There is more than one logic. They are simultaneously true, and contradictory to one another

This is one of the most fundamental beliefs—whether you think there is one truth or many. Do you think there is one god or many? Is my truth valid even though it differs from yours? How you answer this question has huge downstream effects on the rest of your beliefs. At most base, does your worldview allow for one truth, or many?

Take a gun—to you it represents freedom—to me it represents tyranny. Which of us is wrong?

If you stop me and say, Why does it represent tyranny? Let me see your logic that lead to this, then that's you believing there's one truth. If you try to fix me, that's you believing there's one truth

I don't believe in only one truth—so my belief doesn't need fixing and neither does yours. If you tell me the gun represents freedom to you, I will not stop you and ask you why—I will not ask you to justify your reasoning. I understand that your truth is valid (regardless of where it comes from). Notice the difference in our conversations—I listen. You try to convince me that you're right and convince me that every other perspective is less right

That is foolishness, to me

If there are multiple simultaneous contradictory truths, no one perspective is right

It is always possible to listen but almost never possible to speak (there are fewer things to say when your reality is bigger than one truth). The world flowers open rightly instead of one flower being most right. Morality is no longer as simple as find the principle, apply the principle. It is more complex. More personal. More local. Fewer laws—more values

If there are multiple simultaneous truths, it becomes primary to listen while it becomes secondary to speak. (With a single truth, it becomes necessary to preach, to speak to the ignorant to educate them!) But when I sit down in the garden of MSCTs, everyone's truth different from everyone else's, it's like sitting down in a library! I may have written a book, but I did not write a million books! There is always more to learn with MSCTs, whereas with a single truth, there is always more to teach. Which is more realistic? That I walk into a library with something to say—or that I walk in with something to hear? (If you find yourself primarily with many lessons to teach, consider that primarily there is much more for you to learn here than there is for you to teach)

Believe the world is bigger than your stupid little mind—believe in (multiple simultaneous) contradictory truths