The war is over—I’ve already decided I am not going back to war

The war is over with anyone I know or will ever meet

I used to associate this phrase the war is over with my drinking—my war with drinking is over

But as I move away from drinking alcoholically, the war takes on different meaning. It is the war of ideas that raged from me, against everyone I knew. The war of wanting to be right (even though I don't have much of this desire, I do have some). It's the argument that rages within

I know the war is over, because—

Those things I know would start the war, I'm never going to do—I feel I can now trust that I won't do them, ever

This war being over is more important to me than standing up for my beliefs—I'm out of political talk. I stand a watchful (silent) eye before that field of discussion. I don't need to say my piece around people I know (it doesn't matter)—I'll take peace instead

This means watching like the newspaper (like a photograph)—without judgment

What I'm doing on this planet is not political. It never has been. I let this and all other wars subside within me