I remember in my first job I used to sit at the keyboard and type and erase and type the same sentence over and over again

Because I was bored

Because my work, and the whole concept of having a job, was so bone-cold empty and below easy that I comforted myself by taking a break to type a sentence about how bored I was, erase it, and type it out exactly the same way again and again

That was part of what I did in my first job. I did great work, but I also knew back then that that job would never get better for me. That it would never offer challenge. That I wouldn't be able to sit at that desk and pretend to be having fun for much longer

Later, in other jobs, I was able to contribute more, and I felt more comfortable sitting at a computer and doing what I suggested we do (for the most part)—these later jobs were more palatable. But when I've traded sitting at a desk for money, doing somebody else's idea of what needs to be done, it's been dismal for me

And I'm glad that (even under the threat of poverty) I will most likely never be doing that again