Thank everyone in your past—they prepared you for this moment

Thank everyone who fucked you. Thank everything that confounded you. Thank every situation that was hard. Thank you to the people who loved you and hated you, alike

There is no reason to regret these items from the past. No reason to squall with them unreasonably long. When the lesson is learned, the relationship has been worth it. If it hasn't been learned, keep struggling

But when I haven't spoken to my dad in about 10 years and when the lessons are congealing, when I see multiple sides to every situation—at that point I stop being angry, I grow compassion for my dad and especially for me, and I thank my dad for being, for being who he was to me—even (or especially) the bad parts. In a situation where the most significant parts of the relationship were the bad parts, I am especially thankful for the lessons I've learned given how hard they were to learn

My previous employers, the same thing—I've learned so much from the awkward parts, the failure parts. The parts where you were hard to deal with so I learned. To the good and the bad, a toast!

To all the people who have helped me (some still in my life and some not) you prepared me for this moment and I thank you!

(That doesn’t mean those people get to stay in my life now. Goodbyes get kept and lessons sealed in those cases. Textbook closed)