I got a walker

I've had tardive dystonia for seven years now. It hasn't gotten worse. It hasn't gotten better. It's a permanent condition, according to modern medicine. The neurologist I spoke to seven years ago said (as this isn't going away) my job was now to make living my life as comfortable as possible

My GF and I got some canes a few years ago and I've tried to walk with those. They work best for me held behind my neck, with my arms out straight. My arms move too much on their own that what I need is something to brace them

Riding a bicycle has proven a wonderful surprise—the locked position of my arms works in the riding posture

I haven't driven a car in seven years

So yesterday I saw the doctor and asked them to get me a walker. They agreed—and agreed that's what I need

This is a big step for me—one I've been avoiding. I'm 43. Using a walker at this age is not what I expected. I hold onto the cart at the grocery store for stability. At home, I move holding onto couch and chair and table. It is obvious when you look at me that I'm having trouble walking. I spoke with my GF and she spoke back her support of me and pride in me that I went to the doctor and asked for what I need

The walker will be here in two weeks

I have put away the rest of my shame and will be out and about, walking with my walker, moving around the world a little more comfortably, and living my life boldly in only the way I can