The law of doing things today since there may be no tomorrow

There is a law. It says that the chance of there being a tomorrow is less than the chance of there being a today. That the chances of there being a day after tomorrow, after tomorrow, after tomorrow are less, less, less than the chances of today

Tomorrow the world might end

Tomorrow, you might die

Tomorrow, it might rain

Tomorrow, it might be too cold, we might be divorced, I might have lost my job, my kid may be dead, it may be too hot to eat ice cream, etcetera, etcetera

Tomorrow, all sorts of things might happen that aren't happening today and this is why you must favor today over every other day after today, when choosing which day to do things

Tomorrow is not promised

Today is here!

So heed this warning not to put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Party! Spend! Dance now as opposed to five minutes from now—five minutes from now is not promised. This advice works when writing in addition to living life—if you have a great idea, use it now! Have an impulse! This advice says not to save it. Use it. Burn it. Do right now what you could do tomorrow. Time is of the essence. Do not think you are saving the best for later. There may not be a later