On the subject of a fully integrated résumé

I've done this before—sort of. Went to a software interview where I was asked about poetry I'd published. Mentioned writing to coworkers. Revealed my mental health status at work

Then I got diagnosed with bipolar. Then covid happened. Attitudes changed. Now, 25 years into my work life, will companies accept workers' individuality without us having to hide it?

I'm not talking about talking about it at work. Having it interfere with the crux of the business. It becoming a distraction. I'm talking about having to keep it secret to get a job. This I've had to do (or felt I had to do) my whole life, up to this point, at 43

With employers more fully embracing remote work, with the security of receiving disability checks, with the positive effects of lithium, with the abandon of someone middle aged who knows he's skilled, time is limited, and there's work to do..with all those I am more ready than ever to say I have bipolar, I'm a writer and a programmer who works from home, who works quickly, gets paid well, and does whatever I want—and (as always) I'm not going to wait around for someone to ask me to do it

I'm busy. I'm collaborating on projects. I'm happy for people to read my books for free. I feel satisfied that the work I'm doing independently is at the right complexity level for me. I'm less afraid than ever before. Yes, I was fearless—now I am indomitable

More than ever, I feel creativity and inventiveness flowing through me!

Less than ever, do I give a shit about "having a job" or "making money"? No. My view has shifted. I'm ok with saying no to a thousand projects and having no income, just to wait and focus on the one that matters

I'm not going to hide parts of myself from employers anymore

My identity is integrating. My résumé has followed