“I Sing the Body Electric”

Sing the eyes in their socks a sherpa blend neshaminy creek hops in the seminal feature of our musical misgivings a cordially buttlick'd hymnal bound in gold red the colors of our devil mapbook thousands cars in backseats folding flying this is the color guard of the pillow ceo (flash'd for a second, now dark) a minion of fruitful flavors grateful givings the satisfaction of a lark dominion of a cow excelsior of madam's gratefulness deftly courting a docile toe-headed boy of five-thousand tongues hidden thrown to the sea thrown me a bone wonderment I wrote code for a startup 12x fast we threw it to the compiler amidst a mudslide demographic a corny bowl of choco choco count choco motherfucker that's right I was here all along hidden in a bowl of rice ready to cap a pop in a motherfucker's ass this was a girl from high school she hangs in comment threads and follow backs and the remnant of the things of the people and the stuff (and the things) we sent to breakfast mornings percolating in the buzzer on my wrist listening to house of pain butt on a pin nose on a nose pin but on a house-pen broken off the pinkers tinkers antlers yearning for the sun I weave tapestries at a layer beyond your comprehension just below the surface miracle/weave me/we created a tiktok channel that imitated the frequency of a winnipeg may hatch thug-shifting her heft in the bus stop shuffle (plex) mainstream goodhew this was an ambulance in a major motion picture the name goes off to the right (bottom) in the view/dead zone, the apoplexy of a comma, she fucked us—she fucked—she ran me aground, captain, in a glory of hole-less-ness shifted—and I was like—exqueeze me?? I am unclear on your point, here—please re-load from step 17b and be sure to moisten your fingers this time.