If I’m trying to learn, then it’s trying to teach

They say When the student is ready, the teacher appears

Slightly more broadly, I say: If I'm trying to learn, then it's trying to teach

Similarly, If I'm trying to solve, then it's constructing a problem

If I'm trying to swim, then it becomes the ocean

They say: If you're a hammer, then the whole world looks like a nail

If you're a lawyer, then the world looks like a law suit

If you're a healer, the world is a patient

If you're a bomb, the world is a target

If you're a lover, then everyone appears to be your love

I can change the shape of the world by changing my own shape. Do I want to love? To learn? To bomb? I can. Easily. Change my shape and it changes the way your shape appears to me

How does the world look to me today?

How does that indicate my shape?