The schizophrenic thing we heard the other day about a guy who was spoken to through tingling in his neck

On one of the true crime shows we watch, a schizophrenic killer was asked how he knew that a certain young girl was going to be his next victim and he said

I got a tingling in the back of my neck and I knew she was the devil who had to get purged

Or something like that

I found this interesting because I have had a constant communication with the wind (it tells me things—encourages me in some directions) and also

I have a communication with the beyond that takes place through chills in my spine

The chills communicate to me in a language that I understand and they tell me things that I would want to know, encouraging me and speaking to me about matters that both of us are interested in

Now, mine has never told me to do anything violent, but I feel an affinity with that guy who said that on that show