I have to live my life as fully as possible given what I have

We all do. What do I have? The ability to write. To post. To talk. To call. To share. To listen

That is enough

What do I have? A body (partially functional—same as everyone). A brain. A heart. An income. Friends. A GF

Music—to breathe and to inspire

I have a new year—I have today

I have coffee

I have the bumbling spirit of something new—something new for all of us as we live with the virus of the sun—I have the ability to quit and to attend to those I want to quit or attend to—I have the past (one day farther behind me)—I have this little little moment typing this word—I have the ability to care, to complain, to play, to make, to love—in short, a fully functional being of essential packages

It is wrong to despair—it is wrong. The only way to live is with hope, with joy, with attack! I will live like that today