The fear you get from something unknown is indicative of the truth in the thing that you are *denying* with every fiber of your being

The fear some feel for homosexuality, for transness, for blackness, for poorness. The fear of freedom for one who is a slave. The fear of going into space

All of these are fears of the unknown. They're all a fear of what I might become. If I'm straight I might fear I will become (or already am) gay. If I am cis and fear transness, it's because transness shows me something I might be inside myself, something that if I explore it I might become it. If I'm white, blackness might scare me—for what would I be if I were black? If I am rich, the poor might scare me. What if I were poor? What would become of me then? What if everyone were poor—what would become of me then? Going into space is scary because it seems so easy to die there—and what do I fear more than death?

When I'm afraid of something, it's because the thing is unknown to me, and because the thing is full of a truth I am avoiding like the plague, avoiding at all costs, even my own death—because I am denying the truth of the thing with every fibre of my being

All fear is the fear of becoming

Of what I might become

There is nothing else to be afraid of—except what I might become if I learned more about the unknown

What am I afraid of? Of silence? Of death? Of there being nothing else? Of being alone? Of hiring a programmer who writes "gay poetry?"—a former boss of mine feared this. Of living life without a college degree? Of leaving my boyfriend?

All those things seem scary. But every one is scary precisely because it indicates a truth you are denying—and denying adamantly. The fear of silence indicates a truth about silence that I have a glimpse of, which I am denying. Which if I explored, I would become unafraid of (as I learned its truth). The fear of death indicates a truth about the nature of death that I have a glimpse of but am denying

Can you think of a person in your life who scares you? Someone you disagree with. Perhaps a relative you don't get along with. They are partially known to you—partially unknown. It is the unknown part that indicates a truth that you are subconsciously denying with the strength of your whole life. Something you are uncomfortable with. If you are afraid of that part (if it makes you uncomfortable, if it makes you gasp, judge, shock, or squirm) then it is your fear which keeps you in the dark about that wild truth they represent

Follow the fear. Watch for it. When it appears, go into it. Do not turn away. All you're really afraid of is of you becoming something new. Far from something to avoid, I believe that is why we are here