In fact, tardive dyskinesia (in general) seems to encourage living in the moment

because of the uncontrollable movements

You might find yourself relaxing for a moment

And normally you would relax for another moment—

—but TD kicks in and the movement snaps you awake!

So you're present in this moment (uncomfortable, but present)

Who said anything about being comfortable? Is the goal to be comfortable in the present moment or simply to be in the present moment?

I think pain does the same thing: isn't really bad pain so bad that you're forced (against your will) into being in the moment? So bad that you can't sleep—that's seriously in the present moment

I have known this (or viewed this) about my TD since not long after the beginning. I don't say that someone somewhere planned this for me to learn a lesson. I take this meaning from my TD—I learn from it that I will stay in the moment and in learning from it I make it my teacher

I choose to imbue my meaningless muscle movements with this meaning—they are a reminder to me to wake up, to be present, to be awake (more)—and I am more powerful because of this animation that ascribes meaning to my movements—which make me less comfortable and more awake. How much clearer of a teacher could there be?