Proud to have learned nothing

My GF and I watch Wife Swap—about one episode a day

During the show two women switch places and the families run with a different wife/mother for a couple weeks

There are always lots of conflicts and also wins (where one family learns something from the other)

And from time to time, there is an adult, when asked how the other family has changed theirs, who proudly says:

~I haven't learned anything from the other family that we can use. We've decided to keep on living the same as before~

When this happens, me and my GF look at each other quizzically. How is it that an adult human being, supposedly educated, can go two weeks in a foreign environment and learn nothing?

The person is always so sure in their statement. It is something they hold dear and proud: that they have learned nothing

What a failure as a person, to have learned nothing—and to be proud of it. Change is part of life. Don't be so happy with yourself that you haven't done it