My landlord is on meth

Confirmed by the outgoing building manager, my landlord smokes crystal meth along with his aging friends. I see them sitting outside across the street—a bunch of dudes, older than my parents, high on crystal. You work your whole life to get off drugs and then find out your landlord smokes meth

You give up the condo life, give up all your flaming worldly possessions, move to a dilapidated house in a toxic waste area, and you have to come home to this—Fight Club

Yes, this is just like in Fight Club where you move to the toxic waste part of town and then come home to..this

I used to do crystal. It was great. The most amazing drug. I remember the first time I did it, my exact thought was: This is too good—I can never do this again

So I struggle my whole life to basically get off drugs and now my housing is dependent on someone who is dependent on this drug. I don't expect any problems, but my ears are peeled

Additionally, I feel I have to protect my family from this meth influence. To keep us off this drug. Meth is there. It's always one question away from being in my hands. Before, I would have been overjoyed to find a connection. Now, I reserve judgment and, myself, resist. It's a challenge I wouldn’t have been able to accept earlier in my life. And for my family—I can't control anyone but myself

This forces me to break through my stereotypes of who's on drugs. Kids? People who don't own shit? Or landlords, accepted in town, property owners, people whose whims control my material existence. Do you imagine the old people are clean and the young people on drugs? Here it is weirdly the other way around