video. But this isn’t that situationthis is a gay man pretending to shoot me (a TRANS! woman) in the headfucked up. @paper: I’d rather not see anyone shot in the head. So they published a disclaimer at the bottom of the video where someone parodying me gets shot in the head XXXXXXXX No. No, no, nodrag is supposed to be offensivedoesn’t cut it as an excuse. Blue hair may be a nod to Rebecca Watson—but yeah. Thanks @paperall this stemmed from me not wanting to be called a “tranny” or a “shemale?” The video is obviously you—the video is obviously referencing your post. And the video is terribly, terribly offensive.


They endorsed a video where someone portrayed me in a sexist TRANS! phobic way. It ended in “my” murder #CancelInsincereFaggots I feel sick. I don’t care it was done with a hair dryer or a fake gun—and I disagree with @corpsebubble strongly at times—but to mock TRANS! murder is appalling—ugh. No doubt. They took down the offensive video a day after multiple editors for the site vigorously defended it. They still haven’t apologized. They apologized that “many found it patently offensive.” I love how “word policing”—even if we indulge her paranoia—is far less than what she did in response. And I’m the hateful one, right? This is why newsroom diversity is so important. With zero paid TRANS! employees, it’s no wonder they keep screwing this up. All this shit about gay cis men being able to say shemale has gone way too far with that video. I feel lost for words. The general premise of the video is a cis gay man who performs drag, who then shoots a TRANS! woman who objects to them using the slur shemale. Unfortunately they not only endorsed this video but called it hilarious. YesI still can’t figure out the point, unless they’re trying to remind everyone of gaytriarchy. Interesting word =) Not sure who coined it originally, but it does perfectly sum up why we of the LGBT need separate pride eventsNot to say that L/B spaces are tolerant of genderqueers and TRANS! folkUgh. No, but cis gay white men are the “face” of the movement—(and cis gay white women, to a lesser extent) Right. Which is why queer people of color also have separate pride eventslike, how can you claim to be about LGBT issues if the only group represented on your payroll is G? @them. That hit vid versus @corpsehandle was not part of a so-called “complicated conversation about language, identity, privilege”—Bullshit. I didn’t see it, but it might have been, even as it was violent and offensive. @They Post Offensive Video of Drag Queen Shooting TRANS! Writer—XXXXXXXX—are they waiting for my opinion piece on how it is an honor to be mock executed in a shitty online video?for art! I love how their way of defending it is showing how “diverse gender-variant communities are”—until they were forced to delete it. Drag can be a way to provide pointed and humorous social commentaryUnfortunately, cis gay men often use it to hold and distribute racist, sexist, TRANS! phobic ideas—The latter is exactly what happened in that video, and it’s fucking disgusting. Yeah, lesson learned. TRANS! people ask gay people not to use slurs: that’s homophobic. Gay people portray TRANS! murder: that’s hilarious.


I’m sick of this narrative that because someone is new to a culture, they aren’t really part of it. Just because someone has been closeted or hasn’t figured out who they are yet, that doesn’t mean they aren’t shaping their culture. Just because someone hasn’t figured out the words to describe themselves doesn’t mean they haven’t already played meaningful rolesThe idea that a newly out TRANS! woman who is principally attracted to womenthat she isn’t a real lesbian or is automatically placed in the prohibitionary “baby dyke” periodis absurd. I’m pissed that all these other women are laying down this criteriaUm, who gave you people the authority to do that? The queer woman’s community is full of all types of women. We should be inclusive and embrace all types of womenPeriod. This idea that someone needs to settle in and “learn our ways” before their voice matters?No, and you don’t speak for us all, either. There are plenty of lesbians/queer women who recognize TRANS! women and other people as a part of our communityWe want to listen to them. Doesn’t it seem like—regardless of who switches sexual identity or embraces their embedded sexuality over what we were assigned at birth, that we are maintaining a powerless minority—women—TRANS! and cis—claim the right to be right and the right to be injured—hurt—we’re creating a nebulous warfare between (not women and men as assigned at birth, but) those we want to be—that the war between women and men was just made more complicated (because it’s not just men and women) and a battle in which people identify themselves as one of the sides—instead of being assigned a side at birth. You know—with hormones—we’re deciding which we want to be (male or female) based on our inner feeling of who and what we are—and how we think—and which position in this battle we want to represent. In case you were wondering, their editor XXXXXXXX thinks it was “hyper regulation” to pull that video XXXXXXXX Hyper regulation is never going to lead to liberation—for any of us. But parody videos of TRANS! women being shot will?NoIf someone makes a video with a poorly done caricature of me getting offed, make me look like Frieza from DBZthanks. What if it was your motheryour sisteryour daughteryour friend who was being mocked and then fake shot in that video? If you think TRANS! women being murdered is “hilarious”perhaps you shouldn’t work for an LGBT outlet. Are you so sure that demonstrating that TRANS! women should be murdered for speaking up will lead to liberation now?


Today I am irritated at publications that benefit from the work of the disenfranchised but refuse to hire us—to pay for our work. I am sick of seeing the hard work of our community only accepted through the filter of a straight white dude: “You’ve taught us all so much!—But no I will not buy your piece—I’ll buy this other one, from someone who read your work once”—“Here’s What Privilege is Like!”—written by a privileged dude at a site that has serious issues with hiring the unprivileged—That’s how it always works: the privileged take from the unprivileged, package it as their own, get accolades and offers of work. Then the unprivileged still face violence (hate, abuse) and unemployment for saying those exact same things. It always has to be sanitized or it doesn’t have merit, right?—You’re only objective about a subject if it doesn’t affect you in any way. Kinda like this book—eh? I don’t know whether to flog you or kiss you for your focus—I was never sure how sincere your TRANS! woman-ness was—or I would have said something earlier. I think it’s cool to portray everything in this issue as “The pocket guide to TRANS people, places, and things”—as if it were ever possible to write or read or benefit from such a book—yet we try—we try, we try. Yeah, I don’t know—I’ll have to kiss and flog you (both)—alright?—And I’m saying: “Hey, it’s not cool to portray a TRANS! woman’s murder”—then I get: “You’re destroying queer cinema. Uh..”


Other than “Priscilla” I have yet to see a movie where a TRANS! woman lives—Why is that our only sympathetic plotline? That’s right—Insisting on any kind of decency standards in media is censorship and is therefore inherently evil. What’s happening here is that a primitive everything-goes laissez-fairism has become the dominant ideology of the internet: I can say and do everything I goddamn please (however tasteless, offensive and stupid) because otherwise it’s censorship— I just don’t buy that attitude—(It’s selfish and requires a total lack of moral compass) ”Various gender-variant communities”what the fuck does that even mean? Drag queens aren’t gender variant—they’re gender-expression variant—on weekends. Oh. Writes angry post about RuPaul on personal account == homophobic rant—they post depiction of TRANS! murder == hilarious art!!


Can we have a conversation about how threatening women is disgusting and (not art) and not “hilarious?”—The difference between art and news in this regard? Something depicted in art does not necessarily condone that thing (see: war movies)—But a parody piece depicting the murder of the parodied is clearly mocking and maybe hating the one parodied. Has XXXXXXXX been fired yet?—If not yet, when? If he’s not going to be fired—why? Even if someone has done something wrong, I disagree with the idea that firing them is the best way to proceed. Firing someone for offending you?—I feel this crew is expecting XXXXXXXX to be something it’s not—and then getting angry with it, wanting to fight with it to make it what they want it to be, rather than the more constructive strategy of ignoring them and finding other news sources—But I understand what they’re doing (I think it is the right thing to do sometimes and I have done it many times myself) My take on yesterday’s events involving XXXXXXXX—cis gays, it’s time for y’all to pick a side: XXXXXXXX


#hypocrisy RT XXXXXXXX These words shouldn’t be used as slang XXXXXXXX Agree that this is hypocrisy based on the reports from other TRANS! people I follow. Agree that these words should be used carefully—but disagree with the absolute scrubbing of language. Sometimes the point is to be offensive (especially in art)—and among known and trusted friends, different rules sometimes apply (in certain circumstances I can refer to XXXXXXXX as “bitch” and it’s sexy or endearing)


Consider calling it TRANNY!—almost every reason exists not to, but it could be a bold move. I like TRANS! better because it’s more contemporary and aesthetically better—yeah, use TRANS!


Story of middle-America parents who accept their TRANS! children and cut their hair short for TRANS! boys—letting them wear boys clothes. These aren’t Greenwich Village hipsters and cultural movers and shakers doing this—these are plain folks who think loving their children is more important than enforcing gender stereotypes. These people aren’t pro-TRANS! or anything—they just made a decision that respecting their kids’ gender identity is less costly than waking up one morning to find their kid hanging from a curtain rod.


Here’s a really good smackdown on categories of “male” and “female” as applied to humans and other species XXXXXXXX Others are effectively trying to divide TRANS! women into precisely the same two categories (TRANS! women who once identified as gay versus TRANS! women who are supposedly former straight men) Her enemies (“homosexual TRANS! women”—who supposedly “pass” better versus straight male autogynephiles) So how is she not as bad as Bailey and Blanchard and Lawrence when she’s doing almost exactly what they used to do—and setting up “her kind” of TRANS! women as more authentic and—actually—superior than TRANS! women who like women (whom she disparages as queer?)—even though she simultaneously claims they’re homophobic? Which sort of requires classifying them as being “really” men? Still an asshole after all these years.


First (only) “support group” in Rochester. Some cis gay guy hijacked meetings to make us watch Torch Song Trilogy or listen to his choir. FYI if you add me with a pic of someone else and your profile seems TRANS! fetishist at all—that’s a block. I like them, thoughcarrying thoughts throughout the dayrummaging with myself through my own pockets. I have a hybrid figure with the upper half of Princess Lei and the lower half of Han SoloI love my dolls with balls. Adults Launch Hate Campaign Against 9-Year-Old TRANS! Girl XXXXXXXX What is wrong with people?—One father said he was going to go inside the school and “beat the boy back into [the girl] (#)”—WTF. Just when I was thinking: “What kind of people would support the bullying of a nine year old?”I find this (of course) XXXXXXXX


When TRANS! phobes propose bills that block TRANS! people from using public restrooms—why don’t they propose blocking rapists from bathrooms? If their fear is that TRANS! people will rape cis people while they’re using the toilet, why don’t they say convicted rapists aren’t allowed to use public restrooms? I think convicted rapists have the right to toilet in public—just as I believe that convicts in general have the right to vote. And serve in the military?—for TRANS! gender service members, honesty ends careers XXXXXXXX #LGBT @thejointstaff I think LGBT in the military is especially powerful against countries who don’t accept it—we’re going to kick your ass and we’re going to do it with TRANS! people—what’s scarier than that? Yeah =) they can’t all be happy endings though—but it’s nice when they are =) XXXXXXXX long pause(#) (I always wanted a daughter) silence(#) You’ll get one @trash—you will get one.


I think it’s super weird XXXXXXXX is like the last person on Earth using the word “transsexual.” It’s 2014, let it die.


Radical feminists: “TRANS! people aren’t welcome in women’s-only spaces! Stop invading our spaces!” Radical feminists: “We should crash the TRANS! health conference.” They see the battle as: create safe spaces for women :and then we (TRANS! women) are right on their heels, moving into those safe spaces for women, and—in their eyes—rendering them pointless. It’s like the species, at the same time it accepts that women need women-only safe spaces—free from men who might disrupt them—at this very same time, TRANS! women come about and invent a back door into those spaces, posing as women. It’s as though, the closer we look at binary genders (their rights and formation) the less meaning they have.


Last week I saw some post where people put TRANS! women’s names in quotes to denote how they’re not real—I guess? Someone wrote my name as Trey “Molly” Campbell—Like, they’re fine with my first name being Trey—but damn if I’m allowed Molly.


So I found out they’re trawling my networks through a mutual friend—that’s probably where they found my dead name—or figured it out. What losers they are to do this to someone—and also—it bespeaks a fascination with the TRANS! person that says something about the trawler’s sexuality. Maybe—maybe. So a group of dudes tried to harass me into silence or being scared or whatever by posting stuff that would humiliate me (LMAO) Also endlessly amused at their use of male pronouns (I don’t care if you use male pronouns at me. You look silly though. ”You look silly though” says the mentally ill guy crossdressing and claiming they are something they biologically aren’t. And yes, I saw the rape threat that was made and it will be reported—Thanks. I’m also kind of in awe that people see me as important enough of a target to trawl my accounts and glean as much info as possible to use in attacks against me. Well, you’re actively predating against real women. And about to destroy the world. You’re a key target. Yes, humiliate me when I look hot and androgynous as shit. Public advocacy often invites public asshattery—but that just shows that what you do is important! Why do bigots think I am anything but grateful that they don’t want to fuck me!! Oh (by the way) this is the rape threat they posted in the chat about me earlier—content warning and all that XXXXXXXX Yeah, I mean, talking about TRANS! issues publicly totally deserves that—right? How fucked up is it that people talking about raping me has become normal?—In that one: raping and killing me.


You want to know why I’m a feminist?—THAT—People using the language of sexual violence against me saying I need to be “cured” and that I’m mentally ill?—Ummm you have the problem y’all. The best part about it is every effort to silence me makes me want to do the equivalent of banging loudly on pots and pans to spite them. One more thing before bed, I thought another name change was warranted =) (“Kevin” Campbell) It’s no one’s business what people used to call me—especially since legally that name isn’t mine—but I will own that shit—Trey “Kevin” Campbell.


I’m not sure how many times I have to say “I do not have an issue with drag” for people to stop acting as though I’m some DQ-hating monster. Activists with an elitist stance are really the sickest human beings and they are not making any progressthey are just making things worse. It’s like some of us can heal ourselves and those around us—and go on being who we have to be. But some activists are like therapists who got into therapy because their own life was crazy—you gotta watch out for those guys—because you’re right: they are the sickest of all.


I just remembered there was a dude I knew in high school that reminds me a lot of the 4chan crowd. He used to get on Xbox Live, shout “hilarious” abuse at people—racial slurs, homophobic slurs, TRANS! phobic slurs. This dude was—as you might imagine—an overcompensating dude who felt he had to prove his masculinity at every turn. My friends saw him recently and he was still making the same old TRANS! phobic and homophobic jokes—dude is 26 years old. That’s basically how I picture the people who shout at me “Man!” and refer to me by my old name—Sad little men who didn’t even peak back in high school—with a level of self-loathing that ensures they never will.


I really wish I had more pictures of me pre-TRANS!-ition. I plan on posting more but there are so few that exist. I always hated having my picture taken but now that I’m comfortable with my past I wish I had more of a record of it.


How could her words apply to everyone else? Being called anything should be opt-in, not opt-out.


Like “KKK president caught with black male prostitute” I think a lot of these TRANS! haters are displaying and acting out on their own discomfort with their own non-binary sexuality—everyone’s sexuality is fundamentally non-binary (let’s say) and those who are comfortable with that have no problem with TRANS! people—just like with affair-having Republicans spouting family values—they’re vehemently denying what they hate in themselves. People love labels, categories, and when you shed a label, it’s hard for people. It takes a minute for us to adjust to people coming out—and that doesn’t mean we don’t love you. It should be understood that it’s a TRANS!-ition for the people who know you, too. Even enlightened liberal people, like me.


TERFs: TRANS!-exclusionary radical feminists. That is: feminists who exclude TRANS! women from their roles, their ranks—people who have found their feminism is so strong that it excludes TRANS! women (because to them we’re not really women) You expect to be stabbed in the back by cis men who are not feminists. You do not expect to be stabbed in the back by those spouting equal rights for women—especially who are women themselves. But listen to a TERF: they hate TRANS! women more than anyone.


You don’t get to pretend my gender is fake get the fuck away from me. TRANS! people are loathsome to cis people, but TRANS! women especially. When you suggest that TRANS! women attracted to cis women is less queer than TRANS! women attracted to men, you’re dangerously close to saying TRANS! women are men. At that point, you are spouting the gospel of XXXXXXXXso (you know) tread carefully. It’s interesting that in “LGBT” homosexual women and homosexual men are separate, whereas TRANS! women and TRANS! men share the same letter (Aww man I hate short people—enforcing your shortness onto all of us) US Department of Education Extends Protections to TRANS! Students XXXXXXXX It’s happening.


Mention human zoos as a possible solution for TRANS! people. Use TRANS!-oriented plays on this, where instead of black people being put on display in literal zoos (in the United States and France) TRANS! people are put on display in zoo-like cages and ogled/prodded by onlookers you think I’m kidding look up “human zoo” and see what the fuck I’m talking about. I thought you were white binary camabdon’t care about otherswhy are you bringing up human zoos? I am what I say I am—don’t lick me for taking your side.


I still have stress dreams where I’m pretending to be a cis girl and I get involved with guys and ugh why.


“Push Back Against TRANS! Sexualism Before It Infects Those You Love”—What a coincidence, I’ve been working on infecting people constantly. Oh @paper, I expect no less. I became a TRANS! dude so I could go into men’s bathrooms and look at their dingers. TERFs crawl into bed at night and think “genitals.” They plug in their phones: “genitals.” They snap off the light: “genitals” #GenderWeek TERFs wake up and think: “genitals.” They put the coffee on: “genitals.” They make their breakfast: “genitals.” A TERF sidles up to the table on a blind date, shakes the woman’s hand. “So,” she mumbles, breathing hotly. “What kinda genitals you got?”


“Another Angry Woman/Freak Me” is the finest queer propaganda ever created. Nothing else makes heterosexuality sound quite so unappealingly horrid (Just as some heterosexuals do with homosexuality, some homosexuals get pleasure out of putting down heterosexuality instead of adopting a “live and let live” stance. I’ve seen similar sentiment from @corpse—minimizing being cis as though there was something wrong with it—instead of just being TRANS! and letting cis people be cis without judgment. Is it really necessary to put down others’ way of doing things in order to feel good about what we ourselves are doing?) Seriously, I dunno about the whole “straight cis people are boring!” thing (with the implication that bi TRANS! people are inherently kinky. It wasn’t meant like that in the slightestthe joke was to shift the making fun to the straight cis people and make young LGBT feel good about themselvesliterally nothing to do with kink at all. But it puts down heterosexuality—directly, clearly, obviously—are you drawn to being LGBT because it’s interesting—or because it’s you.


@corpse: It’s hilarious how many people flirt with me now versus when I thought I was a girlit’s likeall the boys are gay now evidently. Maybe ’cause you now exude more confidence in yourself? (Which is the most attractive thing on Earth) Maybe straight boys, when surrounded by pussy (contained in a TRANS! boy)actually turn gay (like frogs and shit) @paper: Ironically I find the more vulnerable I make myself, the stronger I feel.


About 90% of pictures of me are me trying to lick XXXXXXXX’s face—I was quite lesbian for her.


Denied Hormone Treatment, Ohio TRANS! Prisoner Files Lawsuit XXXXXXXX Gain exclusive access to @paper’s chromosome configuration when you become a platinum member!!—Watch those sexy chromosomes in action. Something I wrote a while back breaking down a popular excuse people give for not casting TRANS! actors: XXXXXXXX—Yes I’m also okay with thisthere should be no het people tbhever!goodbye hets. Queers on the right for the big gay dance party, cishets on the left for the incinerator. Goodnight hets. Goodnight cis. Goodnight straights. Goodbye hets. Sleep tight. Don’t let cisphobia bite.


The circumstance of going from being a cis het girl to being a TRANS! gay boy—either way your body has a vagina and you’re attracted to those with a dick (assuming no surgery)—those on the con side might say that’s a convenient way to be in the unusual/cool/hip camp while still having sex with who you were going to have sex with anyway. Evidently “quality of teeth” is important to cishets in picking a mate like wow not butt stuff???What if they won’t do butt stuff?


Big thanks to XXXXXXXX at XXXXXXXX for correcting that article I was mentioning earlier today! I disagree that you have to be exactly what you are playing—by this logic you have to have been a drug addict to play one—It’s called acting. Sigh..puts on the “teach others about oppression” hat. Ok, so, in the case of this role (or any TRANS! gender roles) when you cast a cisgender actor in a TRANS! part you accomplish two things: 1) You take away the only roles typically available to TRANS! actorsand 2) You contribute to society’s false belief that TRANS! people are just cisgender individuals who simply dress up. Tell me: have drug addicts been played by non-drug addicts?yes. Have non-drug addicts been played by drug addicts?yes. Have gay men played straight men and vice versa?yes. When was the last time a TRANS! actor played a cisgender character?never? TRANS! parts are the only parts TRANS! people can realistically get. By your logic, we should see cisgender actors playing the role of cisgender women and cisgender actresses playing cisgender men. Now, we don’t see that all that oftenwhy do you think that is? Because cis men aren’t cis womenand cis women aren’t cis men. When cis men are cast as TRANS! women, it reinforces the idea that TRANS! women areunder the surfacecis men. There are so few TRANS! actors, it is not a stretch to imagine that out of the TRANS! actors only a small number are good. Yes: see Tilda Swinton. Sorry I just disagree. The best man or woman—TRANS! or otherwise—gets the role. It mirrors reality. Cis men become TRANS! women—that’s the journey. So it’s entirely believable. Sorry. Gotta disagree with you.


What in the ever-loving fuck?!Cis men do not become TRANS! women!! What is wrong with you?! Sorry this gender-actor-correctness thing is just broken—Artists play roles that speak to them. Period. Really. Tell that to the woman I interviewed who realized she was gay at 45 and got a divorce. Realized she was gay at 45that in itself implies she always was gaySee? That is how it works for you. There are plenty of people who don’t realize it till much later—especially in the older generations. Your argument limits TRANS! actors. If I was an actor what stops me from playing a man or a woman? Let it go. I don’t see any one right or wrong answer here. All I said is I disagree with you and you turned this into a patronizing scolding and attacking session! Apparently you don’t allow people to have other opinions. I don’t agree with the stance on actors. Patronizing isn’t teaching. When your “opinion” is that I was at any point in my life a cisgender mannoI don’t accept that. Who is talking about you in particular?—I’m not. There are some who are. It’s useless to talk to you—sorry. And there are some cisgender people who don’t shout down TRANS! people’s lived experiencesyou are not one of them. I fail to see why TRANS! actors can only play TRANS! roles—that makes as little sense as cis actors only playing cis roles. A TRANS! actor refusing to play the opposite gender is as senseless as a cis actor refusing to play the opposite gender—Regardless of whether you’re cis or TRANS!—if you’re really a woman (if you identify as a woman) then it’s the same task for each to play a man, with no special burden on the TRANS! actor. In both cases, you’re asking a person to play the gender they least identify with. It’s acting. Personally, I think the idea that TRANS! roles need to be played by TRANS! actors is ludicrous. And I don’t think that a TRANS! woman being played by a cis man perpetrates the idea that a TRANS! woman is just a cis man in a dress. In no other aspect is an actor’s real-life personality taken into account when considering the characters they play: Leonardo DiCaprio played a mentally ill Howard Hughes—and I don’t know or care whether DiCaprio is mentally ill. He researches the role and plays it. Being mentally ill does not necessarily make an actor a better choice to play a mentally ill character.


Past few days have been lots of thinking about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and I get to do thatsomeday?don’t I??please??? Can that day be yesterday? Put the good hormones inside me already let’s do puberty for a second time shit yeah!! The excitement about this is half a jokeI am going to get bad acne andlikeI just..I don’t want it. No. I just want to be a twink. I’m like already borderline too oldugh. No such thing. Also—wait—aren’t you like five years younger than me? I don’t know how old you are! I am 24. I started estrogen at—like—29. Never too late to start living as yourself, man (and aren’t you—like—a babe in the basket?) Oh! We’re talking about hormones! I meant I’m too old to be considered a twinkhaha—’cause there is an age bracket for that. Oh! Oh hon one is definitely never too old to be a twink—my boyfriend’s like 50—I’m not sure if he still is my boyfriend! Gonna bust in here as the gender Kool-Aid girl and say: Being 25—this makes me so happy ’cause you’re gorgeous! Yeah!! But alsouh likeon T I’m going to end up an otter anyway =( T will make you look young as fuck—you’ll be a glitter twink for at least a decade. Really?I’m kind of expecting it to make me look a bit older. Otter is new gay slang for me—and is adorable, both in definition and form. TRANS! guys on T tend to look young as fuck during the early years of TRANS!ition (imo) Well I’m quite alright with thateternal youth sounds pretty good. But yeahif I did it here I’d have to talk to my parents about it and get into a huge tangle and idkthey might freak out. Have you talked with many TRANS! guys yet about aging impacts and age appearance? Not really. I’ve seen a lot online about itbut I’ve never talked to another TRANS! guy about it(I don’t know many)


What are your pronouns btw?..Alright! I will stick to they/them!! TRANS! gender planet. There’s one therapist in Fresno I’ve found that works with TRANS! gender peopleI talked to her last year and she doesn’t take my insurance. So this is a good start in doing HRT without intensely involving my parents huh(it isn’tthat’s the joke) @corpse posts a picture of crazy straws and says: Which dick is mine? Some crazy cocks there. May want to have a cock (identifying as male—but will never have one—right?)—Does the surgery go that way? Look it up, look it up—turn the page (turn turn turn) on my little merry-go-round (the title of this book) What my insurance policy states: GRS (genital reassignment surgery or gender reassignment surgery or genital reconstruction surgery) is covered if policyholder meets conditions. Conditions XXXXXXXX For reference, here’s what the actual policy says XXXXXXXX Sorry you’re getting the run around—it seems like insurance has a way of judging everything to be “medically unnecessary.” And I notice they include that disgustingly common requirement that you pass for 12 months. Even if that means risking arrest. Hey, this hugely vital thing that affects myriad aspects of your life and can alter your legal status as a person?—No biggie. Society will gladly pay for non-consensual surgery to make intersex people “normal”—but deems TRANS! surgery an unneeded luxury.


But likeyeahbeing an afab TRANS! guy comes with a lot of privilege and in my experience pretty much none of that is male privilege. The patriarchy only hands out male privilege to cis men or TRANS! men who are passing 100% and stealth and I’m neither of those. I feel like publicly acknowledging my privilege as an afab person is kinda half me asking for “good job” points cause likeduhI’m privileged. Hmmm—I think I know what you mean. Like it’s weird defining TRANS! people as afab and assigning them privilege on an identity. Yeah. Like that doesn’t feel like privilege?—Or at least it’s the same kind of “privilege” as being an andro TRANS! woman and being mistaken for a man sometimes? It doesn’t feel like a 1:1 comparable thing or whatever—like TRANS! masculine people are maybe less likely to get violenced but the framing of it as being “privileged” doesn’t make sense to me either. Yeah it’s a weird version of privilege and is kinda slim at best.


The medical establishment has a history of pathologizing deviance and contributing to people’s marginalization due to “biology”—Not to mention the mutilation of intersex infants to fit them to a gender-influenced (and equally constructed) sex binary. TW: (body harm) :especially when you know the majority of surgeries on intersex infants is to make them seem “male.” It’s often based on heteronormative assumptions about reproductive capability too—so yeah sex is very much actively constructed. Even if there is a biological reason for being TRANS! it feels like we’re only valid if that same medical establishment acknowledges us. I think it’s up to us to decide. As an aboriginal TRANS! woman, culturally—before the Europeans got here—we had TRANS! people. And they were not shamed but praised.


Dear media: when covering a story involving TRANS! gender people, ask: “Is their TRANS! status relevant?” :before reporting XXXXXXXX (disgusting article unnecessarily outing a TRANS! person for shock value)


\#DearCisPeople it’s not my problem that you think I’m hot and that scares you. #DearCisPeople liking penises doesn’t make you gay—it just means you like penises. #DearCisPeople just because I have a dick doesn’t mean I’m trying to top you. #DearCisPeople don’t expect cookies for telling me you think I’m sexy or you “see me as a girl.” It’s nice when people tell you they think you’re sexy, though—isn’t it? I get that if it’s just for points, it’s bogus—but it’s generally not a good policy to turn down compliments from your friends(#) #DearCisPeople you are going to fuck up sometimes—Be open to criticism. #DearCisPeople forget anything you think you learned about TRANS! people from media or pornography. #DearCisPeople I’m no more or less of a woman for my genitals. #DearCisPeople yes, straight men are attracted to me—TRANS! women are women. I agree—and I am attracted to some TRANS! women—but then the definition of woman is really quite multifaceted—isn’t it? And some of those facets include breasts and a vagina. Maybe part of what is hard here is the re-definition of “woman”—of “man”—the terms are overloaded now such that nobody knows what they mean! #DearCisPeople don’t ask me if I’ve gotten “the surgery yet.” The (obvious) implication/trend is that a lot of TRANS! people aren’t getting “the surgery”—You can be TRANS! without the surgery. But I guess that isn’t in line with an older view of TRANS! people—that surgery was implied—that it was a necessary part of “the package.” People be obsessed with that!!—I know right?? All the time. Why do they think they should get to know? (In some cases, maybe they’re just making conversation—just asking about something that’s important to you—they might not be obsessed at all)


My gender is strong and I have a lot of it—do you understand a gender being strong?—do you understand it having a quantity?—Try harder—try again! One person’s gender is not more or less than another’s. Until you understand gender the way I do—you cannot be said to understand. Fuckin’ cis people (not all cis people) Then why even say it?—why generalize in the first place? So your argument is: because you identify as a woman, using the women’s room is important for your safetyyes? Yes. Because I identify as a woman. Because there’s nothing I could do to appear masculine enough to safely use the men’s room.


You can’t convince me that people are born gay—I don’t care: No one is born with a fully developed sexuality.


That sinking feeling in my gut when I get called “sir” that makes me want to curl up and die.


Looking in the mirror and being unable to see the person looking back at you.


A friend told me they tried to start HRT and talk therapy when they were in England but because of their BPD (borderline personality disorder) diagnosis they were denied—Nah people with BPD are fucking liars and abusers right?—Yeah people do assume that anything a person with BPD does is for attention or to manipulate. Is it possible your gender identity is a component of your mood swings? Yeah ’cause that’s why I’ve been consistently full time for years.


Madonna said she was a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. Was she TRANS! before TRANS! was cool? Would today’s TRANS! people consider Madonna “really” TRANS!? If not, why the hell not?—The idea that most people aren’t really all that set on their gender identities—that they’d be just as happy being the other gender(#) if they had different parts (the gender typical for the parts)


Lets the mainstream media disclose people’s private medical history because it’s “in the public interest.” If you hate men, what you hate about them is how they’re cis, raised male, still identify as male and have never considered their privilege. You can’t hate TRANS! men on the same grounds as you do cis menTRANS! men do not have that experience of growing up male(Don’t they, in a way?)and everything that comes with it. Being TRANS!identifying as any genderisn’t ever about anyone else. It’s about us and our bodies and who we are. Being a TRANS! man isn’t about “betraying women” or feminism or anythingit’s just about us being ourselves.


I wanna live in a TRANS!-only village in the clouds (Looking at a cis man) Fuckin cissy. Nice boxers and matching penis you he-male manboy piece of shit. I can’t think of a stronger metaphor for queerness than a hot vampire with perfectly tousled hair who sparkles in the sunlight.


If you think your children are incapable of understanding TRANS!ness, consider that they may be TRANS! themselves and hiding it from you. Two TRANS! women were stripped and assaulted on a train while onlookers cheered and posted videos of the assault XXXXXXXX


Put a dildo in your butt. That feeling when you first get the dildo in your butt. I want a plug real bad.


A good start to unpacking your cis sexism is to forget everything you ever heard about TRANS! people on TV or anywhere else really. Don’t listen to a damn word about TRANS! people that didn’t come out of a TRANS! person’s mouth (I understand the sentiment, but—formally—this is ridiculous. Listen to bipolar people as the experts on bipolar experience, but not necessarily on bipolar disorder) Parents Explain Why They Allow Their 6-Year-Old to Identify as TRANS! gender in Touching Video: XXXXXXXX—(“Why they allow?”)


Hormones are wonderful. I’m swimming in a big pile of estrogen tablets like Scrooge McDuck. Ugh. My mail order is late and I’m running on emptyjealous. Holy shit!—My thighs are getting so big. Please pay lots of attention to my butt—thanks XXXXXXXX—Holy shitdisgusting. I like when people add me to lists like “radical activists”—then I spend the whole night posting about putting a dildo in my butt. I don’t think cis people realize that hormones are essential to my survival. You can’t just decide what gender I am. Yes I can. You can put on any number of dresses. You’ve got a Y chromosome. A dick. You’re a man. Yeah, well: Fuck you.


Burn down drag culture!! Not exactly live and let live—is it? TRANS! women are perfect for BDSM because we have cool genital parts that are very sensitive—it’s a shame you don’t see it more. If you are going to be having sex with TRANS! women please read the zine “Fucking TRANS! Women”—TRANS! women aren’t like cis men down there—at least once we’re on HRT. Erogenous zones change and sensations are different: girlcocks != boycocks. Precisely. I can see why some TRANS! women call their dick a clit—with increased sensitivity from hormones and not getting completely hard it’s really like one—Whereas before TRANS!ition my dick was the star of the show, now it’s secondary to gettin’ my butt fucked. Also: before hormones I was a top and now I’m more of a bottom (I say “more of” because I will still top the right kind of babe)


Labeled female at birth has never stopped me from digging (mother Earth worms) tuning engines, baiting hooks, chasing tailor doing math! I’m so happy sex reassignment surgeries are now covered under Medicare!—awesome recognition defraying a huge unwelcome cost for TRANS! people.


Fitting room time! XXXXXXXX—Maybe this is horrible of me to say (especially as the writer of this book) but you just look like a boy in a dress. Nothing feminine there. Not saying that doesn’t make you a TRANS! woman—not saying that. But you don’t come off as female to me. At all. I know I’m a dick for saying this. I know that human beings possess big brains and our sexuality is complex as a rainbow, malleable, non-binary, flexible, wonderful—free! Some TRANS! people “pass” (I guess)—and some do not. I would hate to be trapped in a body—but aren’t we all? ( a body that doesn’t do us justice?) Straight girls in Doc Martens are false advertising. TRANS! gender ideology: lmfao. Spend five minutes in the TRANS! community with the drama we endure and you’ll see how nonsensical of a phrase “TRANS! gender ideology” is.


#NoUnexpectedPenises is the most offensive hashtag ever—conflating TRANS! women’s existence with sexual assault. Go fuck yourselves.


How basic—how common it is—to have your identity wrapped up in your gender and who you like to fuck (as opposed to your ideas!) It’s important—but not the most important thing about you (or shouldn’t be) But then again, when you are in a minority, other people define you by these things..they make it an issue. Easy for a white person to say there are more important identity issues than race. Still: make your life about the ideas you hold, not these lesser things. And this is separate (independent) from how sexual you are. I’m very sexual—but would be just as happy identifying as a man or a woman. I’m less intensely gendered (but still very sexual)


Sorry but telling a group of women that you’re going to rape and murder them isn’t “free speech”—it’s a threat #NoMRA Ever notice how cis people get upset when any word other than “normal” is used to describe them?Funny how that works XXXXXXXXLove the generalization about cis people—as I always love generalizations. Funny how people in minorities hate generalizations about them but have no problem making some about the majority. It’s called “punching up” and you better get used to it. I think I’m turning completely gay. This from the TRANS! man. I accept this but there is an undeniable irony in this position (with respect to cis/straight people and relationships)—a straight/cis female and likewise male is a boy and a girl liking each other—a gay TRANS! boy loving gay/cis men is also a boy and a girl liking each other..right? No: you don’t understand this and I’m afraid you never will—I think maybe cis people don’t think as clearly as TRANS! ones. Someone literally asked me what one of my paintings meant and I’m upset. Why?—You expect people to be mind readers and know which questions to ask or not ask you? It’s not all about you—allow room in the relationship for the other person. People actually ask that shit?this happens?? It’s 2014 you don’t ask people what art means. They’re not hip enough to interact with you. Instead of respecting them and meeting them where they are—you behead them. You know: I’d really love it if you would stop mansplaining me. But I’m a TRANS! girl—no man here. I don’t believe you.


After 58 Days in Prison Without Being Charged With a Crime, 16-Year-Old Jane Doe to Be Released XXXXXXXXno shit! This comes from a website that claims over half of rape victims had a “positive experience.” Men are so bad I hate them (from a TRANS! woman) Please do not misgender me XXXXXXXX I don’t ever want to be contacted by anyone for any reasonmy account has seen more than its share of cisboys who don’t understand shit about shitfrom now on this fucker is broadcast when did it become my responsibility to make sure everyone on the internet understands every little jot and tittle of what it means to be TRANS! Right? Every day I wake up to a million @s from cisboys telling me in their idiosyncratic ways that they think I’m cute. Ughdisgusting. I know!—it’s like they’re just discovering that they can be attracted to a TRANS! woman—whoop dee doo—is this beginner mode for being a fucking human? What use do I have for cis people?honestly: none. Gas themevery one.


I rarely masturbate without doing butt stuff these days—If you don’t put a dildo in your butt it’s like: what even is the point?


God XXXXXXXX’s biphobia makes me so HHHGHGHHHGHGHHH—I’ve gotten that shit so much before with cis dudes I’ve dated—like “So ur into pussy r u sure ur not just gonna leave me for the first queer chick u meet?”—Basically: kill straight cis dudes, actually. Fucking amazing mail/cd/mixes/wank art from @corpse XXXXXXXXIf you call women “females” and you’re not Ferengi get outta here with that shit—Also get outta here if you’re Ferengi, this is 21st-century Earth. Every single one of your favorite characters is TRANS! gender—That gross feeling when random dudes “babe” or “sweetie” you—Let me step on your face and also: give me money for doing it. As with XXXXXXXX a reminder that just because someone is for a cause you agree with, it doesn’t make them the sharpest or most elegant tool in the toolbox. This is basically a place where I convinced a bunch of people that I’m way hotter than I really am. True.


Self-identified feminist men are still shitty in very pushy cishet ways—I don’t think it’s possible for any sex I’m involved in to be considered heterosexualYes, we would hate to be the norm (boring, heterosexual)—Avoid at all costs. Idk but maybe include that as a suggested motive for choices surrounding TRANS! sexuality: basic rebellion. I do think there’s an element of that here: rebellious rejection of the mainstream (I am also fully aware that many TRANS! people will react negatively to this idea—and mark me as a TRANS! hater—but in my analysis of the situation, there is a sense in which TRANS! sexuality is a rejection of the mainstream—a statement of objection to that which is terribly, terribly normal)—When did I stop being awkward and start being charming? When did my eccentricity become attractive?


I have written plenty of songs about my suicide attempts but I haven’t written any about how I lied to the staff at the inpatient placeI was scared they would try to educate me out of being TRANS! or tell everyone or somethingI dunno. I went to rehab for opiates and was 100% completely honest and they kicked me out (for being TRANS!) so you made the right decision.


It’s so fucking ridiculous that “male woman” actually became a thing people say. If you have to call someone a male woman to feel better about yourself—that’s pretty pathetic fyi—But as backwards and as simple as it is, it’s understandable that people want a person’s genitals to match their outer display of sexuality (to save time in mating—to simplify mating) Some people really do care about your genital configuration—and need to know—because they’re trying to figure out who to have sex with. TRANS!ness flies in the face of easy identification. It’s valid. We should protect it. But it makes things more complicated (and that’s ok) Let’s face it: if I was found out to have any chromosome type other than XY (even if I had surgery) TRANS! phobes would still call me a man—If I never announced I was TRANS! my womanhood would never have been called into question by anyone. Except people who were trying to have sex with someone who had a vagina. You can question mine when you start questioning the womanhood of every woman you meet (keeping in mind it still isn’t “objective”)—oh!—but you are so convincing!! Yeah—that would be annoying. As if it had anything to do with how you look. By the way, that was a (verbatim) quote said to me by someone checking my ID when I got my legal name change. Shouldn’t there be laws against that?—There should be, but there aren’t.


My irl life completely parallels my online one: How am I supposed to ignore a rape threat just because it came from a computer? There was a big brouhaha a while back when an anti-feminist woman asked me to submit my rape threats to her for evaluation—they accused me of faking threats or playing the victim because I didn’t think rape threats should be evaluated for severity—All rape threats are serious (all are wrong) and all should be followed with legal punishment (in my opinion) Wait, that’s not your job (to screen rapists to see which are “serious?”)\#WhoKnew


\#RapeCultureIsWhen >> How to Get Out of the Friendzone XXXXXXXX


Queers have better skin than cishets. On my date today we talked about queer supremacy—and how it’s good. People on here who hate “the patriarchy” so much they end up treating TRANS! men the way TERFs treat TRANS! womenlike what the fuck!! My girlfriend and I, sitting at a bar right now texting our booty calls to find out what their names are—we didn’t care to ask before (This post is brought to you in that I’m trying to disabuse people of the notion that single girls are worried about men calling us back)—That’s right: we never give a fuck what boys dowe don’t care!


My friend got attacked yesterday at LA Pride for wearing a skirtThe attacker then did an interview bragging about it. I would not know who he is but—damn—he looks every cliché of a dudebro. Want to find this guy and beat his ass!!


Someone whose opinion on surgery is that you should never get it—it can’t be as good as the original, it’s expensive (out of reach for most) and it’s irrelevant (says this person)


The gay agenda is basically hamburgers as far as I’m concerned. Lol! =) Fuck!—That’s my agenda!!!


I can’t believe people still think that being gay means you’re a pervert who wants nothing but sex??(that’s not how it works) Or a pedophile =( But yeah I don’t mind being fetishized or considered desirable for being TRANS! as fuck. I Told a Dude It Wasn’t OK to Say “Tranny”—I Was Then Told Why He Was Allowed To XXXXXXXX #entitlement


Can people please stop saying women want to get raped?—I assure you we do not. I want people to stop sending me rape threats. I want to do my work XXXXXXXX


I’m infinitely impressed with theselike 16-year-old TRANS! kidswho are already presenting and TRANS!itioning (it warms my heart)they’re like the first generation that’s doing this in schoolit’s gotta be tough.


No really the thread where someone said of me: “I’d fuck the tranny—I’d fuck him hard”—that’s sort of hard to take. For those of you that don’t know: I am a non-binary TRANS! boyIDing as a TRANS! man is (in part) important to me (I am not a non-binary girl or a genderqueer person or anything else)Being TRANS! for me (since my gender is not malenor is my presentation maleor my ideal future presentation male) meansand this is all it meansis that I wish I had a penis! This is the wrong body: it’s ok but not ideal and it is difficult for being a gay boy. So being presented with the idea that it’s toxic that I ID as a TRANS! man is confusing and weird for meit’s just a thing about my bodyMy gender is ??? at the momentI use he/him/histhey’re comfortable and right for me. And my ideal gender presentation is “androgynous” (I guessIdk) I’ve stopped presenting female, actuallybut my body hasn’t (which is why hormones will be good)it’s not that I wish I was a man, I just wish I was amab. There’s a lot of privilege that comes with being an afab TRANS! personlike: so so muchwhich is really sad (’cause it shouldn’t be that way) I want to TRANS!ition into a beautiful place of both/nothing/all genders and no one knows but I’m just really hot so who cares. I could say the same about my gender—almost. I don’t quite feel I’m in the wrong body but I do feel that this body is ok (not the best maybe—and I’d rather have a vagina) But I’m also happy being male so I’m not sure I am TRANS! (But end the book with something like @corpse’s monologue—tied with something like this author’s monologue, about being TRANS!—in a way that suggests we are all a little bit TRANS! (or could be—that this is something that exists in all of us as we consider our gender in light of the possible ones)Gender is probably dead thoughdead and gay. Cunt solidarity. Be as uppity as you want. Kill all men. Namaste. In a certain light, it’s “men” becoming feminists—furthering feminine agendas, like defectors from a cause.


“Trapped in the wrong body” reflects cis-sexist ideas about the innate genderness of bodies. The appropriate response to white cis gays acting like they have it tough is laughter and the middle fingerOh no you’re only 85% of the way up Privilege Mountainyour life must be so tough! I’m gay and I love to destroy capitalism. I once was a TRANS! woman who liked women—to the skeptic, is this not still a man who loves women? You misunderstand TRANS!ity. Yeah but I’m saying: (from the cis/gay point of view) isn’t that kind of a cheap way to be gay? Not at all! You may be a woman—but you’re still a person with a dick who likes to fuck pussy—right? This is where you need to take that book of yours (The pocket guide to TRANS! people, places, and things?) and start over at the beginning, reading each point carefully until the essence of TRANS!ishness seeps ever so clearly into your soul.


What do you think of the opinion that LGBT roles in a—I think it’s great. If casting directors think the XXXXXXXXAs stated, I totally disagree.


Maybe there’s a blurry line between fantasizing about being female (as I do) and identifying as female. @corpse is a TRANS! man who’s gay (a person with female parts who wants cock) I wanna do molly with a cute gay girlthis from a TRANS! woman. Is it any less creepy from a TRANS! woman than from a man? Accurate as fuck XXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX (I would go full-on gay for Channing Tatum—I mean, come on—who wouldn’t?) If I had a nickel for every time I was called a homophobe for disagreeing with cis gay dudes over the word tranny..maybe someday I’ll understand cis logic. Genders are like cars: everyone keeps telling me I need one and I keep going “I live in San Francisco!” Any cool queers wanna share a house in Vancouver?Why not people? I understand it’s even a safety issue—but why discriminate on this basis for housing? It’s like this whole movement is everyone becoming TRANS!—Isn’t everybody a little TRANS!? ™


Theorizing why the female cum button is so outside the cum zone.


Is someone seriously trying to tell me it’s hip to be TRANS! gender these days?God damn hipsters and their trendy gender variance XXXXXXXXI agree that’s crazy—but there’s truth in it too. How to invalidate TRANS! gender CEOs in a single headline XXXXXXXX (by @papercuts)Is the birth fact really irrelevant here?Nobody is ever “born a man”that doesn’t even make sense. I can certainly see a case for gender assignment happening much later in life.


I’m sorry but we do not have to tolerate women getting rape threats and death threats from anonymous sources for expressing our damn opinion! I am exasperated when people say things like: “There’s no way to stop 4chan from being 4chan”—but that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Getting authorities to actually take notice of some of the awful shit 4chan does is a start. A 12-Year-Old TRANS! Boy in Alberta Has Been Granted a New Birth Certificate to Reflect His Gender XXXXXXXXRT if you need a big ol’ dick in your butt right now—I’m gay. I thought you were pan. Gay is my lifestyle not my sexuality. Ah of course.


I wanna get a voice coach eventually (I always find myself slipping up and talking too masculine =( It’s only around people I knew pre-TRANS!ition but still) Do it—it’s the best money I ever spent! Born a man? XXXXXXXX and I write about this horrible framing XXXXXXXX—it’s a devastating article on gendering newborns.


Your right to be a creep doesn’t supersede everyone else’s right to a life lived free from violence and the fear of it—THIS. I’m a cute girl with a cute penis and I talk about sex constantly (so if you can’t handle flagrant queerness now is your time to leave) I’m exceedingly patient teaching cishets about queerness but I draw the line at dudebros. I just got the cutest panties XXXXXXXX I’m sorry that’s redacted—I wish you could see them.


Are you a real girl? What do you mean real? Are you saying ’cause I’m TRANS! I’m not a real girl? I’ll rephrase my question: Do you have a real vagina (non-surgical god-given from-the-womb vagina)?—because I’m very particular what I fuck.


I think emojis are good (What about the previous subject?)


No one says: “I always knew they were different” when someone grows up to be cis and straight. Oh but they do—get beyond sexuality as the only mile marker. Make men illegal. Cishet porn stars are so boring looking. I wanna do porn and make bros have awkward conversations about whether or not it’s gay to think I’m sexy—(it’s not!)—My dick likes TRANS! girls is my dick gay??? But ultimately make it about the freedom of manboys to be women and dudegirls to be men! I don’t like boys anymore..I love them. A queer woman who has to tell people over and over again: “Yeah—I like dudes, too.” A bi woman who has to keep coming out—over and over! And bi men!—can we please get more words down from bi men?—I know y’all are out here, but the world treats you strictly as unicorns. A bi person who dates another bi person of the same or different gender. Bi women who pass for straight or get read as totally gay. Would it be rude of me to tell my ex-boyfriends I don’t like men—lol!!—I’m finally realizing that passing doesn’t matter (I’m hot as fuck!) It’s amazing how good cis fucks are at telling when someone is TRANS! 100% of the time after they’ve already been told—TRANS! woman’s handle is Cool Sex Falconso eighties sounding!


If I’m your crush—fav this post. A lot of people faved this. Good. Insecurity.


Just as reverse sexism isn’t a thing, TRANS! people calling cis people TERFs is not harmful XXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX Very complex issue: It being prejudice versus racism or prejudice versus sexism does not mean it isn’t harmful—though. If a black person does reverse racism on me, it’s not racism since they’re not in the white majority—but it can still be harmful. You get a certain idea of “the majority cannot be injured”—the injury may be a different type than the institutional kind of racial harm—but someone calling me names can hurt—all the sameXXXXXXXX is not a feminist XXXXXXXX is not a feminist. If your feminism only includes cis women—you are not a feminist. It might be uncouth to say they aren’t feminists but it ought to be uncouth to say I’m not a woman—I grant them no respect.


What’s a reasonable allowance for a sugar daddy to give you? Entitlement. Self-importance. Not of course as TRANS! qualities—but as specific qualities of this person/character. Some day I will find the chaser of my dreams to give me big $$$ for sucking his gross dick. If I had a pussy I’d be running the sex work game—Instead I have a cock which makes me even hotter imo—but it scares away the cis boys. Like, let the record state that if you’re a sugar daddy and want to spoil me—I am 100% down for that.


This always happens: men wanting me until they realize I’m TRANS!—Maybe if you don’t know what a TRANS! girl is—search it? My profile literally opens with: Hi I’m XXXXXXXX I’m a 22-year-old TRANS! girl. You didn’t respond to my wishing you that you find what you’re looking for. I didn’t think it was relevant—besides I didn’t know you then. I guess what I’m saying is: I wasn’t ready to date you—but I found you interesting. So? So, if you had responded to my message, that could have turned into a date. Really?—I didn’t notice. I’m cute, everybody—I’m so fucking cute. Insecurity. Self-focus. Self-importance. In soccer does the person with the lowest score or the highest score win? People acting like I’m rebelling against God just because I tattooed a pentagram on my TRANS! sexual boob!!Autogynephilia. Noun. A condition where someone rejects the idea that TRANS! women are unattractive. I love using “dry dick” on terrible cis men—it’s not size shaming but it gets ‘em confused: “—It’s..wet.” Doesn’t even make any sense! I’m fab as fuck XXXXXXXX I want to meet a pretty babe to drink beer with and cuddle—who is cute online right now!? (I’m still cute and good) I’m hanging with boys and drinking and I just hella threw up but they don’t know that—Update: the boys are fooled and don’t even know I throwed up—I’m gonna eat a burger.


When I was in the third grade, I thought I was gay—Not a lot has changed since then.


I’m meeting with a potential sugar daddy this week ($$$) Men should be more femme. I shave a lot of my body even though it’s unnecessary—I do it for me and I love being smooth but it’s so much work!! Ugh tell me about it! Shaving is such a pain. Have you tried Nair? I’m weird because my frame and features are really masculine but I love hair dye and makeup and suchI want to be a pretty man. You should do little femme things gradually to see how you like it. Would like to but not sure where to start?Idk masculinity is so boring. I have so many straight dudes be like: “’re..a man?” after I say I’m a tgirl—You tell me buddy: You’re the one who wanted to give me dick. So many dudes just shut down when I tell them—they just can’t handle it. It disrupts their sensitive little brains. It would be like if you brought an iPad back to the year 1900they’re too simple—Also lol at men who won’t fuck a hot girl because she’s TRANS! What is up with this book??What kind of handbook is this? Turn turn turn. If you don’t know about gender in any real depth (of—lived experience—at all) maybe don’t try to satirize it. Hasn’t everyone lived a depth of experience with gender? Look: I’m not gonna beat this into the ground but consider—if you’re cis—that everything you know about gender is wrong. A cis person, raised in a cis-sexist society, is going to have to unpack TRANS! phobia—period. Ok back to more important things—what should I make my sugar daddy buy me?


Female is an actual lived experiencenot a fucking feeling in your sparkly little brainwhat’s that organ where experiences happen? I never understood this?—do they think that we go on experiencing life in the same way we did pre-TRANS!ition?—’cause no. I’m scared of my free will sometimes because I’m considering getting that “boy toy” lettering tattooed on my ass. If we can’t trust dudes not to infiltrate a women-only space then I’m going to have to run a tighter ship with the men I interact with—can’t TERFs do the same for me? (Trust me that I’m a woman—that I’m not infiltrating their spaces—that I belong there)


Cheating isn’t even real—you don’t own your partner’s body! Eh, breaking promises is a twattish thing to do, but yeah, I don’t know why people give a fuck.’s real for people in monogamous relationships and it’s devastating. That is why I don’t do monogamy anymore—too much baggage. People keep saying cheating is a breach of trust and that is true (technically) but consider why you feel the need to own your partner’s sexuality. I’d mostly be worried if it was unprotected and I didn’t knowOther than that: meh. Oh yeah—I think it’s totally important to inform your partners of your other sexual partners in a non-monogamous relationship. I don’t really believe in traditional cheating ideas oflikeownership of partner’s bodybut I do think there’s the “you lied to me and betrayed my trust” way that even non-monogamous relationships can fail. Idk if I could ever do poly honestly after the trust breach I went through last year. Yeah I get that (it’s a breach of trust totally) but why do people feel the need to control their partner’s sex? It’s not about owning another person’s sexuality—it’s about undermining the basis of trust and commitment in the relationship. It’s not “controlling” to agree upon honesty and openness to avoid hurting each other—imo. But I do think there are problematic elements to monogamy as it is viewed in society with respect to the possession of women’s bods. You can be critical all you want—but to say something like “cheating isn’t real” is kind of..uh. I can’t think of a rational way to love someone and then bar them from having certain thoughts and feelings (It’s not thoughts and feelings that are banned in monogamy—it’s actions—isn’t it?)


So I had my sub buy me a butt plug without checking the size and..uh XXXXXXXX !!


A lil cuter every day XXXXXXXX (I mean: every encouragement and I’m sure your mother loves you—but no—you are not cute in any common sense of the word!) I always thought before TRANS!ition that I could never do it and would always be gross and masculine—but look at me now! XXXXXXXX (I don’t want to shoot down anyone’s dreams but this person looks masculine post-TRANS!ition—This is not the case for all TRANS! women. XXXXXXXX looks feminine post-TRANS!ition) I think I’m gonna get back on here—I’m way cuter now than a few months ago (I haven’t gotten my butt destroyed in a while)—I’m cute ok!! XXXXXXXX TRANS! women who top can get it (Research: why is someone a top or a bottom in a TRANS! relationship while in het relationships you can be either/both?) Gamers are thin-skin dry-dicked man-babies with poor stroke game and bad sexual stamina. Their dicks look like thumbs—nail and all.


We’re only a few weeks off from me yelling “I’m a gay top!” at straight men in my dreamsSomeone was hitting on me (in my dreams of course!!!) and I was like “Excuse me are u gay?”and it felt so good.


A nice sub man bought me a glow-in-the-dark butt plug—I’d take a picture but I can’t right now—you know—for reasons.


Every time cis people ask cis people “What would you do if you woke up as another gender?” they’re always like “jump up and down” (you know, because boobsand dicks) I always heard “have a wank” (which I thought seemed a sensible answer—obvs!—for science!!)


It just occurred to me that due to my fae-like nature and articulate skill with pixels—I should claim the title of “pixel pixie”—God damn: this TRANS! woman has the self-confidence of a man!! These make me feel like a magical girl XXXXXXXX You know how no one really gets high the first time they smoke weed? (Anal is the same way) You all please help: I’m supposed to only like queer girls, non-binary people and the occasional non-queer cis girl (argh) Just had some guy I don’t know come on my page to “explain” that marginalized people should expect violence for existing in public—oh—also—literally repeating the threats and stalking I’ve received and people advocating I be murdered: was me “aggrandizing” things—I seriously need them so bad for a project and if someone buys me them I’ll make it worth their while (sees herself as a sex worker rather than a worthy recipient)Look at this great outfit I got in the mail!do cute boys like goth babes? (She wants her TRANS!ness to be irrelevant but the fact is that—among many—it is relevant) #StopSayingCis is dominated by TRANS! people and actual feminists (shouting it down)goodI’m sexually appealing@corpse sometimes goes by “Velvet Boyfriend.”


Step one: Get Gay. Step two: Stay Gay XXXXXXXX That there is an element of choice in (some) gayness and that (for certain generations) being gay is cool—cooler than being straight (TRANS!/cis)—Whenever I have sex with a sugar daddy XXXXXXXX Boybyeee!She didn’t tap into stereotypes: white gay men love appropriating black womanhood because white!!—Remind me why I am expected to be “nice” to intellectually dishonest people who are never going to listen to reason anyway?—No need to be nice, but don’t they win when they rile you up? Exactly. Because being civil reflects on your integrity—I’ve noticed a recent rash of feminist men who are feminist solely because their dommes are and I just wanna say: “good”—willful subjugation and use of men is something I will always support.


Why do all the queers always wanna be the bottomthat’s my jobI’m the bottom here buster. Domming is hard work but I do it for the love of being mean to boys (and taking their money) Wish there was a way to get a man to sexually dominate you without him getting ideas about it meaning something outside of the bedroom << This this this this this this. Is there a way I can get the “big strong man holding me” experience (without all the other experiences of being involved with a man) Older men are so hot (in concept) but so awful in executionmy date went well and now I’m just lying around experiencing ennui XXXXXXXX Women’s bodies are not public property: this is not a difficult concept (re: the J-Law nudes being leaked)—There’s so much victim blaming regarding leaked nudes shared without consent—(“Shouldn’t take selfies!”)—How about: “Don’t steal and leak nudes—you creep.”


Wow it’s hella stormy out! Mine is so pretty!! TRANS! confessions: not that interested in Orange is the New Black. In order of willingness to date a TRANS! person: TRANS! people > bi cis people > straight cis people (if you pass) > gay cis people. I wish I TRANS!itioned in my teens—I’d look like a goddess now. “Oh you’re capable of making sound arguments?—that just proves you’re a man!”—TERFs—Implying that they’re real women because they’re logically incoherent?now that’s a feminist message. If my child were a gamer I would disown them—(does a jerk-off motion during the lowering of the casket at their funeral) Stand back ladies (as I—a manly man—solve this sexism problem)—(Holds Bell Hooks’ book upside down)—hmm it says here sexism is good. What “kind” of TRANS! am I?dtf—TRANS! misogyny is cool—I love how it permeates every aspect of my life. I’ve only ever had sex with one cis dude who was as good as the TRANS! men I’ve been with. They really need to pass the test but I’ll be with a cis dude if I like them enough. The secret benefit to not being a TRANS! phobic shit is that TRANS! people will use their powerful sex moves on you.


Getting harassed stressed me outso I’m having a beer at this hour. Sorry but I’m drunk. I can’t be day drunk unless I have sunglasses on. I’m gonna be such a fuckin’ bombshell by my mid-20s.


Gee I find this situation unequal—we don’t need to interject some shitty false equivalency to minimize women’s concerns!! Men are so bad imo. When straight people say: “We shouldn’t label sexualities” it’s like..ok. Should Ishould Iantagonize the straights? Honey, it’s fun—but: Only if you want to perpetuate the problem.


The cutest thing ever (to me) is when I’m fooling around with a TRANS! lady and she gets a lil bulge in her panties!! It’s like ooo lemme play with that!!!


Validation from cis people means a lot to me—I know that’s internalized TRANS! phobia but it’s difficult to unpack. I’m trying to rearrange my life so I see mostly other TRANS! femmes irl—I think it would be good for my mental health. Sad and miserable and TRANS! and sweating and gay. Being female isn’t just about anatomy. It’s about feeling female (mentally and hormonally) and also about the experience of a lifetime of being treated female by members of the culture.


I’m looking extremely hella today XXXXXXXX Hella cross-legged troll! XXXXXXXX I respect that you’re TRANS!—but you look like a man.


TERF status: really mad (wow) XXXXXXXX Pro tip for dudes: I can see you in the mirror behind the bar when you stare at me—It’s cool that I’m cute (in my opinion)—You shoulda saw the other girl XXXXXXXX The validity and opposition to the phrase “biologically a guy”—I wanna be so cute it makes people upset!!!—One of the big advantages of thirst-following TRANS! men over cis men is that there are a lot more selfies you get to fav. I can’t believe how much hormones have changed how I look after only six months—at this point it doesn’t bother me when people insult my ability to pass—I have straight boys thirstin’ on me plenty—Haha apparently there was a 4chan thread about me back in July: they’re mad at me for being an “obvious tranny.” I dunno—I hella pass for being on HRT six months (I’m not gonna sweat it) I wrote a song (which is good) but I’m all sweaty now (which is bad) Y’allserious question: who wants to see a stellar picture of my butt? Can confirm stellar-ness—please send.


Burn in hell you worthless gender-elitist lowlife! Sorry but hell is reserved for people who jerk off to cartoon ponies and harass women on the internet.


When TRANS! kids are allowed to delay puberty—it allows them to “develop into well-functioning young adults” XXXXXXXX All of my cuteness schemes and plots are finally coming togetherI’m getting so adorableI can’t be stopped. Reminder that if you’re a straight man you can (and should!) get fucked in the ass. In the future—everyone will be TRANS! (Have someone say that) If the option existed to have an ideal cock and vag—wouldn’t everyone have more than one—slotted into sockets?


Sometimes I want to take a huge step back from TRANS! activism.


My arm is trapped under a cute sleepy girl what do I dodo I gnaw it off? Everyone who lives here is so queer and crust punk. I like my queers like I like my sexdirty (On getting killed) I am not planning on it—but it’s my constant worry that a TRANS! phobe will try to hurt me. Drunk men who don’t know I’m TRANS! hitting on me is the scariest thingit’s mere steps away from physical harm. Scumbag TRANS! phobe says TRANS! people are “physically mutilating their bodies”—claims TRANS!itioning is “not physically possible”—please don’t cold-approach women—I swear if I see one more man speculating about female sexuality or basing it in men’s sexuality—I’m going to lose my shit XXXXXXXX Ugh grossand the language used is offensive on top of that! Super fucking offensive—bleh!! I think TRANS! people should “disclose” in whatever way they feel is safest for them—That said: fuck this shit XXXXXXXX I feel like my whole aesthetic is radiating “tranny punk”and I don’t know if I love it or hate it.


An aging punk in his 40s wants to be my sugar daddy—I hope he messages me back (so bad) He messaged me back and I responded with formal sugar-baby negotiations—ended it with: “So—how do you feel about Minutemen?” I’m a human being. I offer an erotic service. If that’s something that interests you there’s nothing shameful about patronizing me! (I hate this idea that people who patronize sex workers are inherently sleazy or gross)—A society where TRANS! people are truly liberated will be a society where we don’t look at people and assume their gender. And a society where we don’t feel the need to know the gender of strangers—Consider how when you say you’re attracted to (women/men/both) you are falling back on cisnormative assumptions about gender and presentation—“Are you a girl or guy?”someone actually sent this question to my porn blog. Sometimes you gotta set the bait if you wanna get the real quality angry manssages XXXXXXXX No values!—TRANS! people can be so beautifulcisnormative beauty standards are so confining and rigid. Can TRANS! be beautiful without putting down and comparing to cis?


Always sunny in Philly XXXXXXXX Boy or girl—you just look like a psychopath. People will perceive the “masculinity” or “femininity” of your face (or your hair) on the basis of whether you have a penis or vaginaaka once people know you’re TRANS! they literally start imagining things about your body and ignoring what they’re actually seeingNot really a TRANS!-specific issue—Because (regardless of how you change your face or hair)—once people know you’re TRANS! they will literally start perceiving the wrong gender—So (apparently) one of the most viable TRANS! woman “passing” tactics isn’t fixing your hair or face—it’s tell them you have a vag! I guess if I was flirting with someone, I would want them to tell me the truth about if they had a vag. But even then you wouldn’t want us—you wouldn’t like us. I guess if you lied to me about whether you had a vag, I wouldn’t like you then, either. Basically, if this site finds out you’re TRANS! you have to out yourself or get deleted—doesn’t matter if it’s your dead name—Nope. Nope. Nope. Definitely a step backward XXXXXXXX


Why pay for anything when you can domme a man to do it for you.


This this this! XXXXXXXX (a dropdown that says: “I have no gender—only rage.”) Constantly stressing about whether I look too much like a dude! Lmao I’m at a drag show: I want to die I hate all these people so much. That’s a scene: TRANS! women at a drag show. I’m still awestruck every time a cute human is into me. I wanna do something that isn’t smoking weed all day today. Sorry for complaining I just dislike het girls—really, really bad (I can’t emphasize this enough): I don’t care about straight cis white men (Being straight is extremely homophobic imo) Really. Yes. How so? If they choose to be straight doesn’t mean they have issues with those who aren’t straight. Actually it does. I disagree. Straight people aren’t homophobic—because—they love the opposite sex. I’m straight and I’m not homophobic. Sorry but a brainwave study at Princeton proved that—all—straight people are homophobic. Then I must be homophobic—shame.


I couldn’t get any weed tonightnow I’m suffering from severe fun withdrawal. Kissing girls is both my hobby and my lifestyle. There are shitty TRANS! guys out there doing bad masculinity and I wanna be like: dudewhat the fuck. I’d imagine that it’s validating and makes one feel powerful—I can see how it would be intoxicating for TRANS! men. Yeah: I get the longing to be validated but there are totally other ways. I think that’s super important. Mhm and hopefully it crosses over to binary and cis dudes even—That’s what I’m hoping! Hell yeah!!I’m gonna fuckin’ do itI’m gonna fix the masculinity!! I have male friends who live with a non-binary TRANS! boy and the longer they live together the softer and more queer the cis boys get. Oh!that sounds beautifulqueer osmosis. It’s perfect. They all paint their nails and one of the cis boys wears dresses and they’re so nice and empathetic eee!! Ugh (precious) this is the future.


In order to break into a new industry, I’m adding snuff to my domme skills—if you want me to murder you, hit up my wishlist!! That’s my motto: I live to make you uncomfortable(Flounces away)


If it was simply the absence of a cock, it wouldn’t cost XXXXXXXX


Cis people are incredible lmfao. Please don’t tell me another cis man won something for pretending to be a TRANS! woman #TRANS!parent. What about Apollo 13 and Gravity?—did they get real astronauts to play the leads or were Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock better choices given their extensive acting experience?—Hey, you’re a straight cis person that likes sex things—that’s great—it doesn’t mean you’re part of the LGBT community—ok? (True, but why so angry about it and needing to exclude/include to feel good about yourself?—We all do this, with nationalities, recovery communities, etcetera) You know—if this was New York—it wouldn’t even matter. I mean in New York we’re past all this—it’s over—we’ve moved on to different things.


Have it be essentially a serious story: a TRANS! person killed by TRANS! phobes. A TRANS! person we like—and then the aftermath.


I wanna remind you all that gender can be fluid (and that’s ok) and you should never feel guilty about changing pronouns. His fantasy/horror of lifting up some woman’s skirt to have sex with that glorious pussy and instead there’s a horrifying cock!!—Satirize the man’s relationship with other men’s cocks—maybe even his own cock—even as he’s afraid of women’s genitals. He’s squeamish. Truly zoom in and exaggerate his fear of finding male genitals when he undresses a woman—to have already kissed someone he thought was safe—acceptable—no homo. TRANS! women are hot—get over your shit (Some women are hot (some are not) but just being TRANS! doesn’t (in itself) make you hot!) We respect TRANS! women and their truth about their gender identity—to be consistent, we must also respect a person who identifies as black (a person who was cawab—coercively assigned white at birth)—“I was born a poor black child”—While I am honored to be mentioned with such amazing black womenyeah ummm bruhI’m not a BBW lol genderqueer black TRANS! man. TRANS! oriented??? Burn my online dating profile.


Can Hollywood just let LGBTQIA people play LGBTQIA people? Going to talk about how I got asked if I had a dick or vagina in a job interview #ItsAKitchenBitches The TERF pov that men are infiltrating their women-only and pro-women and protect-women groups as TRANS! women—they wanted an all-girl group and feel—TRANS!ness, via TRANS! women (who are thought of as still really men) is allowing their groups to be infiltrated by men. I swear there are some dudes who hear the word “bisexual girl” and think “straight girl you can have threesomes with”—I don’t care if you’re closeted or not, if you dress up as a TRANS! woman for Halloween as a joke you are still perpetuating TRANS! misogyny (How do you know if it’s a joke?) Oh yeah: that thing where a cis guy outs her in public and thinks she’s gross and then wants to fuck her in privatepoints for accuracy—Known for his unusual style of wearing dresses for shirts—(Um, a dress kind of—is—just a long and sometimes fancy shirt) (Do you have to critique everything?) I am a lesbian and touch dick on the regular (the dick also belongs to a lesbian)—(penises don’t inherently emit Lesbian Repulsion Fields)—How about being less concerned with other people’s gender as if it’s your business? The instances where you have a justifiable interest in knowing a person’s gender are narrow and few. That seems true to me. What do you think those instances are? (no response) RIP David Bowie—Never really listened to his stuff but clearly an inspiration to many (What a horrible person) Some self-proclaimed allies seem to aim for a target of ally-hood that diverges from what would constitute an actual meaningful alliance. The appearance of ally-hood (and being recognized as an ally by others) is seen as a desirable goal—but that ends up peeling away from what being an ally was intended to mean—and the purpose it was intended to serve. So we end up with the phenomena of people calling themselves “allies” while ignoring, devaluing, and talking over the people they “support.” If being recognized as an ally is a goal, it turns out there are ways to achieve that other than actually being an ally. Like insisting on it over and over to a group of other self-proclaimed allies while continuing to ignore minority groups that object.


I don’t know what people mean by having to “process” the fact that someone they like committed rape. It’s a thing that happenedit’s not complicated. Maybe I just see less of a need to impose a grid of oversimplified narrative onto the messy complexities of a person’s life?—Like there’s no actual conflict between someone producing work that’s admired by many while also raping someone. I mean if you know enough about me I’m sure you’re aware that I’m kind of a fuckup in some areas (that don’t involve committing crimes) I dunno I tend to assume if I’m a fan of someone then it’s entirely likely I’ll find out something really fucked up about them eventually. Some ways I negotiate this are: 1) recognizing inspirational value of their work1a) but not drawing inspiration from the rapes they commitdo you think bi/pan/polysexual women who date men are still part of the LGBT community? (Please RT after you vote) I really wish I had the source for the article of how like 2/3rds of TRANS! guys are queerwhich is really important.


Nah just chemically castrate them. I wanna fight all grown men who are 5’5” and under. If your dick can’t reach her cervix someone else’s will—tag that pussay! Jennifer Connolly has a face you would want to look at while you cum.


“Not all men” is derailment but “Not me!” from randos baffles me. Are you worried that secretly is you? Why do you even need to say it? They think you’re generalizing—(duh)—They think you’re making a false statement about them. Of course they want to push back. In your fight for’ve excluded the whole world.


Older men: “Age is just a number!!—Don’t be shallow—I have so much to offer!” Older men: “Please be 18-25.” I don’t care about age: I would happily date a guy who was 40 if we were compatible—but I don’t care to be patronized or fetishized. There are very attractive men in their forties—(as long as they aren’t creepy about younger girls) ”He went to Jared”-style relationships demean both men and women. Rape demeans both men and women. #KillAllMen is a joke hashtagnot advocating murder.


XXXXXXXX said sexual assault grants “privileges” and victims “proliferate”—they seek it out. Die already, you dinosaur turd.


The next step for Search should be that when you search for things that don’t exist—Search should make them exist. Like I should be able to do a search for “Liv Tyler’s pussy” and Search should go out and take a picture of Liv Tyler’s pussy and put it on the internet—Any movie in which I can see Rachel Weiss’s pubic hair is a good movie. Better yet: 3d print a copy of Liv Tyler’s pussy that I can take to my room and fuck.


The fact that women’s underwear are more sexualized than men’s—or are they?—is that just my point of view as a het male? I think they are more sexualized (though)—the exposed-genitals dress versus the closed-genitals pants. I think there is a power differential there.


White men pretending to be women of color to delegitimize their activism (isn’t new)


The only reason I want a boyfriend is so someone can walk me home at midnight when it’s too close to take a cab (this should be a service) Is that the only thing a boyfriend is good for?—protecting their “girlfriend?” Sounds like you’re generalizing men. Go to hell.


Women withholding sex—using it as a power chip—and laughing with each other and being happy about it. Not all girls are like thatyou shouldn’t generalize XXXXXXXXWhen you block multiple trashboys on here without replying to them even once XXXXXXXX Trashboys? Females have been so conditioned to disrespect and degrade themselves just for the approval of trash men and it’s sad. Why she gotta put down men in the same breath? Gayest dude of all time RT XXXXXXXX Duh RT XXXXXXXX You a grade-A faggot XXXXXXXX Kisses to you bitches XXXXXXXX Violence against men by men. Noyou’re not allowed to say you love your mom if you continually disrespect womenNo. A date is a contract to explore potential sex!—Thx for clearing that up XXXXXXXX TW! XXXXXXXX #NoMRA XXXXXXXX Well, there is such a thing as drunk consensual sex (which may be regretted in the morning)—but that is distinct from drunk date rape. Being drunk doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t give consent—right? If it did mean that, it would be a game changer—all drunk sex would be rape. White man bingo: “educate me don’t hate”—I’m trying to educate myself on an issue—I would rather you try and help me than hate me. White man: states wrong opinion as though it’s fact. I know about this. People: you’re wrong. White man: I didn’t know!—I’m trying to learn! White man bingo part II: y’all are the kinda people that don’t want to help me—you just want to hate me. Dude minorities aren’t here to help you learn: you have to educate yourself. Being asked to be accountable != hate.


This is no coincidence XXXXXXXX When men only want sons it speaks volumes (it’s disgusting) Omg omg I made a dude disable his feedI feel bad but also powerfulhelp me. Good, good, good, good—nice—good, very good! Why would you be happy about that? This isn’t a war (or is it)—I thought the reward for being married was your spouse? #NoMRA #DontMarryMRAs Is a hashtag really going to change someone’s attitude on this? I’ve been accused of being one of those women who makes men violent—it’s ridiculous. If he isn’t feminist then he’s irrelevant. White men gotta be stopped. Noodle dick. Dark doom honey XXXXXXXX I have to stop getting involved with these trashboys I’m actually getting angry. If you get offended by people talking about dudebros being dudebros—you’re probably a dudebro, I’m guessing? I’m just saying this because I care about you all!! You’re too good for fuckboys that can’t get a girl their own age anyway <3 You got your trashboys, your dudebros, and your fuckboys: trashboys are good for nothing. Dudebros are good for the occasional self-degrading fuck. Fuckboys are only good for fuck—fuck fucking. You gotta know the difference between your trashboys, your dudebros, and your ever-present fuckboys.


In 2014 don’t forget that dick is abundant and low value—(Pussy too)—#MaleFeministImpression I’m totally down with women’s struggles. My last girlfriend didn’t even shave her body hair. Instead of consilience, some people think feminism is a battle between men and women. Gay #MaleFeministImpressions Omg I love Beyoncé!—I’m black inside!—Z-snaps!!—Touches your boobs without permission—it’s ok because I’m gay lol—So is this hashtag for straight male feminists or just male feminists because I never wanted to ask a girl for nudes (’cause gay and all!) Gay male feminists have a whole other set of problems buddy—(the white ones anyway)—I didn’t realize it (’cause I’m an idiot, but) “male feminism” and “white guilt” are basically the same thingLol no they’re not.


Good morning, just dropping some truth XXXXXXXX If you’re salty about me stereotyping white gay men, please read XXXXXXXX(Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture)apologize for any lack of clarity (that’s on me) but I’m critiquing whiteness/appropriation not stereotyping gaynessxobecause crossing women’s boundaries is excused if it’s done without sexual intentgay men gotta learn it’s not ok. #MaleFeministImpression XXXXXXXX So many trashboys are so obsessed with @princesslabia and it makes me madshe is not for you!!!She is for her!!! Not you!!! No!!! “@princesslabia: All I did was not shave my armpits” Lol you’re a nasty degenerate ahaha! Don’t be mad that girls are growing underarm hairit will happen for you too one day. You’re terrible and will never have anything cool to offer the world. But that’s an opinion! No it isn’t it you ugly fucking rat. Get out of my mentions lol!!Lol you make no sense. Guys the bitch is ugly stop supporting the degenerates (lol) arm pit hair nasty teeth different color eye brows. Ohhh you’re a gamernevermindnothing can save your soul it’s become black with disuse. Lol that’s an opinion!! =) Guys look me up (lol)—I made my mark and I have 22,000 beautiful followers and 49,000 beautiful subscribers =) He’s famous for playing Call of Duty so of course he is a terrible dudebro who abuses women on every online platform available to him XXXXXXXX Narcissism +1: self-love is the first step to loving others XXXXXXXX No lol: not true but if you post it on the internet I can say what I want if I want—so you’re invalid—kill yourself.* I’m sorry about your dry dick!! XXXXXXXX LMAOLook me up boo! =) lol—type in XXXXXXXX Does it!No sorry lol your parents are dead—goodbye =) LMAO: Trashboy season approaching. If you met any of us at a party you would break your back trying to fuck us and then go home alone and have a sad wankThere’s where you’re wrong: You’re all idiot cunts on here—you never get invited to parties ahah.


“Fuck those skinny bitches” is the same shorthand as “ban men” or “cis scum”—it’s about the structure (not an individual)—please calm down. Unremarkable men will always lash out at brilliant girls (This post is a real trashboy trap) Do all these sexist gamer guys know that women gave birth to them? Ladies can we please unite and stop faking orgasms and laughsI want the men I meet to be better at sex and funniertrashboys need to learn—We can’t make straight men understand what it is like when a woman’s sexual privacy is violated—there is no parallel to their lives. Women have too many emotional and hormonal problems to ever be in a fit state of mind.


Please give me a thousand more mentions about how men need their right to privacy (and their bodies respected too)—I totally need it. I mean god forbid men not seize an opportunity like images of 100 women stolen and leaked against their will to claim male oppression. Come, let us speak on the urgency of men being objectified and having images of their bodies distributed unwillingly and bartered on—traded—sold. Remember that just because someone breaks up with an abuser it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up with the consequences of abuse. Every guy thinks he wants a smart girl—until she confuses the fuck out of his simple logic. White men talking about how oppressed and scared they are makes me yawn. “I hate feminists so much”—we actually hate you too =) Feminism is not a battle between men and women—Men age 18-35 are precious. When you get a DM and it’s from a cute girl and not a creepy guy =) Women so hyper-vigilant about criminal men that almost all men are written off as creepy. Single girls are just as lonely as single men but we don’t log on to the internet as “fuckstick35” to write “fuck these shallow bitches”—Do you even understand how fucked it is that when a girl has sex for the first time she’s losing something—but for a guy it’s like: “Oh you’re a man now!” If I never have a white man try to explain his “point of view” to me again, I’ll die happy. Fuckboy uniform: Nike sandals and Nike socks. Bless whiteboys with full lips. A guy aged 60 tried to chat me up today—Sighs—how’s your day going. White “social justice” bros who are the first to check brown women’s politics need to take a seat. I hope a snake bites you in the dick because you deserve it—but then—can I suck the venom out because you’re hot.


Don’t shame girls for sending nudes—shame fuckboys for violating trust and exposing intimate photos. Men’s common way of picking up women: “Jeezzz never knew a girl could be pretty, smart, and cook!!” Look for a higher caliber of men—not looks. As many of us must: forgo sometimes the physical bombshells for someone you can have a conversation with. Throat punches all needy males. Does this work for all needy females? Is a woman’s sexual need mocked by men in this way? White people talking about being attracted exclusively to other white people (like it’s a sexual orientation)—it isn’t—it’s racism—It’s a difficult issue—because you don’t control who you like. It may be racism learned as a child (based on the people that you see in your neighborhood)—but it is racism. Stop mansplaining. I’m a TRANS! woman I can’t mansplain. Whatever. White guys are the only ugly people who can get so many leading roles in Hollywood. Men are stupid. It’s terrifying how men can go from “nice” to hurling abusive slurs in a matter of seconds. Not really an issue specific to men, is it. You’re a consummate fucking mansplainer get the fuck off my handle!! Please don’t be offended if you send me a dick pic and I ask where the rest of it isam I right? You’ll—but honestly?—you’ll take my tiny TRANS! dick any day.


Boys love talking shit to girls but they be emotional as fuck when we say something back—LMAO—PSA to heterosexual teen girls: You don’t actually have to watch your boyfriend participate in activities that bore you—you don’t even have to stay with your boring boyfriend. Dick is abundant and low value but dry dick dudes—multi-million dollar industries and our entire gender system depend on you not believing this. Aren’t dick and pussy approximately equal in abundance?—Is it necessary for women to hate on guys and dicks?—How does it feel when I tell you pussy is abundant and low value?—Isn’t that equally as true as the same statement about dick? Hey dudes consider that when you hit on a girl it might be the 45th time for her that day and that’s why her eyes look dead inside—love you! Women are socialized to be agreeable to men (which means they have no idea how boring we find most of them) I agree with this (but it goes the other way, too)—men will put up with hours of listening to a woman talk on subjects that bore him—just to get laid or maintain the relationship. Women may get hit on “45 times a day” but men, once in conversation with a woman, will do the same thing as women watching their BFs play video games—they’ll listen (and pretend they’re nice and caring) while a woman goes on and on about a topic that does not interest him. He’ll endure hours worth of shopping on his days off because that’s what the woman wants to do. This goes both ways. Resist the idea that you should be a chill low-maintenance girlfriend—there’s nothing in it for you. I would never be attracted to a girl who acted that way—but that’s just me. And this statement is helpful to everyone when you replace “girlfriend” with “boyfriend”—@spookyfeminist: ME XXXXXXXX (Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours)


Cheap and Plentiful XXXXXXXX Even if men’s sperm is plentiful, that doesn’t make it cheap—one man’s sperm may be more valuable than another man’s. And I think some women are taking this statement to mean that the men who supply this sperm are cheap and plentiful (and I would certainly argue that men are no more cheap or plentiful than women)—When “feminism” becomes attacks on men, it has lost its course. Guys: wish we could sympathize (by reassuring you that our boobs shrink in the cold—but they don’t)—sorry about your little problem—I’m tired of the fucking trashboys I have to hear (on the daily) talk about “sluts” and their “loose vaginas.” I’m tired of these girls with internalized misogyny who bash on other girls to please trashboys. Wow!—your dick and my iPhone battery life have a lot in common: they both short as hell!!


(Aside from being besides the point when it comes to street harassment)—y’all “How do I meet women if I don’t talk to them???” dudes are crazy. Street harassment is one thing—but people talking to strangers is often (exactly) how we make new friends!—Maybe not strangers on the street: but in a coffeehouse, in casinos—places where there’s a fraction of a relationship already established. Alone at a bus stop with a man (within one minute of casual conversation) I’m asked if I’m a virgin—and if I like sex—#NotJustHello—Get over it—if you have a curvy body then most men are going to compliment you or maybe hit on you. How is that harassment? Stop. She was never touched, impeded, or insulted. Stop. Twenty fucking dudes: “Do we want to encourage people not to communicate with each other?” Were you raised by wolves? Do you have friends?—I am pretty sure these guys are not catcalling because they are concerned about our collective ability to communicate.


Fabricate outrage about men hitting on you because there aren’t any significant problems in the world—Calling a girl crazy has become a way of removing personal responsibility: every time one of my guy friends says an ex was crazy (that’s code for saying that he was the one who was messed in the couple)—What Kind of Woman Won’t Report Sexual Assault? XXXXXXXX For me it will always be #3Women with personality disorders are almost always painted as liars (and bitter/crazy exes) XXXXXXXX—After ignoring a guy catcalling me, he told me that I should be honored he’s even paying attention to me since I’m a ugly bitch—(On a metro) a guy called me a cunt for not responding to his “Hi baby”He followed me when I got off—There must be something hardwired into dudebro brains that inserts an “all” every time they see the word “men”—(Or you could throw us a “some” every once in a while)— It scares me that a guy just said to me that (someone with a vagina)’s first time should involve pain, blood, and tearing of the hymen (because “science”)—Men are oppressed because: “We have shorter life spans and there are more of us in prison” XXXXXXXX


Every time the characters in Gone Girl called Amy a bitch my respect for her grewby the time the male audience joined in it tripled!!! Enjoyed the movie: just wish a story this popular and powerful didn’t once again confirm men’s misplaced fears regarding false rape accusations. Those type of men don’t need any confirmation though?They just keep thinking and insisting it regardless. For me, I knew the film was misogynistic—for four hours afterward I was paranoid (as fuck) I didn’t trust anyone—men women TRANS!—and it combines men’s two worst fears: being with a “psycho bitch” and being falsely accused of rapeBoth are ridiculous. Are they? Anything that makes men afraid of what a woman might do to them is A


Eighteen—the ultimate weapon: When dealing with an attractive older guy: “But I’m 18!” When dealing with a creepy older guy: “I’m only 18”—I’m making a list of exemptions (but basically planning a mass killing) of all the garbage boys on this planetI’d kick you all in the dingus if I couldA reminder that women are not here to be beautiful for others (the following post motivated today’s art history presentation) XXXXXXXX The struggle is real XXXXXXXX (While my girlfriend is at school) I been flying girls in from other states to fuck \#NoLocalPussy—\#MichiganState \#KillAllMen The most unrealistic thing I see in movies these days is how many men actually seem to be good in bed!—Gentlemen: every time you insult a woman for her looks, we know everything we’ll ever need to know about your penis size.


Dude: I’m trying to fill up my tank—I don’t wanna talk to you—I don’t need help—I don’t desire your presence. Get the fuck away from me!—I order all creepy men to stay away from gas stations everywhere—you’re making me extremely fucking uncomfortable. Missed connection: you cut me off in traffic with your jacked-up truck—I’ve never seen a micro penis in real life—Call me? I don’t like when boys try to make me jealous on purpose—you just made me think of 40 different ways of detaching your penis from your body. How much more women-hating bullshit do we have to put up with?—Seriously!?—Boys seem to think that taking away the option of fucking them is an insult: Hun: dick is abundant—dick is plentiful. I was offered extra tip money in exchange for my company after work tonight—Men are such fucking pigs sometimes. Love the dick pic—(does it come in adult sizes?)—Attention: we need all full-blooded Asian guys to post their dick pics to prove the stereotype wrong (Brb—getting popcorn)—Please. Please! How do we fix men (I am trying to figure it out)—I want a paycheck without working (let’s find sugar daddies)—Sorry frat boys, until there’s a widespread effort to challenge your rape and hazing problems we’re free to casually throw around generalizations—I’m sick of seeing straight men hit on lesbians. Your dick can’t even help a straight woman cum. What makes you think yo’ dick magical? Ladies make sure you look him right in the eyes as you castrate him (Someone’s username is “Kill All Men”—is that productive?) I totally lied about FreeBSD being a real OS, too—it’s actually a 400-line powershell batch whose purpose is to kill all men.


Proud teen girl advocate—not here for teen boys though (gross) Is using “guys” as a gender-neutral term anti-feminist? I’ve never had a problem with it (I’m also ok with dude—for the record) I don’t think so (since male seems to be seen as default and unmarked)—might be feminist to call a multi-gender group “gals” though. I think it is the same as a guy using “bitches” as a gender-neutral term—so no. I love making fun of cis/het boysthey’re so weak all you have to say is “nice tube socks” in a sarcastic tone for them to break down. Because many men think that one “yes” after eleven “no”s still counts as consent \#SolidarityIsForRapists Sex on the first date is good—what if you’ve been dating for six months and you find out he has a small dick (“micropenis”) The girl working at the gas station looked particularly well for a girl working at a gas station. Presented without comment XXXXXXXX (Are Men Necessary?)—Grab her booty in front of fuckboys who want her. Only fuckboys say “females”lmfao—Curse incantation: may any man who dares to voice an opinion on reproductive rights..may he need (and be denied access to) boner pills—What if all white cis dudes just stopped writing for one year. Lit would be so rad that year.


A year without straight white lit: fountains of youthful gay kids, TRANS! kids, frolicking in the street’s circular fountain, learning, sharing—knowing they won’t be silenced—feeling literature from the ground up, up her granite dress to feel out her genes. Can you keep her quiet while you make her cum? Can you send your work out for review while I sit (wordless) on the edge of the rim (wondering, wandering, re-negotiating the rights of the overlooked, the forgotten—everything female, every right of every person everywhere) I don’t know that I can contain my joy at the maiming of straight voices, un-queer voices—we would never hate you if you let us play—never never never—let me lick your sandy rims, polish you (my prize) suckle at your teats—let me sand you down with a fabric of silk (ripping and running!) collecting phrases from—you!—that I will use to make my own Year Without Straight White Cis Dudes—we hate your archetypes and by our ignorance will—(not eliminate, but)—squeeze you down into the bottom of the toothpaste tube—squeeze you so, so hard you will not be able to breathe..squeeze you so so hard that you will not be able to write, to speak—(to scream for help)—you will not be able to leave a record, to write your way out of this hole—this hold—we will genetically squelch out sex as the society TRANS!itions into a place where there is no appearance—where there is no sexual passion—a place where the contents of your mind will hold no art, no love, no salty (salty!) desires (What we have here is a failure to communicate) You—and you!—get together and think with a 400 IQ—think your species out of gold (element) and let the big hairy monster in our woods—come out—come out and eat us all alive.


Why are there still MRAs in my mentions? (She doesn’t just want to disagree with them—she wants to silence them) Porn isn’t realistic: the guy doesn’t have that stupid/grateful look on his face because he’s getting laid. If you hate them—don’t you hate the male parts of yourself?


When you say go deeper but they run out of dick.


Ban men from posting at women they don’t know irl. I guess I’ll unfollow you since you would never want me to post at you?—Yes XXXXXXXX—Done (with wishes that you encounter kinder and more socialized men than you may have in the past)The problem is never that simple, though: would she ban TRANS! men from posting at women? (That’s what I amshe doesn’t know) Might TRANS! men have experiences that would lead them to treat her better than cis men? (You know?) Her complaint is generic and doesn’t get at a specific issue. Also: online you never know if who you’re talking to is who (or what) they say they are!I’m of course sympathetic to the possibility that women are harassed more than men. I’m sympathetic for any abuse she may have undergone. But ultimately I unfollowed her not because it will increase the chances I won’t contact herI unfollowed her because her original suggestion could only come from a simpleton or a reactionary (and that’s not the kind of person I want to be in contact with)—Please fav/RT this post if you have ever gotten death threats for something you’ve written (what was it?)—not for cis men to reply to thx. It’s unfortunate that cis men have dominated such conversations by discounting them that it makes it so that a TRANS! woman doesn’t want to hear from cis men who have been hurt. It’s really not that I’ve been hurt and I no longer want to listen to cis men. What is it, then? It’s that cis men have nothing valuable to say.


Rule #1 of Whiteboy Handbook: Whiteboys only ever go to the gym or to shower—they are always right about to do or have just now done one of the two.  Rule #2: Always put “haha” after a sexual request (this will negate any awkwardness)—Don’t forget how good they are at cuddling =) White guys can’t cuddle—(a black guy)—but oh how they try to convince you they can!!—Btw I’m a white girl as you can see so..I’m probably also odd/creepy. Wow! What an insane level of white guilt!In fact, it’s cool if cuddling is all you want to do. We are totally cool with that—Whenever that is said, I can literally—feel—their dick sneakily inching closer to me. So true: many whiteboys have told me this. It’s fucking creepy (and greasy)I don’t know you dudeI cuddle my friends and baes. Then who is this dude she’s hanging out with (and why is she hanging out with him?)  Jesus: “My dick’s not like other guys!!!My dick reads Margaret Atwood”—True story: I once peed in a whiteboy’s bed after he made me watch South Park with his ass.  Oh yeah: what I wanted to say: what does any of this legitimately have to do with being white?—Smh—It’s like the stereotypes about whitegirls being crazy (crazier than blackgirls for example) Yeah. It’s exactly like that. Whitegirl crazy is crazier than any blackgirl crazy. Have you ever met a blackgirl as crazy as the craziest whitegirl you ever met? No. That’s because there aren’t any.


Whiteboys I’ve dated: 1) Two Harvard lawyers 2) A medical resident 3) A teacher 4) A consultant—They have all sent whiteboy texts (Not that I care what people do but—you know—just pointing out this isn’t restricted to 18-year-old high school kids—these people were 25-32) I’m 16. 25-32 year old men have said those things to me. This is totally fucked—Well, grow the fuck up and learn that this world isn’t fair—it isn’t civilized—it isn’t respectful. It’s need and want—and crime to get it. Wake the fuck up: guys want your pussy (make no mistake about it)—I know many of you are whiteboys who are lovely and interestingI interact with you. But read my timelinemake sure you don’t succumb to “whiteboy texting”—Lol. Are they lovely and interesting because you interact with them? Lol. You lot need to re-read Anthony Weiner’s texts to remind yourselves what the leaders of the country are doing in private: smh. True. Worst whiteboy text culprits I’ve ever encountered have been 30+ educated, wealthy—#StopWhitePeople2014 XXXXXXXX—I don’t have time for people whitesplaining in my mentions. Well I don’t have time for people on here demonizing me when I’m a good person—Some white women were accused of gaslighting and concern-trolling women of color (by XXXXXXXX)—so blockity block—There is a sense in which oppressed people sometimes gatekeep consilience away from people in the majority. Some people don’t want progressthey want to punish their oppressors. It’s good enough (for some) to point out the problemto point out the blameand to get the good feelings of wallowing in what’s wrong.


Are you gay? Oh yeah. Why did you say it that way? What way? You didn’t just answer the question, like: Yes, I’m gay. You said it like: I’m gay and you should have known that already. You should have. Why? Because you talk like a faggot? Please: I thought we’d come so far.


PIV sex is so boring—so plain—so outdated.


In the future TRANS! pussy is better than the real thing—anyone can get a pussy installed anywhere on their body so people are having sex with their friend’s leg pussy and feeling exhilarated by the freedom of it!—and girls with born pussy feel theirs is inferior to the artificial ones.


”Female” and “male” are not identities or genders—they are biological sexes and refer to someone’s literal body parts (meant for reproduction)—Stop talking (and lying) about things you don’t understand. Signed, A Geneticist XXXXXXXX


TRANS! man free-bleeding legs spread on park bench (blood) on her pantsyou’re a woman you have ovaries(that is why you have a period look on your face)like smuglike: what are you going to (do!) about it if you want to identify as a man you don’t bleed out!! To give you an idea of how my mind works: The more I see “TRANS! people aren’t a burden”—the more I (specifically) want to become a burden.


The way women tell men how to clean their junk (pedantically: pull back the foreskin..) and feel justified in insulting men thus—but if a man did this to a woman it would be like: “Oh my god do you believe this!?”—Women express an ownership of men’s bodies where they reject a similar ownership by men—Similarly, women have no compunction insulting a man by saying he has a small dick (but imagine if men insulted public figures by saying they had loose vaginas)—it would be mayhem.


Contrast with tomboy.


Contrast with girl or boy who has boobs and a penis.


A writer/scientist considers becoming a TRANS! woman for marketability (everyone’s a woman in the future) why not you? Relevancy—something new. TRANS! is disrupting an entire industry of cis people. Foucault thoughts that before the language came into vogue (in and where it hasn’t) there will be not closeted TRANS! but vague thoughts held in silence, darkness—yearnings without a name—drops on tension without nerves—black deep deep black—a brown skin girl comes on television (it’s a hijacked broadcast)—she pops the mic with drops of spit—shakes her plaits. Then she looks into the camera, skips the prompt and says: “I tell you: if it wasn’t for black men, black people as a whole would have been liberated—you TRANS! ones learn the same: As long as you fight among yourselves—as long as the TRANS! are set against the gay and the gay are set against the TRANS!—as long as the men posture (as allies) for the women—as long as the gun-toting neighbor refuses to be symmetric with the existence of my child—as mothers set upon fathers—brothers on sisters—TRANS! people on cis and cis on TRANS!—as the blacks deny membership to the whites—don’t you see?—we’re fighting for the same thing—for love, for life. But you fight to die: you fight in and you fight deep. You fight as if it was the only thing you were ever told. And by the action of your infighting—every one of y’all sets us back a hundred years on the daily.”