I’m not having your conversation, I’m just saying things—I’m not discussing, I’m just listening and talking

This is another idea I associate with AA, where the model is—everyone who wants to, talks, but there is no discussion (no commenting on what anyone else says) and all you can talk about is your own journey, your own experience and your own truth

All I can say is my own piece

We can't discuss

There's no conversation—no back and forth

I can never say anything about what you said—I can never respond. It's a sequence of monologues where each person speaks about themself

I like this model because it fits with a nature of actual life. We are all in our own bubble (our own cocoon) and there is no way for you to know or rationally comment upon my experience. I can listen to you tell me what you're going through, but I can't judge you or really have too many ideas about what you're going through—because there's no way for me to know you except to listen

This circumvents me ever telling you what to do and is a model for anarchistic society. There is no legislation in this type of meeting. No one tells anyone else what to do. Everyone does their own thing (which is all anyone can do anyway)

In this type of meeting, there is no chance for me to try to fix someone else. The only productive thing I can do is fix myself through what I hear us all say. This is appropriate because fixing other people is a fool's errand—the only one I can ever fix is myself

And it makes me think—

That everything I'm doing, I'm doing for myself—for my own experience and for nothing else. That is why I am listening. That is why I am speaking. Because I like to listen to you (to hear your truth) and I like speaking to you (for the experience of sharing my truth)

I like this model and this is what I'm doing in my life