Silence is the best statement

I received this message while tripping on mushrooms, connected to a consciousness that overwhelmed me with laughter

It suggested that silence is the best statement, and as a writer and a thinker and a talker, this surprised me

At first I interpreted it as meaning that I might replace statements with silence. That I not talk anymore, or anymore at all about my writing. Silence is the best statement. If that's true then maybe I could be silent about everything. And I have decided to do this with my writing—I'm on hiatus from writing fiction and as part of that I've committed to not talk about my writing, not to answer questions or get into discussions about my books. I'm good with that. I'm happy with the silence I now have with respect to my books

But I see a more nuanced meaning to this statement in general

If silence is the best statement, that doesn't mean I have to be silent all the time. It just means that silence is the best statement—and that statements other than silence are just not the best. It's not that I can't make them—it's just that they're all somewhat less than silence. So when making an excursion away from silence, I have to acknowledge that I'll be deviating from what is best (silence)

It means to make statements only when necessary, only when it is acceptable to do something other than what is best (which is silence). When I feel it's necessary to make a statement (or a whole bunch of them like in a book) I must consider why I am deviating from silence. Why it is necessary for me to do something less than the ideal?

Is the statement I'm about to make, worth making (even though it is not better than silence)? I don't want to waste people's time making statements that do not contain a compelling reason to deviate from the ideal. I don't want to gunk up my mind with statements where silence would suffice. With silence is the best statement, I'm reminded to pause before I speak and ask myself these questions