I start Austedo today

Having communicated with the manufacturer, I obtained a grant that will pay for the exorbitant cost of my alternate tardive dystonia medicine (Austedo)

I'm excited but nervous to try the new medicine, as I've been taking the old one while I worked out payment for the new one (and I've gotten used to the old one again)—The transition could be difficult. I'm nervous also that the new medicine won't work as well as it did before (even though this is probably irrational)—I stopped taking the old one today and am waiting on FedEx to deliver

I checked in with my normal health insurance provider to know the status of my complaint to them (that they offered to provide the medicine to me at monthly costs more than my monthly income and then at a lower cost more than our rent payment)—I want to talk to someone higher up at Humana and listen to them tell me why they can't provide this medicine to me normally (at a regular cost)—I am looking forward to telling them that they are not doing their job as an insurance company. I want to ask them, Why shouldn't I cancel my account with you today?

But, overall, I am happy to be waiting for this new medicine and happy I can get it free of charge