The Wolves


Summer. A minivan tracks the rural highway. A fifteen-year-old girl, ADELE, rides with her parents, GRANT and CAROL. Grant drives. He has a beard. The back of the vehicle is packed with camping and fishing gear, and two hunting rifles.


The minivan rolls along a smaller paved road.


The minivan rolls along an out-of-the-way dirt road, cutting through dense forest. Grant pulls the vehicle off the road and stops on a patch of dirt. Everyone gets out of the car. Grant opens the cargo hatch. Adele straps on her backpack.


Carrying large framed packs, Adele and her parents hike uphill. Adele totes a couple fishing rods. Her dad carries the two rifles.


Adele and her parents hike uphill into wilder and denser woods.


Adele and her parents set up camp for the night. Adele makes a two-person red tent. Her parents make a larger blue tent.


Adele arranges her bedding. She's wearing pajamas. Someone tugs open her tent zipper from the outside. Grant. He pokes his head in. Adele feels somewhat selfconscious.

GRANT Everything okay in here?
GRANT If you need anything your mother and I are right over here.
ADELE I know.
GRANT Alright then.

He pokes his head back out and zips her in.


Adele is sleeping, head covered in the sleeping bag. Grant unzips her tent and leans in. He puts his hand on her and shakes.

GRANT Adele.

She wakes, looks down at him, frowning.

GRANT Time to get up.

He shakes more.

ADELE Jesus, okay, I'm getting up.

She harmlessly kicks at him. He retracts his hand and leans out of the tent.

ADELE (yelling after him) Nothing like a nice relaxing vacation!


Coming to the basin of a valley, the family crosses a meandering brook on foot, using rocks as stepping stones.


Adele and her parents continue to hike. Having crossed the brook, they're now heading up another wooded hillside.


Adele's, following her parents, comes out of the woods into a clearing where a rustic log cabin stands. Grant and Carol hug, and Grant's arm reaches to include Adele in the embrace.

GRANT (optimistic) Here we are!
CAROL (enthusiastic) I can't believe this place is still standing.
ADELE (bored) Neither can I.

Adele shakes free of her father's hold.


Adele and Carol are sunbathing in folding chairs outside the cabin. Carol has the top of her bathing suit off, and lies face-down on her chair. JEFF, a thirty-five year old man, Adele's uncle, comes hiking out of the forest. He's dressed in deep-woods gear. His hair and clothing suggest he lives rustically. Adele sees him first. She looks like him like she sort-of recognizes him, but isn't sure it's him. She tugs at her mother's arm. Carol looks up. She discreetly puts her top on and gets up. Adele follows behind her mother. Carol hugs Jeff warmly.

CAROL You remember Adele.
JEFF Somebody grew up fast.
CAROL That's what happens. (yells:) Grant! Somebody here to see you!

Grant comes out of the cabin. He comes over and hugs his brother.

GRANT Hey, good buddy.
JEFF (indicating the cabin) Place holding together?
GRANT Barely. Want a beer?
JEFF Does the Pope wear a pointy hat?

They go for the house.


Grant and Jeff crack beers and sit down near where Carol has resumed sunbathing. Carol discreetly removes her top and lies on the towel spread over her chair.

JEFF Done any fishing?
GRANT Just got here.

Adele self-consciously rubs tanning lotion on her own shoulders.

JEFF (of Adele) She still the expert?
GRANT She is. Actually.. I was hoping you could help me out with something along those lines.
JEFF Shoot.
GRANT Need some time alone with The Missus. Wanna take the Girl Wonder fishing tomorrow morning?

Jeff smiles.

GRANT Starting early?

Jeff smiles wider.

GRANT Staying gone for a very long time?

Jeff clinks Grant's beer with his own.

JEFF Sure bro.

Adele prances in the grass, showing her bathing-suited bottom off to the new arrival. Carol turns to her husband and brother as much as she can given that she's topless.

CAROL At this age, girls are starving for attention.
ADELE What was that?
CAROL Nothing.
ADELE I didn't think so.

Adele takes takes an apple that was sitting on her chair. She walks off, spunkily waving her butt for Jeff to see. She's carrying a towel and wearing flip-flops as she starts down a path leading into the woods.


In her swimsuit and wrapped in a towel, Adele sits high in a tree eating an apple. When she finishes she tosses the core and climbs down expertly, stepping into her flip-flops.


Adele comes through the woods toward the log cabin. Through the obstruction of trees, she sees the form of her mother, sunbathing, and a man leaning over her applying lotion. Carol is topless, lying face-down with her arms stretched out in front of her. As Adele comes to the edge of the clearing where the cabin is, she sees that the man is Jeff. She walks toward them. Jeff sees her first. He continues rubbing Carol's naked back while his eyes lock Adele's. When Adele is closer, Carol sees her, looks up. Carol doesn't change her position, but she is clearly a little embarrased. She tries to play it off.

CAROL How was your walk?
ADELE (sarcastically) Oh it was beautiful.. just beautiful.

She goes past them into the cabin.


Grant is cleaning one of the hunting rifles at the table covered with a red-and-white checkered picnic tablecloth. Adele plops down next to him.

ADELE Where's Mom?
GRANT Isn't she outside with Jeff?
ADELE And what do you think they're doing?
GRANT How would I know that?

Adele takes his hand.

ADELE Come outside. I'll show you.
GRANT I'm busy here!
ADELE She's naked! He's got his hands all over her!

This gets Grant's attention.

GRANT Oh yeah?
GRANT Let's go see.

Grant gets up, still holding the gun.


Grant and Adele come outside. Carol has her top on, and she's tying the strap. Jeff has moved to the other chair.

GRANT What do y'all have going on out here?
CAROL Pardon?
ADELE She had her top off! She was lying there and he was rubbing all over her!

No response from Grant. He looks from Carol to Adele.

ADELE I'm telling you the truth. You saw her trying her top! You're gonna pretend this isn't—

Grant hits Adele in the face. It knocks her down and she bleeds because of it. Carol stands in sympathy for her daughter, but she's afraid of Grant, and won't move farther.

ADELE Why did—?
GRANT You have a dirty mind.
ADELE But she—
GRANT Don't talk that way about your mother.

Grant raises his hand. That shuts her up.

GRANT Just don't.

He goes back inside the house. Jeff stands and turns his back on the situation, wandering toward the woods in denial. Carol goes to her daughter, but slowly, and not to help her. The mother towers over her girl.

CAROL What did you tell him?


Fully dressed, Adele climbs up the tree she was sitting in before, this time to a precarious height. She straddles a limb and takes a zip-lock bag from her pocket. The bag contains several granola bars. Adele uses her knife to cut a length of fishing line, and she secures the bag to a small branch. Shakily, she stands up. Holding onto an overhead branch, she steps away from the trunk of the tree. Gingerly, she lets her hands release the overhead branch, and she balances.


Carol comes out of the cabin and goes to the edge of the woods. She yells:

CAROL Adele! Adele! Honey, if you can hear me, come on back.

Grant comes outside.

CAROL How far do you think she went?
GRANT (yelling:) Adele! Come back, alright, you're scaring your mother. (to Carol:) She didn't go far. She can't be that far. (yelling:) Adele! Time to eat!
CAROL (yelling:) Adele! Baby we're not waiting forever. (to Grant:) She knows how to keep a grudge, don't she? (yelling:) Adele! 'dele!

Carol shakes her head.

CAROL Well..

Grant shrugs.

CAROL I ain't waiting.

They go into the house together.


Grant, Carol, and Jeff sit around eating dinner. Carol drinks a beer. Grant and Jeff both drink whisky.

GRANT Her grades is fine. It's not her grades we gotta handle.
CAROL There's just some things you can't let 'em het away with. But I can't stop her. Hell, I can't even keep track of her.
GRANT She's sneaky.
CAROL She is sneaky.
JEFF What she need is discipline.
CAROL You don't think we discipline the girl? Now, come on, who do you think you're talking to, here? She don't care. What do you think I haven't taken away? I've taken away everything. She don't care. I walk out the house she's taking a taxi to school so she don't have to ride in a car with me.
GRANT I walk out the house she's got her little boyfriend on the swing with her, and I mean..
JEFF Was they whooping it up?
CAROL She wasn't whooping it up..
GRANT Not quite. Not quite. But there's a way to do things and there's a way not to, and that girl..
JEFF Oh man..
CAROL You don't know the half of it.
GRANT Am I right? I mean there's things to wear and there's things not to.
JEFF Oh boy..
CAROL She sneaks out with that stuff on. Lord. I can't stop her.
GRANT No one can stop her.

Jeff is chuckling.

GRANT I can't.
CAROL (a prayer) Help me with that girl.

Adele clears her throat:

ADELE Ah-hem..?

She's been standing at the door. There is an uncomfortable silence. Then Jeff busts out laughing, in a drunk way.

JEFF She is sneaky, damn..!

Adele sits at the table.

ADELE Y'all got nothing better to talk about?
CAROL Where you been?
ADELE Yeah, you're real concerned.

Adele fiddles with a serving spoon.

ADELE Did you even save me some??
GRANT There's more.

Grant gets up and goes over by Adele. Adele reaches for the whisky.

ADELE Y'all are sloppy. Lemme try that—

Jeff grabs the bottle from her.


Grant spoons some green beans onto Adele's plate.

GRANT Don't scare us like that next time.


Jeff throws the fly over a tent he's pitched outside the cabin. Adele stands watching Grant chop wood with splitting maul. Jeff watches Adele.

JEFF Better get your sleep.
ADELE Ain't tired.
JEFF I don't want to hear no complaining tomorrow.

Grant sets a piece of wood on a stump.

GRANT Stand back, honeypot.

Adele doesn't move. Grant reels the maul above his shoulders, and brings its blade down, splintering the wood in pieces.


A two-room log cabin. In the main room, the last embers of a fire glow in the fireplace. Adele sleeps in a sleeping bag by the fire. The cabin door opens. Jeff comes in. He goes to Adele and switches on his flashlight. He kneels beside her, looks at her for a minute. He puts his hand on her body and shakes her gently. His flashlight is in her face. Adele wakes.

JEFF Why aren't you dressed?
ADELE If I'm not mistaken I just woke up.
JEFF Well let's go.
ADELE Give me five minutes.
JEFF You've got three and I'm leaving.

Jeff goes outside. Adele gets out of the sleeping bag. She's already dressed. She puts on hiking boots and a wool cap. She grabs a slim backpack and heads for the door.


There are fifteen fishing rods of various types set against the side of the cabin; Adele takes two of the rods and runs away from the cabin. She switches on a flashlight. Jeff is already walking away from the cabin toward the edge of the clearing.

ADELE Hold up a second.
JEFF Shh. Let your parents sleep in if they want to.

She catches up with Jeff. He carries two fishing rods and a large yellow tackle box. The two of them walk side-by-side away from the cabin and into the woods.

ADELE At least they get to sleep in.
JEFF But do they get the good fishin?


Adele and Jeff walk single-file, Adele leading the way. They're headed downhill.

JEFF Whatcha guessing?
ADELE I'm guessing pike.

Adele reaches around and scratches her hip. Jeff watches as her fingers reach below the waistline of her pants in order to do this.

JEFF You never caught pike.

Adele stops and faces him. She makes her eyes big and pouty.

ADELE Yes I did.
JEFF When?
ADELE Upstate. Last summer.
JEFF What kinda line? Huh? What kinda line?

Adele turns and starts walking again.

ADELE I ain't telling.
JEFF You never caught no pike.
ADELE Just cause I won't tell you what kinda line don't mean I didn't catch em.
JEFF Whatever you say then, li'l miss.

Adele shakes her head.

ADELE Fine, if you don't believe me..
JEFF I'm sorry, I don't.
ADELE Forget it. What are you guessing?
JEFF I'm guessing topwater. Early morning. Bass. That's my guess. You fish topwater?
ADELE Dad was gonna teach me, but—

Adele stops walking and turns around. Jeff stops too.

JEFF What?

Adele points to the ground between them. There's a dead snake, belly up, lying across the path.

ADELE Walk around. It's bad luck if you step over him.
JEFF You stepped over him.
ADELE (gravely) I know, but walk around. I don't want us both to have bad luck.

Jeff goes around the snake. Adele pokes him in the side with her finger as he goes past her.


A wooden boat dock on the edge of a lake. Tied to a post at its end is a three-man rowboat with an outboard motor. Adele and Jeff put their gear into boat. Adele gets in the boat and fiddles with the motor.

ADELE It's only half a tank.
JEFF How far you planning on taking us?
ADELE I ain't for sure, but.. Toss that oar this way, willya?

Jeff brings her an oar that was sitting on the dock. He takes a flask from his pocket and swigs. Adele sees.

JEFF Want some?
ADELE I'll pass.
JEFF I know you drink when you sneak out with your friends, don't tell me you never drank.

Adele reclines/leans on the motor. She's either being guarded or maybe she's doing it to show off her body.

ADELE Beer. With my friends.
JEFF Just beer?

Adele gets up and goes over to Jeff. She stands right up close, and with a posture that usually nieces don't usually make when standing right up close to their uncles.

ADELE We drink Jack Daniel's at Macey's house.

She grabs his flask.

ADELE What's this?
JEFF Whisky. Try it.

She hands him back the flask.

ADELE I'll pass.
JEFF But you drink Jack Daniel's.
ADELE Sometimes.
JEFF With your friends.
ADELE You got a problem?
JEFF No. You got a problem with me knocking it back while we fish?
ADELE Don't matter to me. Guess I'm driving. Get in if you're coming!
JEFF Alright, alright, I'm in, I'm in.

Adele shakes her head: "that's pathetic". Jeff steps into the boat.

ADELE Now you're in. You wanna work on sitting down for me? I like to drive real crazy.
JEFF That's what I hear.
ADELE And who told you that?
JEFF Nobody.
ADELE Well, Nobody has a big mouth, and I would advise you not to listen.

Adele rips the cord on the outboard and the motor starts.


The boat motors full speed away from the dock toward the center of the lake.

JEFF Know what else nobody says?
ADELE If nobody says it then why would I want to hear about it?
JEFF (sing-songy) Nobody.. says.. it's that time of the month for you—!
ADELE He did not tell you that.
JEFF Nobody tells me everything.
ADELE Nobody needs to shut the fuck up.


The boat motors quietly across the lake.

ADELE I don't think you're gonna have much luck with topwater.
JEFF Take a swig of this.
ADELE Get that out of my face.
JEFF Just take a sip.
ADELE I can't. I'm driving.


The boats appears to sit still on the surface of the lake. The motor is off. Adele sits in the rear of the boat by the motor. Jeff sits on the bench up front. Adele reaches in her backpack and pulls out a small black tackle box. Jeff offers her the flask.

JEFF Take a swig.
ADELE My parents'll smell it.
JEFF Nah they won't. You're gonna be so smelled up with fish they ain't gonna notice no little swig.
ADELE I ain't thirsty.

Jeff holds the flask out to her.

JEFF Take one swig.

Adele flashes her eyes at him.

ADELE I said I ain't thirsty.

Jeff drinks again.

ADELE You gonna do any fishing on this fishing trip?

Jeff opens his tackle box and selects a topwater lure. He fastens the lure to the line on one of his rods. Adele clips a large hook to the end of a chain and drops it over the side of the boat. She shines a flashlight on the hook, which she keeps three feet below the surface.

JEFF You are aware that spotlighting's illegal in this state.
ADELE Who's gonna catch us?

Adele takes a can of multicolored glitter from her bag; the can has a perforated lid. She shakes glitter into the water; it falls along the chain, passing the hook.

JEFF Glitter?! I am fishing with a girl.
ADELE What are you using?

He casts his line.

JEFF Hula popper.

Jeff reels his bait in, quick spurts. The bait creates bubbles on the top of the water.

ADELE That's the gayest shit I've ever seen. "Hula popper"?
JEFF Glitter and a chain..
ADELE We'll just see then. We'll just see.
JEFF Your dad know you use that shit? You better hope no ranger comes along.
ADELE Ain't no rangers up here. I'll make you a deal, Mr.: you get first catch I'll take a swig of that.
JEFF That's some kinda deal for me! I get first catch and I have to give you a swig!
ADELE You're practically dying to give me one.

He fishes to see if she's insinuating what he thinks she's insinuating:

JEFF Dying to give you one?

She leans in to him and replies sensuously:


He takes it back to above-board, looking away from her, breaking her stare:

JEFF I was just tryin to show some politeness. That's all.
ADELE Well, if you want to be polite, keep your voice down. You're scaring away my fish.

Jeff moves to her bench; now he's sitting beside her.

JEFF Oh, your fish? You little prude.
ADELE That's right, my fish. Like I ever saw anyone catch anything with a hula popper. Why am I a prude?
JEFF Cause you won't drink.
ADELE If I was drinking I bet you'd be complaining that I was hogging up all your whiskey.

Jeff grabs Adele's wrist.

JEFF No. You're just scared.
ADELE Of what?

He lets her wrist go.

JEFF Of it messing up your game.
ADELE I'm not scared.
JEFF Well, we'll see who gets first catch then.
ADELE Shhh! Gimme that.

She grabs his flask and takes a swig. She hands it back to him.

ADELE So disgusting.

Jeff re-casts his line. Adele pours more glitter into the water above her hook. FADE TO:


They're still sitting on the same bench by the motor. The flask lies empty on the floor of the boat. Jeff's line is in the water. Adele pulls her chain and hook into the boat. She turns around to the motor.

ADELE Slide up front.

She puts her hand on the motor's rip cord. Jeff grabs her hand to stop her.

JEFF My line!
ADELE Bring it in.

She pulls her hands out of his grasp.

JEFF Where we going?
ADELE Pee break.
JEFF Go over the side.
ADELE Yeah right.
JEFF Row us in, at least. You'll scare the fish.
ADELE There ain't no fish out here.
JEFF There might be. You start the motor, we'll never know.
ADELE Too bad. Bring it in.

He starts bringing his line in.

ADELE Slide up front.

He stands up to move to the front bench. She rips the cord. The engine starts. He rapidly brings in his line as the boat begins to move across the lake.

JEFF We're gonna miss the fish. This is the best time, just before daylight.
ADELE Just after daylight is good too.
JEFF I'm gonna miss my fish.


Adele brings the boat up to a bank on the edge of the lake. She pushes them right against the edge with the paddle, steps out, and ties the boat to a tree. She starts into the woods. Jeff gets out of the boat and starts into the woods. Adele stops and turns to Jeff.

ADELE What are you doing?
JEFF I gotta go too.


Adele hikes up the incline away from the lake. She looks behind her. Jeff is following her up the slope.

ADELE Leave me some privacy while I go!
JEFF Wanna make sure you don't get lost.
ADELE Hold back a bit.
JEFF Go on then.

She starts on. He starts on after.

ADELE Whatcha doing now?
JEFF Don't want you to get lost.

Adele finds it absurd that he might think she could get lost while she's this close to the lake, the boat still clearly visible.

ADELE How I'm gonna get lost? Meet me at the boat.
JEFF I told you: I gotta go too.
ADELE And you gotta go standin right next to me? Why is that?

He's caught up with her.

ADELE I ain't going with you standing there.
JEFF What if I lose you? Your dad'd kill me.
ADELE He won't kill you for standing ten steps away while I pee.
JEFF Just go.
ADELE Turn around, at least.
JEFF Arright.. go so we can get back to fishin.

He turns around, three feet away from her, starts to unzip. She turns around and looks at him skeptically.

ADELE I don't want you pissing right on top of me!
JEFF Arright. But don't be running off.

He walks. He stops fifteen yards away, unzips, and pisses on a tree. Through the trees, he sees Adele squat, looking nervously over at him.


They're back in the boat. Adele sits on the bench by the motor. Jeff sits on the bench up front. Adele's chain is in the water. She casts a weighted line overboard. Jeff isn't fishing.

JEFF Your daddy says you got a boyfriend.
ADELE He did not.
JEFF Sure he did. Said when they come home they find you two sneaking around in the basement, making sounds.

She shoots him a look.

ADELE I've never even done anything with him.
JEFF Nothing?

They fish.

JEFF You wanna hear how your daddy and mommy first did it, at your momma's birthday party over Danny Madsen's place—
JEFF Your mom, she come out looking like a snake bit her—
ADELE Shut up!
JEFF White. Like a ghost.
ADELE (disapprovingly) And y'all standing there watchin.
JEFF You bet. That was a big party we had on that one. We'd been planning that for weeks.
ADELE Mom says y'all surprised her.
JEFF Bullshit! She's the one who planned it. Talking for weeks about how she's gonna lose her virginity to Grant Ford. Grant Ford, Grant Ford, every word outta that girl's mouth was about Grant Ford. We was tired of hearing her run her mouth, that was why we planned it.
ADELE Who planned it then, y'all or her?
JEFF We all planned it together. No big deal. Just picked a night and got a case of beer. Went over Danny Madsen's and we sat outside while the two of them go in Danny's bedroom, close the door. Didn't take em long! Twenty minutes, they were done.
ADELE That is not how it happened.
JEFF Oh yeah?
ADELE Which birthday was it then?
JEFF That was fifteen.
ADELE That is not how it happened.
JEFF You ask your momma.
ADELE I will.
JEFF She won't admit it. She'll be scared you'll try the same thing. What's the name of your boy?
ADELE He's not my boy.
JEFF What's his name.
ADELE Matthew.

They fish.

JEFF Your other friends do it yet?
ADELE Like I know!
JEFF I know you know. Course you know. You and your little girlfriends that'll be the first thing y'all tell each other.
ADELE I don't hang out with girls.
JEFF Sure you do.
ADELE I don't. They all hate me.
JEFF That Rachel Walker girl, she's your friend.
ADELE Not anymore.
JEFF What happened? She sweet on Matthew?
ADELE Like he'd ever go for her.
JEFF You watch her. She's willing to give it up before you, you might have a hard time predicting what little Matthew'll do. How far'd you go with him?
ADELE None of your business.
JEFF You watch that Rachel. Slut like that'll come along and temptation for Matthew gets too strong.. Boys can only resist so much.

Adele brings her line in.

ADELE Well..

Jeff looks at her like "what?".

ADELE She is a slut.

Jeff laughs. He shifts to Adele's bench.

ADELE She already fucked half the school.

Jeff viciously slings his arms around Adele: one around her waist and one around her neck.

JEFF (grabbing her) I ain't surprised.

His face is one inch from hers.

JEFF Did you fuck the other half?

Adele screams but Jeff covers her mouth.

JEFF Now now. Keep it quiet. This ain't no thing.

He keeps one arm around her neck and covering her mouth. With the one that was around her waist, he reaches up and gropes one of her breasts. She elbows him in the stomach. It knocks the wind out of him. She scrambles to the front of the boat. He recovers. She digs in her backpack and pulls out a knife.

ADELE I will cut you.

He moves toward her.

JEFF Whatcha gonna cut me for?
ADELE (screams) I will cut you and leave you here!

Jeff makes a motion with his hands that means "there's no problem here, you don't need to do that".

JEFF Okay. Okay. I was just trying to show you something.
ADELE You don't touch me!
JEFF I ain't touching you. Shit. There ain't no fish out here. Let's go.

Adele keeps the knife pointed in Jeff's direction. She's shaking with anger.

JEFF Drive us home. Go on. Drive us home.

He starts toward the front of the boat. Adele threatens him with the knife:

ADELE You drive.

Jeff stops.

JEFF But you're a better driver than me.
ADELE (sharp) You can drive a boat!

Jeff takes another step toward Adele.

ADELE I will cut you if you come any closer.

He stops.

JEFF Jhesus! What's got you so serious all of a sudden?

He sits.

JEFF Fine, ya spoilsport, I'll drive.

She sits, keeping the knife handy. He rips the cord. The motor starts and the boat begins to move. FADE TO BLACK. CUT TO:


In the main room of the log cabin, Grant and Carol sit at a table drinking coffee. Carol reads a book. Grant wears a pointy birthday hat. The table is covered with a red and white checkered picnic tablecloth. On it is a birthday cake with unlit candles and a small package wrapped in festive paper. The door to the cabin bedroom is open. The cabin door opens. Jeff comes in. Adele comes in after. Adele goes to the fireplace. Jeff stands awkwardly in the middle of the room.

GRANT Who caught the first one?

Grant holds the present out to Adele.

ADELE What's that?
GRANT Birthday.

Carol half-assedly straps on her pointy hat.

CAROL We didn't forget.

Grant hugs Adele chummily.

GRANT How was it out there?

An awkward silence: Adele shrugs out of Grant's embrace. Grant looks to Adele, who walks to the fireplace staring at her shoes. Grant looks to Jeff; Jeff shrugs.

GRANT Slow morning?
JEFF There ain't no fish out there.

Grant goes to Adele and puts his arm around her.

GRANT Even for The Expert?

Adele winces away from Grant.

ADELE He's right. There ain't no fish out there.
GRANT Did you use the chain?
ADELE There ain't no fish in that lake.

Grant goes back to the kitchen area. He picks up the present.

GRANT Wanna find out what's in here?

Adele responds forcefully, quieting the room:


Grant puts the present on the table.

GRANT Maybe we can all go out later and try again. They're probably just slow starters. Anyone hungry for some breakfast?
ADELE What are we gonna eat?
GRANT How about some sausage and eggs.
ADELE I wanted to bring in some fish..
CAROL Relax, honey.
GRANT We'll try again this afternoon.
CAROL There's plenty of time for fishing.
GRANT Babe, why don't you help me out with breakfast.. set some dishes out?

Adele doesn't move.

GRANT Come on. We'll have fish for dinner, I betcha.

Adele goes to the kitchen area and starts setting dishes out on the table. She speaks quietly to her dad:

ADELE I need to talk to you.

He is oblivious to the fact that she's trying to keep their interchange low-key.


Jeff is watching Adele like a hawk. Carol is absorbed in her book. Grant is getting sausage and eggs out of an ice chest. Adele makes another attempt to get her dad's attention:

ADELE (in a low voice) I need to talk—
JEFF Want some help with those dishes?

Jeff moves toward the kitchen area.


Outside the log cabin, Carol lies in a folding chair, sunbathing, reading. Jeff and Grant toss a frisbee. Adele comes out of the cabin with a bucket of food garbage. When Adele comes out, Jeff shifts his frisbee position closer to Adele and Carol.

ADELE Mom, let's go. Too much of that book. You need some exercise.

Her mom looks at her blankly. Adele takes the book.

ADELE Let's spend some time together. Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing?

Carol takes the book back.

CAROL What we're supposed to be doing.. is relaxing.. in whatever way works for each of us.
ADELE Walk with me to the lake. You can read on the way.
CAROL I'm fine right here.

Adele goes near Grant, toting the garbage bag.

ADELE Where do you want this?
GRANT Just take it out a little ways and bury it.
ADELE Come show me where you want it.
GRANT Honey, wait till we're done, okay?
JEFF What does she want?
ADELE None of your business!
JEFF Okay, okay, little missy.
ADELE Just show me this once.
GRANT (snapping at her) You can't bury some trash?

Carol and Adele both look at him, surprised.

GRANT Alright.

Grant tosses the frisbee to Jeff. Jeff looks at Adele flatly, an expression that shows nothing. Grant starts away from the cabin area with Adele.

GRANT I wish you could wait till we're done.
ADELE Well I can't wait.


Beyond sight of the cabin, Adele leads the way with the trash bucket. Her dad is right behind. They're walking uphill.

GRANT This is fine, honey!
ADELE I wanna go a little farther.
GRANT This is fine!

Adele turns around. Her face is red, her eyes wild. Grant stops walking.

GRANT What's the matter?
ADELE I'm working up to tell you, but I ain't ready yet!
GRANT Adele, honey, what's wrong?
ADELE I'll tell you when I'm ready.
GRANT You're scaring me. I wish you would talk to me.

Grant hugs his daughter comfortingly. She puts the bucket down. He holds her tight.

GRANT If you have something you want to talk about, I'm listening.

Adele pulls away from his hug. She looks away from his gaze, intentionally avoiding eye contact.

ADELE Uncle Jeff grabbed me in the boat this morning.

Grant looks surprised, confused.

GRANT Grabbed you? How?
ADELE He grabbed me.
ADELE He grabbed my tit!

Grant backs off. He thinks. When he speaks again he is softer, gentler.

GRANT Are you sure?
ADELE What do you mean?
GRANT Did he mean to? Did he just accidentally—
ADELE This wasn't no accident!
GRANT That's a small boat. Your uncle..he..what exactly? He wouldn't do..what exactly are we talking about here? Did he.. Did he lean on you? Something like that?

Silence between them. Then:

GRANT Did you tease him?
ADELE What do you mean?
GRANT Well. Honey, sometimes.. With your friends. Like with that O'Leary boy.. Sometimes you have a tendency to..

Adele looks at him incredulously.

ADELE To what?
GRANT Well, honey. Sometimes you tease.
ADELE I didn't tease him.
GRANT But maybe—
ADELE I didn't tease him.
GRANT —you might have and just not known it—
ADELE I didn't!
GRANT Listen. Listen to me. How can you be sure?

Adele looks at her dad as though he was a stranger. She's completely shocked: she revealed something difficult to reveal and she's getting no support, maybe not even belief. She starts walking away from her dad, down the hill, like someone who just survived a car wreck (in shock). Her dad is left standing with the trash bucket.

GRANT Adele! Adele, honey..

He picks up the trash bucket and follows.

GRANT Adele. Listen..


At the boat dock where Adele and Jeff pushed off that morning, Carol lays out in the sun, reading. Adele sits on one of the dock posts, her eyes covered with sunglasses. Jeff and Grant fool around thus: they take turns jumping off the dock into the lake, the other one tossing the frisbee from the dock into the air, which the jumper tries to catch. The boat is tied to the side of the dock. Jeff jumps off the dock. Grant throws the frisbee fast at Jeff, but Jeff misses, and the frisbee flies a good ways across the lake.

JEFF What the hell was that?
GRANT I guess you need to work on your catching.
JEFF I ain't swimming out to get that.
GRANT I'll race you.

Grant dives in the water. He comes up a few yards past Jeff.

JEFF The hell you will!

They swim out to the frisbee.


Adele shakes her mom's shoulder.

ADELE Mom I need to tell you something.

Carol keeps reading. When she speaks it is as though her mind is a long way away.

CAROL Well. Tell me.
ADELE Jeff touched me on the boat this morning.

Carol doesn't respond.

ADELE Did you lose your virginity at a birthday party at Danny Madsen's house?

Carol lowers her book.

CAROL Who told you that?
ADELE This morning, while we were fishing, Jeff touched me.
CAROL How did that happen?
ADELE What do you mean?
CAROL What events transpired that led up the moment when he touched you?
ADELE Nothing. Mom. Mom.
CAROL What do you want me to do?
ADELE You don't care that he touched me?
CAROL It's not that I don't care, it's just.. Baby you make it very difficult to know what to do in situations like this. Have you ever heard of the little boy who cried wolf?
ADELE When did I cry wolf?
CAROL Okay, that's a bad analogy—
ADELE Mom, I want you to keep him away from me. Okay?

Carol gestures to mean "look around you, look how big this place is, how can I control anything within it?".

CAROL How am I supposed to do that?
ADELE Just keep him away.
CAROL Watch who you're ordering around.

Adele gets up from her mom's chair, goes back to sitting on the dock post. After a while Carol speaks without looking over at Adele.

CAROL Your father told me what you told him this morning.

Adele is wrapt.

CAROL He said he talked to Jeff and Jeff says you leaned over him in the boat, you accidentally touched him, you got a little freaked out over it and started screaming at him saying he touched you.

Adele is shocked, silent.

CAROL Don't you give that uncle of yours any trouble. He likes you.

Grant and uncle Jeff are back. They get up on the dock.

CAROL What happened to your little toy?

They shrug.



Adele swims by herself, some ways from the dock. Carol is still sunning/reading on the dock. Jeff sits on a dock post near Carol. Adele isn't sure of what she sees: Jeff touches Carol's bare leg? She looks more carefully. Jeff's hand is on her mother's leg. Carol smiles at him and playfully slaps his hand. Jeff goes in again with a firmer grab. Carol says..

CAROL Not now!

..and bats his hand away. He shrinks back. She reaches out to him, pulls him close, pulls him into a kiss. Adele puts her goggles on and dives underneath the water. Grant comes quickly out of the woods, carrying a beach ball. Carol and Jeff are no longer kissing, and they make a show of welcoming Grant. Grant runs off the edge of the dock, tossing the beach ball in the air. Jeff chases him off the edge of the dock; they fight for the ball in the air, then splash into the lake. Adele watches them.

GRANT Come on in!
ADELE That's arright.
JEFF We need three to play.
ADELE I don't wanna play.
GRANT Come on, baby, toss the ball with us!
JEFF You chicken?
ADELE I ain't chicken! You shut up.
CAROL Adele.
ADELE Tell him not to call me chicken.
JEFF You are a chicken!
CAROL Jeff. Cool it.
JEFF But we need three to play.
CAROL Well she ain't gonna play if she don't want to.
JEFF You then.
CAROL I can't right now.
GRANT Come on, honey.

Carol puts down her book.

CAROL What's the game?
GRANT Keepaway.

Carol stands up.

CAROL (sarcastically) My favorite.

Carol puts on her swimming cap and dives into the lake. Adele stands up. Alone on the dock, she moves to the spot where her mother just dove from and stands awkwardly.

GRANT Come on in, baby.
JEFF Don't be a—
CAROL Jeff! I mean it now. Come on, sweetie, help me out against these boys.

Adele looks doubtfully at her mother.

CAROL Fine! You gonna leave me all alone against these two?

Adele goes back a few steps, then runs and jumps into the water. The guys are on the outside, girls in the middle. They play keepaway. Adele is tentative at first, then, as her mom is having trouble getting the ball, Adele gets more agressive.

GRANT Game on!
JEFF Whoa! Here ya go.
GRANT Nice try, honey.
CAROL No it wasn't.
JEFF That was pitiful.
ADELE Don't say that.
CAROL It's okay, sweetie.
JEFF Catch this!
GRANT Oh! Spiked!
JEFF Denied. Heads up!
GRANT Okay. A floater.

Grant tosses to Jeff. Adele is near Jeff. She jumps up and snags the ball. As she dips into the water from her jump, she comes down right by Jeff. Under the water, Jeff's hand goes to Adele. He puts his hand on her exposed leg very near her crotch. Adele screams and thwacks Jeff in the head. His hands go up to feel his reddened face. Adele is swimming for the dock.

CAROL Honey!
JEFF I'm gonna get you back for that.
CAROL (to Jeff) What happened?
JEFF Nothing.
CAROL Honey! Wha'd you do that for?

Carol looks at Grant. Grant returns with a look that means "I don't know.. you got me". Adele reaches the dock and hefts herself up. She turns around. She shakes with rage. Her eyes say murder. Everyone in the water is looking at her, unable to speak. Adele turns and runs into the woods.

CAROL Adele!
GRANT Baby, come back..
CAROL (to Jeff) What happened?
JEFF I told you nothing.
CAROL You sure it was nothing?
JEFF Yeah!

Carol watches Adele disappear into the woods. Carol looks at Grant.


Carol comes in, still wet from the lake. Adele isn't in the room.

CAROL Adele!

Carol looks into the bedroom. Adele isn't there. Grant and then Jeff come into the cabin.

CAROL You go find her.

Grant nods.

CAROL You find her.
GRANT Arright. Arright.

Grant pushes out the door past Jeff.


Grant and Jeff walk through the woods. Jeff drinks a beer. They reach the top of a ridge. Grant cups his hands around his mouth and yells:

GRANT Adele!

He waits a bit and yells again.

GRANT Adele!

Grant starts walking.

JEFF Listen—
GRANT I don't want to know.

Jeff follows behind Grant.

JEFF You don't?

In a single movement Grant stops walking, turns, and grabs Jeff by his jacket. Jeffs beer falls. Grant yells in Jeff's face.


Grant loosens his grip on Jeff. Jeff recovers. Grant calms.

GRANT Come on.

Grant turns and starts walking.

GRANT We got other things to worry about now.

Jeff follows.


The door to the cabin is open. Carol sits outside, hunched over, staring into the woods. Grant comes from within the cabin, kneels beside his wife. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She reels from him.

CAROL What the fuck did he do to her!?!
GRANT Honey—
CAROL Tell me what happened!
GRANT Nothing happened—
CAROL You know! I know you know!

Grant tries to comfort her again. She faces him straight on, vicious mother hen:

CAROL You two stay away from her.
GRANT Don't get hysterical. She'll come back when she's ready.

Carol glares at her husband: daggers.

CAROL You stay away from her.

Carol goes back to the cabin. Grant follows.


Grant, Carol, and Jeff are sitting at the table looking at their dinner. Grant and Jeff exchange glances. Carol pushes a green bean around her plate. A propane lantern burns, the combustion of its gas making a loud "hhohhhh" sound. The cabin door opens. Adele comes in. She's still wearing her swimsuit. Her legs are dusty. Carol stands up. Adele looks at the threesome blankly. She goes to the fireplace and picks up her duffel bag. She goes into the bedroom and closes the door.


Adele pulls a pair of cargo pants out of her duffel bag. She rummages through it and pulls out a plain white tshirt.

CAROL (OS) When she comes out of there I want an apology from you. And make it a nice one.
GRANT (OS) He doesn't have to apologize.
JEFF (OS) No, it's okay. She's right.


Adele comes out of the bedroom. She sits down at the place that has been set for her at the table. She serves herself some mashed potatoes. Jeff struggles for the words to say. Adele watches him struggle.

JEFF Look—
ADELE Whatever it is I don't care.
GRANT Honey—
CAROL Now you listen—
ADELE I don't wanna—
CAROL Listen.

Jeff re-musters his linguistic powers.

JEFF I..when..whatever you thought..this morning..whatever you thought I meant to do, that's not what I meant to do.
CAROL Thank you.
ADELE What about this afternoon—?
CAROL Enough—
ADELE In the lake—
CAROL He said he's sorry.
ADELE I never knew that was part of keepaway—
CAROL We're finished now. That's the end of it. He said he's sorry, now don't you blow it.

Adele stares at her plate.


The dishes have been cleared. A fire is burning in the fireplace. The foursome sits at the table playing cards. Adele's unopened birthday present sits out on the card table.

GRANT She's shootin' the moon, I'm tellin you, she's shootin' the moon.

Adele does something almost like a smile.

GRANT Don't let her take that one, if you can take it. Stop her.
CAROL You stop her.
GRANT I can't. I wish I could.
CAROL Are you shooting the moon?
JEFF Jes' play, arright. She ain't gonna tell you.
CAROL (to Jeff) She's got a card face, just like her father. (to Adele) That's nothing like your grandaddy. You know what he would do? He'll sit there and let on like he don't know how to play, asking questions like "What was that rule again?" when he damn well knows that rule. Knows it like the day he was born. Just to throw you off your guard.
JEFF You gonna play?
CAROL Oh. Is it my turn?
JEFF / GRANT Yes. / Yes.
CAROL Arright.

She plays a card. Adele picks up the trick.

JEFF That's all you had?
GRANT She's shooting the moon. Somebody take one of these.
CAROL You take one.
GRANT I can't. Not with this shit hand. (to Adele) You coming fishing tomorrow morning?
ADELE Who all's going?
GRANT Me and uncle Jeff.
ADELE Not Mom?
CAROL That's too early for this old lady.
ADELE Too early for me, too.

Grant picks up Adele's birthday present.

GRANT Are you gonna open this?
ADELE It's the same thing every year!

Grant puts the package down.

GRANT How are me and Jeff supposed to catch anything without The Expert there to show us the techniques?
ADELE You don't need me.
GRANT Yes we do, honey. You know Jeff can't fish worth a crap.

Adele hides a smile.

GRANT And I'm okay but I'm nothin' compared to your glitter and your chain and all—
ADELE That stuff's illegal.

Grant puts his hand on his wife's.

GRANT There ain't no rangers up here.
ADELE Ain't no fish either.
GRANT You only been out one day. Let's give it another go.
JEFF Your turn.
GRANT Pardon me.

Grant plays a card.

GRANT What are we gonna eat if you don't catch us some fish?
ADELE What's wrong with 'tatoes and green beans?
CAROL Potatoes and green beans go a lot better with some salmon beside it.
ADELE Ain't gonna catch no salmon in that lake.
CAROL Well..whatever kinda fish you can catch in that know I can't remember their names.

Adele looks at her mom like "geez, you nimwit".

JEFF Play your card.
CAROL Sorry.

Carol plays a card. Adele picks up the trick and adds it to her pile.

GRANT Stop her next time!

JEFF / CAROL I can't! I got shit cards too. / You stop her.

GRANT I wish I could.

Grant holds the present out to Adele.

GRANT Honey, open your present.


The fire is burning down. Adele gets into her sleeping bag. Her mother is there, kneeling beside her. She tucks her daughter in.

ADELE I'm fine, Mom!

Carol sits by her daughter for a moment, contemplating. Adele looks up at her.

ADELE He did do it.
CAROL I never say he didn't.
ADELE I did not tease him.
CAROL I didn't said you did.
ADELE You don't believe me.
CAROL Just stay away from him.


Carol crawls in bed with Grant. Grant holds her, kisses her.

GRANT You think my brother gets lonely out here?
CAROL What? Like someone to talk to?
GRANT No, like.. a woman.
CAROL Why are you asking me that?
GRANT Maybe I'm worried about him.
CAROL I doubt that.

Grant loosens his grasp on his wife.

CAROL One thing I do know.
CAROL I'm lonely right now.

He kisses her. They start to make love. She stops; it looks like she wants to say something. He looks at her wonderingly.

CAROL Did you ever tell her we did it at Danny Madsen's place on my birthday?


Jeff is dressed in boots and coveralls. Quietly, he unzips his tent and goes out.


Jeff zips up his tent. He heads for the log cabin.


The cabin door opens. Jeff comes in. Careful not to make any noise, he goes to Adele, who is sleeping by the remnants of the fire again. He gently unzips her sleeping bag and pulls the top of it away from Adele's body. She is wearing her cargo pants and white tshirt. He switches on a flashlight and shines it on her body. Jeff unbuttons the cargo pants and cautiously pulls them down. Adele is sleeping soundly; this doesn't wake her. Jeff stares at her body. His hand moves to her underwear.


Grant and Carol lie awake in bed.

CAROL I'm asking you what you think.
GRANT I don't know.
CAROL You talked to him. Did you ask him?
GRANT I told him to keep the fuck away from her.
CAROL What about the lake?
GRANT What about the lake?
CAROL What happened?
GRANT Nothing.
CAROL (doubtfully) Nothing..
GRANT Nothing happened. She freaked out. That's the age she's at. She gets around a man and she's always gonna think there's something going on—

Their talk is arrested by the sound of Adele screaming in the next room.


The bedroom door opens. Carol and Grant come into the main room. Adele is standing with her sleeping bag covering her body, threatening Jeff with a poker-sized piece of firewood.

CAROL What the fuck is going on in here?

Adele thrusts the stick closer to Jeff.

ADELE I woke up and he was right above me!
JEFF Bullshit.

Jeff bats the stick away.

JEFF Get that out of my face.
ADELE He took off my pants!
CAROL You did what?
JEFF That's a lie!

Grant knocks Jeff to the floor.

GRANT She better be lying!
JEFF I came for some water.
ADELE (about to cry) He took off my pants while I was sleeping.

Carol is at Jeff's head.

CAROL Fuck! FUCK! (and with vengeance:) Get out.

Grant pushes down with his forearm on Jeff's neck.

GRANT You piece of shit.
CAROL Get off him.

Grant raises his arm and suckers as if he would punch Jeff.

JEFF Hit me, you pussy.
GRANT What did we talk about? Remember?
CAROL Let him go.
GRANT You stupid piece of shit. You fucked up. What am I supposed to do now? You can't stay here. Where you gonna go? Huh? Where you gonna go?
CAROL Just get out.
GRANT Give him a second—
CAROL (to Grant) No. (to Jeff) Now. Vacation's over.

Jeff gets up to leave. Carol follows him to the door. She hauls off and hits him in the back of the head.

CAROL You fuck!

Grant holds her back. Jeff gets to the door. He turns around and looks at all three of them, shakes his head, and leaves. Carol holds her daughter and Grant stands awkwardly. FADE TO BLACK. CUT TO:


Adele lies in bed between her mother and her father. They're all wearing pajamas. Adele and Carol are asleep. Grant is awake. Quietly, Grant gets out of bed and leaves.


Jeff's tent is gone. Grant is dressed in hunting gear. Outside the cabin, he cleans a rifle. He loads it full of shells, lifts it to his shoulder, and looks down the sight.


Rifle in hand, Grant puts a hand on his daughter and shakes her.

GRANT 'dele.

She opens her eyes.

GRANT Come on out.
ADELE What time is it?
GRANT Get dressed.


Adele and Grant hike by flashlight. He goes first, holding the rifle. Adele follows.

ADELE Where we going?
GRANT Just up this way.
ADELE Where's Jeff?
GRANT I don't know. Back at his cabin, prob'ly.
ADELE Where's that?
GRANT Keep quiet.

They hike onward.


Grant and Adele hike onward. They step from stone to stone across a shallow bend in a moon-lit creek.


Adele follows Grant onto a boulder overhang. A river valley is below. He gives her a hand, helping her onto the rock. Once she has her footing, he holds the rifle out to her.

GRANT Need to learn to shoot.
ADELE No way.
GRANT Take it.

Adele shakes her head. Grant lifts the rifle and shoots it into the air at a 45-degree angle. Muzzle flash in the dawn. Adele flinches. Grant lowers the gun and holds it out to his daughter.

GRANT Take it.

She reluctantly takes it. Grant steps down from the boulder leaving Adele there by herself.


Adele looks through the rifle sight. Crosshairs pass over the foliage of a dense wood. She looks away from the sight. She and Grant are crouched behind a cluster of rocks. Adele shakes her head. Grant motions for her to follow; he creeps from behind the rocks.


Adele and Grant make their way downhill to the lake edge. They kneel in tall grass. Grant puts the gun to his shoulder and tracks along the surface of the lake. He takes his eye from the sight and motions for Adele to look through it. She does. The crosshairs mark the rowboat that Adele and Jeff went fishing in the day before. Adele looks at her dad, confused.


Adele and Grant hike uphill. Grant has the gun. He creeps along, making as little noise as possible, with Adele in tow.


Grant holds up a finger.


He takes another careful step through the woods.


Adele and Grant come to a tiny cabin. There's a covered woodpile outside. Grant has the gun halfway raised.

ADELE What are we doing?

Grant lowers the gun.

GRANT I just want to have a little talk, that's all.

Grant goes to the cabin door. Adele doesn't budge.

GRANT Get in here.

She crosses her arms. Grant opens the door and goes in.

ADELE Is he in there?

No response.


Adele shakes her head. Grant comes out, goes toward Adele.

ADELE Where is he, then?

Grant walks past Adele, away from the cabin.

GRANT I don't know.

Adele follows.


Adele and Grant go through a fern-dappled semi-clearing.

ADELE Come on..
GRANT Come on what?
ADELE Tell me what we're doing.

Adele stops. Grant keeps walking.

ADELE I ain't going no further till you tell me what we're doing.

Grant turns around.

GRANT I'm trying to teach you how to hunt.

Grant is surprised by something behind Adele. Adele turns around. Jeff is walking toward them through the woods, a rifle to his shoulder, aimed at Grant and Adele.

JEFF Drop it.

Grant slowly/smoothly raises his gun to aim at Jeff.

JEFF I told you not to do that.

Jeff alters his aim and shoots. He means to miss, and he does.

GRANT Jesus!
JEFF Just.. lower the rifle.
GRANT I could kill you right now in self defense.
JEFF You ain't gonna do that.

Jeff approaches Grant. He passes Adele, keeping an eye on her.

ADELE (as in "why not? go ahead") Shoot him.
JEFF Aww.. you really do love me.
GRANT You're not gonna shoot me, I'm not gonna shoot you. That just doesn't make sense.
JEFF Drop. the fucking. gun.

Grant doesn't budge. Jeff aims a little to the side, but he shoots again. It's a miss. Grant closes his eyes. Adele is in shock.

JEFF He ain't gonna do nothing.
GRANT Think about this. Think of what you're doing.

Jeff comes right up on Grant. They're four feet apart, each man with a rifle in the other's face.

GRANT I'm your brother.

Jeff takes another step in, brushing past the tip of Grant's gun.

JEFF I know.

Jeff whacks Grant with the butt of his gun, knocking him out. Grant falls to the ground. Adele starts to run away. Jeff hears her. He turns around and fires a shot into the air. The sound makes Adele hit the ground. Jeff points the rifle at Grant.

JEFF If you want your daddy to live you better come on back here, now.

Adele shifts so she can see Jeff and her dad.

JEFF Come on.


Grant is tied to a tree. Jeff sits close by with one of the rifles resting on his lap, pointed at his brother. Adele sits against a tree, wrapped in a hooded windbreaker. Grant whispers so Adele can't hear:

GRANT Then what is the plan?
JEFF The plan's changed.
GRANT What is it now?
JEFF Same as it always was.
GRANT This was not in the plan.
JEFF Maybe it was. Maybe it's just that nobody told you. Or.. maybe.. you just weren't listening.

GRANT No, I think I would have remembered this.

Adele goes to them.

ADELE Y'all done playing mass-murderer? Let's head on back so Mom can play, too.
JEFF Not a bad idea..
GRANT Is this about firsts?
JEFF Firsts? As in "who's gonna get to go first?" You're god damn right it is.

This piques Adele's interest.

JEFF You're daddy's a businessman.
ADELE Actually, he's an English teacher.
JEFF Take off that jacket. Let me see your hair.
ADELE And why would I do that?

He indicates the gun.

JEFF Maybe cause I'm gonna kill you if you don't.
ADELE Try again, fuckface.
GRANT Adele—
JEFF I don't think your daddy explained the plan to you. Go on. Lemme see that hair.

Adele turns her back on Jeff and starts away.

JEFF Girl, you have been misinformed.
ADELE Oh yeah?
GRANT Listen up, Adele—
ADELE Y'all play your game.

Jeff turns to Grant.

JEFF She definitely don't know the plan.

Jeff aims the rifle at Grant. Its barrel is two feet from Grant's leg. He pulls the trigger. Grant yells out in pain. Adele screams, turns. Jeff points the gun at Grant's head.

JEFF Now take off that jacket.

Adele sees he's serious, but she doesn't move. Grant moans and winces.

JEFF Take. off. the jacket.

With shaky hands, Adele unzips the windbreaker.

JEFF All the way off.

She takes it all the way off and drops it on the ground beside her.

JEFF Now take off the rest of them clothes.

She hesitates.

JEFF If you don't do it all I have to do is pull this trigger one more time.
GRANT Just do it.

Adele shakes, shivers; she's petrified with shock.

GRANT Do it!

Adele takes off her shoes. Her socks are still on.

JEFF You got a obedient girl there.

Adele grabs the bottom of her shirt.

JEFF Everything, everything.

She takes off her shirt. She is crying.

GRANT It's gonna be okay, baby. Jeff! Lay off her, how much fun you gonna have if she's crying?

Adele hesitates at her jeans.

JEFF.. Waiting..

She unsnaps them, unzips.

ADELE What did you mean about "firsts"?
GRANT What??
ADELE "Who gets to go first"?
JEFF I'm gonna shoot your daddy in the head, you don't get those pants off.

She pushes them down.

JEFF Now sit down.

She sits in sticks, leaves, dirt. Keeping the rifle on Grant, Jeff goes to Adele. He looks at her body.

ADELE (accusing) What did he mean about who's gonna go first?

Jeff turns to Grant.

JEFF Oops. Looks like that ain't a secret anymore.

Adele reaches into her jeans, fumbles around in the pocket.

GRANT He's just fucking with you.. there's no secret.. there's no plan!
JEFF (soberly) It was your plan.

Adele finds the knife she had on the rowboat. Hands shaking, she opens it. Jeff sees this movement and turns to her. Adele stabs him in the leg. He cowers over, dropping the rifle.

JEFF Fuck.

She scrambles around, keeping the knife between her and Jeff. She stabs him again, this time in the shoulder. Jeff is disoriented, but still active. He grabs her arm. She wrings free. He grabs her ankle. She kicks him in the face. Jeff is going for the gun.

JEFF You are definitely gonna pay.

Adele grabs her jeans and windbreaker and runs into the woods. Behind her, Grant moans in pain. Jeff follows her.

JEFF Get back here.

She gets far enough away that Jeff can no longer see her. She stumbles downhill, falling into the brush. Jeff paces around in the dark, in the direction in which Adele ran, but he looks back at Grant and that stops him: he doesn't want to leave Grant out of sight.

JEFF (yelling out to her) You fucking whore. You killed your daddy. You killed your daddy.

Adele crouches in the brush, huddling her clothes to her skin, shaking, crying, but trying to be silent. Far off, somewhere in the darkness, the howling of wolves.


Grant is still tied to the tree. Jeff sits beside him, dressing the gunshot wound that he inflicted on Grant's leg. He ties fabric in tight knots around the limb.

JEFF You're mad, aren't you?
GRANT It'll heal.
JEFF Not about that.

Grant looks at him like: "what then?".

JEFF Firsts.
GRANT Firsts? There ain't gonna be no firsts. Ain't gonna be no seconds either. Dumb motherfucker.
JEFF Hey..I don't have to do this. (meaning dress the wound)
GRANT Fine. Don't.

Jeff is hurt. He stops dressing the wound.

JEFF You know what? You've got a bad attitude.

Jeff grabs both rifles and whatever other supplies he has around.

GRANT And you're mentally ill.
JEFF Mentally ill. Mentally ill? That's a good one, I'm gonna have to remember that.

Jeff starts into the woods.

JEFF Have fun walking back.

Jeff takes both rifles and goes off into the woods.

GRANT Yeah..suck it.


The full moon reflects in a medium-sized creek. Jeff steps down the embankment. He kneels. He takes one of the rifles, Grant's, and lets it sink into black water. He rises and hikes off, catlike, the hunter.


Adele runs by moonlight through the woods, in spurts. She stops beside a tree, looks, listens. She tries not to breathe. She runs again. She comes over a ridge, heads downward. The trees thicken. She finds her way into a scrub tree, dense, small branches, where deer like to sleep. She stops, listens. She sits, pulls her shirt around her head, lies down, brings her knees up to her chest, and, with effort, closes her eyes.


Adele wakes in the middle of the night, spasming with cold. She's huddled in the thick brush. She reflexively looks around. Nothing. She pulls her hood tight around her head. Even though she is exhausted, her eyes remain open, alert.


She wakes in the first blue light of morning, looks around fearfully, gets halfway up, still crouching, stealthily extracting herself from the thick patch of scrub tree. Her first few steps are tentative, slow. Then she abandons caution and bolts through the woods, terrified she might be followed, that she might be running the wrong way.


Adele comes to a creek. She's smeared in mud from the night's sleep. She hikes to the creek edge, then looks both directions like she's crossing a street. She kneels and pushes her hands into the water, washing away the dirt. She looks behind her, and, convinced she is alone, cups her hands and drinks from the stream.


Atop a ridge, in staggeringly beautiful sunlight, Adele walks peacefully in soiled clothes.


Adele hikes uphill, carefully looking around, exhausted, still actively looking to make sure she isn't being followed. As the wood thins before her, she sees the family cabin.


She comes out of the woods at the cabin. All is quiet; there is no sign or sound of anyone. Adele goes toward the door, but stops some distance away.


She goes to the door.


She cautiously pushes the door open.


Adele takes a half step inside. She looks around. No one is there. She goes all the way in, leaving the front door open. Definitely no one in the main room. She moves to the bedroom door.


Adele peers through the doorway.


She pushes open the bedroom door. The room is empty.


Adele comes into the kitchen area and looks out a window. No one. Satisfied that the place is empty, she opens an ice chest and takes out bread, peanut butter, and jelly. She makes herself a sandwich. She gets up, goes to the front door. She leans outside, looks around, leans back in, closes the door. She sits, takes a bite of her food.


A fire burns in the fireplace. Adele, still alone, sits in a lawn chair, wrapped in her sleeping bag, staring into the flames. She gets out of the chair and spreads her sleeping bag by the hearth. She sets her open knife on the floor, gets in the bag, zips it up. A hand reaches out and brings the knife closer. She pulls the bag around her head and closes her eyes.


The fire is just embers. Adele adjusts in her sleep, wakes, sees the fire. She sits up, reaches for another log to throw on the fire. She finds one, puts it in. She prods the coals with a sturdy stick. It's end starts to glow. She hears something and turns around. Her uncle is sitting right behind her in the lawn chair. His rifle is beside him.

JEFF Miss me?

Adele starts, brings the glowing stick to Jeff's face. He bats it out of her hand, grabs her, as she kicks and screams, wrestles and pins her to the floor. He forcibly uncovers her.

ADELE Where's my dad? What did you do?
JEFF We're gonna have ourselves a little birthday party right here. Just like your momma.

He rips her shirt.

ADELE Where is she?!
JEFF You haven't seen her? Well I don't know..
ADELE Wha'd you do to her?
JEFF Looks like she left you.
ADELE (screaming) Tell me where she is!!

Jeff hits Adele in the face.

JEFF Quiet now.

He holds one hand over her mouth and reaches to touch her between the legs. She hits him about the head. The front door swings open. It's Grant. He limps toward the fireplace, carrying the splitting maul in both hands. Adele backs away. Jeff scrambles for his rifle but Grant is there with the maul. Grant brings the blade down at his brother. Jeff dodges. The wedge goes into the floor. Jeff goes for the gun. Grant wedges the maul out of the floor and raises it. Jeff lifts the gun. Grant brings the maul down. It hits Jeff where his neck meets his shoulder. The gun goes off. A miss. Grant lets go the maul handle. Jeff drops the gun, falls over. His blood soaks the planked floor. Grant looks like he could fall over (his leg is tied off with a shirt, he's delirious) but he goes straight for Adele. He pins her to a wall.

GRANT Did he get to you?
ADELE (scared, confused) No.

Adele doesn't know how he means this. Grant's hand goes for her neck: a stranglehold. She squirms free, knocking him down. Grant rights himself halfway, turning, going for her, but stops: She's looking at him down the barrel of Jeff's rifle, murder in her eyes.

GRANT I think you've got the wrong idea.

He moves closer to her. She pushes the muzzle into the skin below his eye and shakes her head.


Carol comes out of the woods with a flashlight. She looks distraught. She approaches the cabin and goes for the door. She opens it and goes in.


Carol enters the main room. At the sound of the door, Adele jumps up from the lawn chair, and the rifle she's been pointing at her father swings to point to her mother. Grant sits with his back against the wall next to the fireplace. Carol is stunned. Adele keeps the gun on her.

ADELE Where were you!?
CAROL I've been out there looking for you!

Carol sees Jeff's boots peeking out from underneath a red and white checkered picnic tablecloth. Carol covers her mouth with a hand. Adele lowers the gun. Carol runs for Grant.

CAROL What happened?

Adele points the gun at her mom.

ADELE Get back.
ADELE Get back from him.
CAROL He's hurt! What's wrong with you?!
GRANT She lost it!

Carol looks at Jeff, then Adele. Carol indicates the gun.

CAROL Why do you have that?
GRANT I've been trying to get her to act rationally, but—
ADELE Shut up!
GRANT —she won't listen—
ADELE Shut up shut up SHUT UP!!
CAROL Adele, baby, did you— What happened to your uncle Jeff?
ADELE I didn't do anything!
CAROL Explain this, then!
ADELE Ask Dad.

Carol goes to Jeff. She kneels and cradles his head, a little too gingerly. She looks like she's going to come unglued.

CAROL (a prayer) Help me.. help me.. help me.

Grant and Adele are watching her cradle Jeff's head. She stands up.

CAROL Give me the gun.
CAROL Cause I don't like having it pointed at me.
ADELE What are you gonna do?
CAROL I'm doing nothing. Give it here.

Adele hands it over. Carol holds the gun in both hands, looks, once, back and forth between Grant and Adele. She snaps the neck and lets the bullets fall to the floor.


Some distance from the cabin, but with the cabin still visible in the background, Grant hauls Jeff's body to a hole in the ground. The body is wrapped with blankets and the tablecloth, tied with ropes. Jeff's boots have been removed, and his socks, so that his bare feet are visible. Grant hauls drags the body to the edge of the hole, sets down the end he's been dragging. He kneels beside it and looks up into the sky, bright sun rays bearing down on him. He closes his eyes. Perhaps he's saying a little prayer. Then returns to the task at hand: he rolls the body into the hole, then starts shoveling dirt over it.


Adele beside her, Carol loads a backpack. Carol has placed the rifle and all the bullets she can find in a pile on the nightstand. She keeps herself between Adele and the weapon.

ADELE We wasn't hunting no deer.

Carol busies herself with the chore of packing, trying not to have to think about what Adele is telling her. Adele mimics Jeff's posture as it was when he shot Grant in the leg.

ADELE He was this close, looking straight at him.
CAROL You're sure it wasn't an accident?
ADELE Mom. No.

Adele gets a look of some recognition from her mother.

CAROL Why? Why would he do that?

Adele looks away. She starts to tear up, those angry, scared, hurt tears. When she looks back at her mother, her mom sees the rage.

ADELE In the woods..he made me..


Adele lies on the bed beside a fully loaded and ready-to-go backpack. She hears her mother's voice from outside:

CAROL (OS) Baby? Baby let's go.

Adele gets up and presses her face to the screen window. Grant comes out of the woods, sweaty, carrying the shovel. Carol goes out to meet him, some distance from the log cabin. They are talking, and Adele can't hear what they're saying. She straps on her pack and exits the bedroom, specifcally not-looking at the bloodstained floor, then she goes outside.


Adele goes over to them. Carol and Grant's backpacks are zipped up and ready-to-go, leaning against the cabin steps.

GRANT You really think it's safer this way.
CAROL It's the best I can come up with given the circumstances, so that's what we're gonna do.
GRANT Well.. I agree with you, partially. I don't think she should have it.
CAROL And neither should you.
GRANT Neither should you, while we're at it. You don't even know how to fire it.
CAROL The point of me having it is it won't get fired.

Grant shakes his head.

CAROL Is everything..taken care of?
CAROL Then we're leaving.

Carol waits for him to go toward his pack. She stays behind him, with Adele and Grant both in her field of vision at all times.


Loaded up with their backpacks, the family hikes back toward civilization, downhill, along the route they took from the car to the cabin. Grant goes first. A safe distance behind him, Adele. Behind Adele, close by, Carol, carrying the rifle.


Hiking back, they cross over the same meandering brook they crossed on their hike into the woods. Grant goes first, then Adele, then Carol. Halfway across the water, Grant bends and picks up a white flower blossom that has fallen from a tree above and is floating on the surface of the creek. He smells it.

GRANT It's funny how peaceful it is out here. On the way out here I thought I could almost..smell..

Adele hesitates, arresting her step onto the next rock, and regards her father critically.

GRANT Trouble? Maybe not trouble. Something, though. Did you smell it?

He shakes his head and moves on. He looks up into the treetops and inhales deeply.

GRANT It is beautiful this time of year.


As the sun sets, the family sets up camp. Adele builds her own tent, the red two-person one, some distance from where Grant is building the larger blue tent. Carol stands by, watching them both. She's holding the rifle. Grant is putting the finishing touches on the tent he's building: he throws the fly over it and ties it down. He stands and goes to Adele. She's struggling with her tent poles; it's hard to do by yourself.

ADELE What are you looking at?

Grant makes a move to help.

ADELE I've got it!
CAROL Just let her be.
GRANT Can't I help my daughter set up her tent?
CAROL She doesn't want your help.

Grant sighs heavily, turns, walks away.

ADELE You could help me!
CAROL But then I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on things.

Carol, holding the rifle, sweating, moves away from Grant and Adele and sets the rifle on a rock. She transfers a box of bullets from her jacket pocket to the side pocket of her pants. Her pockets are already bulging with bullet casings. She removes her jacket, sets it on the rock, and picks up the rifle. Grant is watching her.


A propane lantern burns. The tents are built. The family sits around a propane stove. Grant cooks sausage and eggs.

GRANT Would you hand me that.. the salt.

The salt is within Grant's reach. He nods in its direction. No one gets it for him. He is offended that they're making themselves so useless.

GRANT Baby. Help me out here.

Adele begrudgingly grabs the salt and holds it out for him. Clearly, it would have been simpler if he had just grabbed it himself.

GRANT Protein.. some good protein.

Grant shovels some eggs onto a plate.

GRANT Sausage?
ADELE I'm not eating.

Carol hands the plate to Adele. Adele looks at it skeptically, making no move to eat.

GRANT It's not poison.
CAROL She don't have to eat if she don't want to.

Grant shovels some more out on another plate. Carol sets this one in front of hersef. She eats. Grant serves himself last, blows on a forkful of eggs, and swallows his bite. Some of the eggs get stuck in his beard.

GRANT If you want, after this, I'll rustle up some of those biscuits.


Grant scrubs the dishes with a piece of steel wool by the light of the propane lantern. Adele stands far back, watching, her flashlight shining in Grant's direction. Carol sits on the rock with the gun. Grant finishes washing, puts the dishes away, and goes to the blue tent. His glances to the women are strained:

GRANT You gonna sleep out here?
CAROL I'll be in in a minute.
GRANT (to Adele) Sweet dreams, honey.

Adele switches off her flashlight. Sound of her unzipping and zipping her tent.

CAROL I gotta say something. It's probably not what you're expecting. I'm not sure what you're expecting, but..well I mean there's a lot to talk about..there has become..a talk Adele may have already told you this, and Jeff..

Grant starts to understand what she's saying.

CAROL.. we..

Carol shakes her head.

CAROL ..did Adele tell you?
GRANT Did Adele tell me that you fucked my brother?
CAROL Right.
CAROL Well..I did. We didn't plan it..I mean..
GRANT You mean recently?

Carol nods.

GRANT That's nice.

Grant goes into the blue tent and zips it up only partway, leaving it partially open for Carol. By the propane light, Carol takes a plastic toiletry case from her backpack and removes the toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc, from it. She empties all her pockets of bullets, transferring them to the toiletry case. She cracks the neck of the gun. The chamber is empty. She puts one bullet in, closes the gun.

CAROL (a prayer) Tell me what to do.

She sits for a long time. Ultimately, she cracks the neck of the gun and removes the bullet. She puts it in the toiletry case and closes the case. The lantern burns beside her, the combustion of its gas making a loud "hhohhhh" sound.


No one is around. The lantern, burning through the last of its fuel, spurts out.


Carol lies awake beside a sleeping Grant, uneasy.

CAROL (quietly, to see if he's awake) Grant..?

He doesn't respond. Carol slips out of her sleeping bag and silently steps over her husband. She unzips the tent in tiny movements, making almost no sound. It's so dark all they can see of each other is silhouette. She steps out of the tent. Grant stirs, sees Carol leaving, sits up, frantically, half-awake, grabs her.

GRANT What are you doing?

Carol shakes free of his grasp.

CAROL Going to the bathroom.

She leaves, zips the tent up. After a moment, Grant hears the tent door open, close. In the darkness, feet stepping over him. The sleeping bag beside him zipping closed.


Later, Grant, lying awake, reaches over and pokes his wife.

GRANT Honey. Honey.

Grant peels himself out of his sleeping bag and escapes silently from the tent. He leaves the zipper door open.


Grant silently opens his backpack and removes a roundish something. He creeps through the woods toward the red tent. He stealthily unzips the flap.


He kneels over his daughter's sleeping body, snug in her sleeping bag. He runs his hand over the form, lightly fondling its features. The bag is pulled up partway over the girl's head. He pulls it down a little. He holds the roundish thing, which is a roll of duct tape, strategically with both hands.

GRANT (whispering) Happy birthday.

In a single movement, he extends a length of tape, attaches it to the girl's face, and wraps the roll once around her head.

GRANT (a gruff whisper) You finally get your present.

She wakes and tries to scream. Holding her down, he shines a flashlight in her face and gets a nasty surprise: this isn't Adele, it Carol, and she's holding the hunting rifle in her arms. She can't talk for the tape around her mouth, but her eyes say it all: She swings the gun in his face. He tries to grab it.


Adele switches on a flashlight and gets out of her mom's sleeping bag, scrambling out of the tent.


Carol and Grant struggle. Carol screams as best she can through the tape.


Adele runs toward the red tent with her flashlight. A shot is fired. The sound rings through the woods, stopping Adele in her tracks. She stares at her tent. Bodies thud over. Adele is petrified.


The flap opens. Carol rips the duct tape off her head and comes out of the tent. She is covered in blood. Adele drops the flashlight and runs to her mother. Horrified, they embrace. CUT TO BLACK.