I don’t believe in bottomless capitalism

Bottomless capitalism is capitalism where you can lose everything—your house, your car, every dollar from your hot little hands—and there is no net to save you, to return you to the system

Bottomless capitalism is the kind we, the US, have

We have some social safety nets, but ultimately there is no net—people who once had homes no longer have homes—no longer have a place to live—that's bottomless and that is the United States of America

Homeless people are a product of the system. Homeless people do not exist outside of the system that excludes them. That is our system, our culture, that causes people to become homeless

Homeless people are not inherently homeless. We (all of us) make them homeless by our choices. There is enough housing, enough money, enough resource for everyone. In the case of homeless people we continually choose to waste them—just as we continue to pollute the Earth. It's unacceptable for our system to have outputs that disrespect the rest of the systems around us. Outputting toxic waste into our oceans is unacceptably bad—outputting people into our streets with no income is worse

Think of a system where people go through but some people fall out

Now think of a closed system where people cycle around and no one falls out

It's hard to say that the first system serves people (which is who we are)—it serves something, but not humanity

The second system serves us better

Is the purpose of our species to make as much "progress" as possible as quickly as possible? Or do the conscious lives of our members—matter?

We have to stop pretending that the system we all find ourselves in, does not create homeless people. If we are careless enough with ourselves to create the homeless in the first place, at least we can take care of those we have wasted, to rehabilitate them or at least take care of them for the rest of their lives

Homeless people are not our enemy—they are our victims and it's time we saw it that way

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