These are the medicines I take daily


  • Lithium 300mg 4xday (bipolar disorder)
  • Escitalopram 5mg 1xday (depression)

Tardive dystonia

  • Austedo 9mg 2xday (specifically for TD)
  • Baclofen 10mg 3xday (muscle relaxer)
  • Aleve 2pills 1xday (pain)


  • Multivitamin 1pill 1xday (generally advised)
  • Loratadine 10mg 1xday (allergies)

I also take cannabis in some form every other day. I currently don't smoke or drink

My bipolar disorder is well treated with lithium and escitalopram. I like lithium in its effects and in that it's a natural salt. I don't mind taking a small dose of escitalopram. It doesn't have many side effects and the ones it does have, have worn off for me by now. Those feel like solid choices for bipolar

My TD is significantly improved with Austedo, baclofen, and Aleve—though it's still a disability that prevents me from driving and that is present in every minute of every day. The most shaky medicine in this bunch, for me, is Austedo. It's a big medicine but I have a big problem with TD (so I accept Austedo). Baclofen doesn't give me side effects and it's proven to be a safe medicine. I don't mind taking two Aleve daily

Loratadine (Claritin) has always been a good medicine for me—clears up my sinuses so helpful!

I'm happy with these medicines. I've been on a whole lot more in the past and while that was good for the time, this feels better now

These medicines feel necessary. Before I was sick, I didn't take any medicines. Now that I know I have bipolar disorder and TD, I take medicines. I'm pragmatic about medicine—I don't want to take stuff I don't need, but I also don't mind improving my life with chemicals. These chemicals improve my life