Trading the mark of the prince for the mark of the king

From the little I remember of the art of palm reading, there is an indicator—the mark of the prince—which indicates that its bearer behaves nobly around nobility but in the presence of more basic folk reverts to his most basic behavior—someone who behaves well when he is respected, but behaves like a beast when surrounded by them

I had this mark of the prince

But I am trading in my prince—for a king

And what would the mark of the king say about its wearer? Perhaps that the king's face is unchanged whether dealing with kings or peasants—the mark of the king is the mark of one who will treat you well whether you're his lover or his executioner

The prince was doing the best he could

The king will do better!


Greatness of mind or heart—elevation or dignity of soul—the habit of feeling and acting worthily under all circumstances—high-mindedness—intrinsic nobility

That is the mark I seek. It's a high mark—reachable by humility. Here we go!!