Today I rode the mechanized cart at the grocery store

This is the first time I've driven such a cart. I drove it due to my tardive dystonia and it helped me not move around a whole bunch during our shopping trip—which was easier on my body

My arms remained stretched out (hyperextended at the elbows)—that is their most comfortable position, and I rested from time to time putting my head on the steering wheel and letting my arms dangle

The store was a madhouse. I followed my GF (mostly from a distance) and found little still pockets where I could keep my cart and not be in people's way

Some people rushed in front of me while I was driving. I let them go—they were quick and young and had places to be! Most people deferred to me and I communicated with them, thanking them or apologizing for being in their way

Altogether it was a good experience and one I want to repeat. My thoughts did not remain on my past, but rushed forward as I decided which ones to water—and which ones not to

Movement begets uncontrollable movement with TD—moving less during our grocery trip means I'm less agitated now. That makes me happy =)