I am retired—this résumé is provided for reference only

I have twelve years of professional design and development experience specializing in intelligent software

I live with bipolar disorder, tardive dystonia, and OCD

I made case. Use my open source intelligence for free (coming soon)

My work

I invented AI algorithms that extend genetic algorithms using original techniques like 3d crossover

I discovered many new types of 1-dimensional cellular automata, extending the work of John von Neumann and Stephen Wolfram

I invented a cultural genetic algorithm which uses geographic environments to improve genetic algorithm performance by introducing the dynamics of natural partitioning of solutions





Or: any language you choose

Current projects

classify objects in real time—case

the chaos game engine—chage

Experience (selected)


Invented, designed, and developed AI tools for classifying gameplay data. Utilized genetic algorithms, Bayesian methods, and exotic evolutionary techniques that I invented

Using my evolution of culture concepts, created an embedded system for replacing traditional interview-style assessments with action-based assessments

Invented a generalized inference system

Designed and implemented a more like this search engine

Worked with Harvard University scientists to make software that measured metacognition in RPG gamers

Put in place automated measurement of cyclomatic complexity to improve code testability and reliability

Wrote a regular expression engine extending regular expression syntax and using fewer than 1,000 lines of code


Invented, designed, and developed realtime product monitoring. Used 24/7 in the LN command center to monitor software and hardware and proactively suggest when new resources are needed before performance problems occur

Wrote parts of lexis.com, a legal database

Solved performance problems by re-architecting the server model of lexis.com. Circumvented unavoidable memory growth problems by implementing periodic server quiesce and restart


Created the ability to have a cross-platform work area so developers could work from Sun and Windows machines in the same source tree

Created a graphical include file dependency analyzer to help developers include only the files they needed

Enhanced build system to aid developers and speed up build times for a large source tree


the evolution of culture—teoc / simple

search/optimization algorithm—cor3

cultural genetic algorithms—bios / eos

ca types I discovered—cellular automata

container data structure—mbin


containers and networking—xtools

genetic and cellular programming—inhesion / alt

anonymous chat server—talk anonymous

a small/fast genetic algorithm—minigen

a simple interface to a complex objectserver


Alife screensaver

I wanted to make the shortest possible alife screensaver for my terminal compact / human. Note how frame-by-frame animation is accomplished using nothing but the standard library in much the way a film projector works

Dot oh language system

It’s a way to write, type, pronounce, display. Dot oh cares about things being simple, things making sense. You can learn dot oh in stages, use it in your programs. This is the [dot oh specification]. It defines dot oh

A key feature of dot oh is it allows informal, continually evolving natural languages and a formal, structured language to live together in the same document, interleaved arbitrarily by the reader


I've written 40+ books: novels, novellas, memoirs, nonfiction, plays, screenplays, and a collection of short stories