Seeing yourself as a third person in an RPG

Sometimes I see myself as a character in an RPG. My view is from above and to the back, as in an RPG. My character is small compared to the screen

This is a tool for getting a different perspective on myself

Usually I see myself from within first-person POV—I see what I see and what I see can consume me, overwhelm me

Seeing myself from the third person helps change my point of view. I might make decisions differently, view time differently. Am I going to get toilet paper from the corner market or am I a character from an RPG going into town to trade for supplies? My real-life trip will differ depending on this view

Try this with any sort of game, movie, or character

Who is my favorite character or character type? Why not be that?

Also, less literally, I change my perspective (when my thoughts become complex) by imagining that everything I see and think is being seen and thought through a clear sliding window—and I open the window. Take a half step forward. My whole sensorium is malleable, and it just slid by as I opened the window—it was stuck to the surface and now is stashed to the side and I can see clearly now—my reality has just been shifted aside

This is a way to get a different perspective on myself

To un-stick what is stuck about how I see myself and what I'm doing

I am (as a friend once told me) a tiny ball of flesh in an infinite multiverse of possibility! Act like it! It doesn't matter if you die. It doesn't matter that I've messed up in the past. I am powerful, infinite—a joke at the same time! I know what I know—I have what I have. Now to un-cement myself from the fearful path (act like I'm in a game!) and behave surprisingly and fresh