Project graveyard—abandoned and failed websites and programs

Word. magazine was an online literary magazine created by me and my friend in high school. It never really got off the ground

<xhi> was a graphic design company I started in high school. I did one job and the company ended

This is the one job I did as <xhi>—a header graphic for a queer community called Tribe-Q

*virtuak was a software company I tried to start. I developed some C++ tools under this name but I never sold anything

inhesion was a software product/company that never went anywhere

Hydra was a document classification system I developed after college. I presented it to the NSA and tried to sell it to them but they didn't buy it

Sketch was an HTML-based photography portfolio that I made to show my art

=Gravity was a paper literary magazine my friend and I created after college. We made one issue, then it fell apart

phenal was a text-based online RPG I made in C++ in my mid-20s. I never finished it

social.insect was a social networking site that I built in Perl in my late 20s. We had a number of users but everyone started using Facebook so social.insect went away

TalkAnonymous was an anonymous chat server I conceived with a friend in my early 30s. I programmed it in C but then my life sort of fell apart so TalkAnonymous became nothing

This was a conversation between two hyperjacks (AI constructs)—It's hard to explain—This is one of many promising programs that I abandoned


This was, my significant blog before this one. I changed the title periodically. This was on tumblr. Two themes shown

inhesion made a possible comeback with this project, which I'm still working on in various forms

These are various incarnations of my site. The site was built on—a great design platform that I would still be using if their tools worked on Apple's mobile OS

There were many more websites and programs and companies that I started but never finished. These are just a few! These are my abandoned and failed projects—and I love them all