I feel silly needing to say this, but—there is no other

I would think this would be the most obvious lesson on planet Earth, but—according to the number of people acting to the contrary—it is apparently not that obvious

There is no other—there is no other country, no other person, no other side. There is only an increasingly large this which has no that

In a country, there is no other country—only this country and that country (which are all part of the larger country)—In a company, there is no other employee who is separate from (or in competition with) another employee—they are both on the same team. There is no competition within a team (not competition to the death)—there are no other people (not in the sense that I would go to war with them)

There is no other party—like republicans and democrats. There is no winning for one without winning for the other—no losing for one without losing for the (other)—because there is no other. When a president wins an election, that is cause for celebration from both sides—and cause for lament from both sides

There is no other country—like Russia and the US. Our news and our politics (and our anger) states it as though there were two separate countries. But war for one means war for the other. Peace for one means peace for all! There is no other here. Show me how victory for one does not mean victory for the other—how loss for one does not mean loss for all

In the case of the country, we are all on the same planet. In the case of employees, we are all part of the same company. In the case of individual people, we are all members of the same species

Competition between us is good to the point that we start destroying each other (destroying ourselves)

There is no other country to beat. No other company. No other person. No other ideology

Only just-for-fun competition (that ends at the end of the day) is useful between us. We would do better than we currently do by putting aside all the weapons and solving our disagreements through a cooking contest. Competition "between us" becomes carnage when (at the end of the day) we don't acknowledge that we're all the same—that we're all winners and losers, that we don't really want to beat the other guy's head in

If you, reading this, say—"But I really do want to beat the other guy's head in"—then you need to separate yourself from the field of competition and heal yourself. Your immature kind of anger is not welcome here. Here is the stage of adults, who value each other, who are able to compete maturely. If you're in the playground state of really wanting to beat the other guy's head in—then you're not ready to play

Everyone else—enjoy the competition. Enjoy it without the actual threat of death. Enjoy it feeling no superiority at the end of the contest—if you came to the competition with half-formed self-esteem (if you came here needing to vindicate your weak self-image) then go home. I'm tired of working in companies where the competition within the company is cutthroat to the point of professional death—it's not necessary. I'm tired of living in a world of nationalistic fools who really want Russia to win—who really want the US to win (as if there even was such a unary win)

Don't you see how idiotic that is?

We're all one planet, one country, one company, one species—can we compete as though this was the case?