People aren’t productive when they’re scared

In a society so obsessed with productivity and work, why do we so often hamper ourselves by scaring ourselves out of the proper state to do work?

Sure, some work is cushioned away inside comfortable cubicles, with lifetime workers tapping away at business programs—their lives are paid for, their workers insulated from the fear that most people feel that is keeping them from their work!

Most work is done by people who are scared. Scared the next job won't come, scared they won't be able to make the rent or won't be able to eat! If you've never been afraid you wouldn't be able to eat, then you have no idea what I'm talking about—try becoming homeless and walk into a coffeehouse and ask for a cup of hot water because $0 is all you can afford. This is a reality for many people (and it's not their fault any more than it would be yours)

Some people who work are afraid to do their work well because that would involve confronting the boss (who is doing illegal shit) (who will fire you for being moral). If you're determined to be moral in this life, even if you only succeed just a little, you will be faced with ethical conflicts at work—if you choose to act in an upright fashion, you will lose your job. That's something to fear!

And of course, homeless people fear for their lives every day—these aren't useless people, they're people just like me who life scares because we can't get food or warmth or our medicine that keeps us sane

We even see this in the rest of the animal kingdom—an animal who is afraid for its life is acting unproductively. It's fishing for another chance at life, dodging, running, hiding, waiting—not gathering stones for the winter, not burrowing in its nest

Our corporations have shaped themselves to cause this fear for our survival. They interrupt us. They fragment us. They have invented the "probationary period" wherein a person is hired—but without health benefits or on a reduced salary for a while at the beginning of your employment. They invented the concept of an employee working for a corporation without any access to the stock of the company—the owner makes all the money, the employees remain serfs their whole employment. The company conducts reviews of a new employee's ex-employers—the same opportunity is not provided for a new employee to review an employer's previous employees. A company can move to another country where a person may not be able to—think of that—a company is more mobile on the Earth than a human fucking being. A company provides these and more reasons for a person to be scared

And people aren't productive when they're scared

We run around like defenseless animals

So I guess I'm wondering, in a society presumably obsessed with work and progress, why this fear is nurtured among our people. In a scientific society, who would have this?

The answer is we are anything but a scientific society. People are involved in making decisions that lead to worker fear. People are greedy. So a very few of us take bribes (large salaries or gifts of societal power) to maintain the system. If you accept a large salary, if you deny your kids a place to live as they're getting started in life, if you're creating a scary environment for your workers—then you are part of the problem

The mismanagement of this pandemic has created an environment of fear. Ignoring the problem, lying and saying it's not as bad as it is—causes fear among normal people. Normal people aren't ready to handle fear. A regular guy working, he doesn't have time to research pandemic facts. A normal guy is going to be scared and in his spare time will be susceptible to lies—he's scared and so willing to latch onto something that provides an easy answer—where there isn't one. Scaring people about the pandemic isn't cool

Engaging in business tactics that scare people is not cool

If we want people to be productive, if we really care about work, we will end homelessness, stop warring, protect people from violence (actors and victims) stop the fear of hunger, and do a whole bunch of other things

But those things do not matter to us. We as a society do not care about productivity and work. We care about power and fear

We are afraid and we are greedy

Some of us have the perspective to not be scared

Everyone else is being manipulated by the powerful few. All I'm saying here is to the few—you spout "work ethic" and "productivity." I think you're full of shit. All I hear is fear and greed

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