Meditate about the feeling in a room, a certain angle of thinking or emotion—as you focus on the breath, focus on the feeling

This struck me last night as I was sitting in the living room with my GF and her friend

That in addition to meditating on physical things (like my breath, or a wall, or a rock, or my heartbeat) I could meditate on a thought—an angle of emotion on the room I'm in

For example, I could notice that I'm sitting in a room that has drawings on the wall that I created when I was younger. That is a certain angle on the room. And I could meditate on that, on the fact that a person is in a room decorated with drawings that they did when they were half their age. Every time my thoughts wandered to thinking of a different aspect of the room or conversation, I could bring my thoughts back to this single view on the room—a room being sat in by the creator of its decorations

Or I could meditate on some other aspect of the room. The fact that we are there to exchange music—for each to contribute to the playlist (in turn)—I could, as the conversation sways (suggesting another way of seeing the room) gently bring my thinking back to the music exchange aspect of the room. Seeing it that way, over and over, even as events suggest other types of thoughts

I could similarly think about the way the room is like a cave (with no windows) or the way the room has three couches—thinking of the room as a place for trolls to convene or a place where our bodies are comfortably supported. Even if the conversation broke out into an argument, I could still meditate on the fact that our asses are comfortably in seats

These are all aspects of what's going on—they are viable points of focus for meditation