Instead of trying to decide between going ahead further and being scared—do both!

Sometimes there comes a division in the path where I can go ahead further or be scared!

This can occur in the line of a roller coaster

It can occur at the precipice of political paths

It can occur when about to make love with someone

The decision to go ahead or be scared isn't really an or sort of situation, though—is it. It's really more of an and-type situation. I can choose to—

Go ahead in the roller coaster line and be scared. Being scared doesn't have to stop me from going on the roller coaster, nor does going on the roller coaster need to stop me from being scared

I can be uncomfortable with something and proceed with it

Proceeding doesn't mean I have to give up my discomfort. Staying uncomfortable doesn't mean I have to be frozen in action

Don't stop just because you're scared—Don't give up your reservations just because you decided to proceed

(They work together)