If we really want to address terrorism, we will do it with care, not with war

I saw in the news yesterday that the US took out a terrorist leader. He's dead—gone! Waiting for the next to replace him. And one will. One did before. We took him out. Now we will take out the next. Will fear of death stop these guys? Hardly. They are fighting for a cause. They believe they will be vindicated in the afterlife. The threat of death doesn't mean much to them

I gotta be one more voice suggesting, here, that we find another way to handle wars and terror—peacefully

War will never give way to peace—only peace gives way to peace

Bringing one more gun to a gun fight just makes it that much more of a gun fight

An old friend once suggested police wear pink uniforms and carry teapots—instead of their usual weapons of intimidation. I think this suggestion cuts right to the heart of our war dynamic on the streets here and in the deserts elsewhere—we're never going to make real change while using the same techniques as our "enemies"—by shooting back or shooting first we make ourselves just like them and totally ineffectual at accomplishing our stated goals

Biden, et al—your bombs are a stopgap at best, and at worst an insidious weaving together of our moral fabric with the moral fabric of those we say oppose us. Only a pink-uniformed peace officer can deal with this problem—not another drone