Respond to my body

As if it was the only thing to do, to respond to my body

As a thing that changes my life

Taking off my socks when I'm hot, moving toward my baby when I'm horny, eating food when I'm hungry and doing whatever I need to do to get food (and doing nothing more)

Intellectual needs are counted as needs of the body (the brain) and so seeking them reflexively is counted as responding to the body. Seeking them is seeking to make the body happy but I'm not seeking them just because (just because I always have)—I'm seeking them for the immediate pleasure they give me

Move to this from denying my body's needs. Waiting to eat when I'm hungry. Denying myself sex. Avoiding reading that interests me. Denying my body's needs is exactly what I want to avoid

If responding to my body is all I do—am I not successful? To act when I am at disease and rest when I am at ease (or party!)—what more success is there in being here?