Someone who is willing to expand with me

For the longest time I was looking for someone to expand with me. Someone who was willing to grow with me, like my GF or my cousin do now

For the longest time, at work and elsewhere, I was at a loss for people who wanted to grow at the same rate and in similar directions as me

Then, over time, I found some people

And I let some people go

People who were unable to listen to me (because they couldn't hear over the roar of their own thoughts)

And I started thinking—isn't everyone looking for this? Isn't my mom, who is unable to expand with me, also looking for someone to expand with? Isn't my dad looking to expand, at his own rate and in his own direction?

Aren't most of us looking for someone to expand with? And to eliminate (or minimize) from our lives people who are not expanding fast enough (or in the desired direction) or who are expanding too fast (in irrelevant directions)?

I'm appreciating, right now, all the places and people who have been willing to expand with me—thank you!