We say we're intuitive but what does it mean, mechanically?

I always say intuition is a different kind of intelligence. Intelligence can be measured but intuition exists on a different scale, which is higher than the intelligence scale, but not connected

Intuition seems to me to be knowing first what question to ask, as opposed to first answering the question you assume to be asked. Whereas knowledge takes a situation and produces an answer, intuition takes a situation and produces a question

Genius sees the answer before the question—Robert Oppenheimer

I think that's because genius first sees the question, then sees the answer—then by the time you ask the question, genius has already seen the answer because it already saw the question!

I think this relates intuition and curiosity in that with this model of intuition, intuition shows us what to be curious about. This is a way to take an important step backwards from the problem as presented—to make decisions at a larger scale before diving depth-first into a "problem." It's deciding what problems to solve instead of busying ourselves solving whatever problem is at hand

Doing this creates more meaningful lives for people and organizations—the quality of our answers are gigantically related to the questions we chose to ask