Hard day yesterday with TD medicines and a panic attack

Yesterday was hard for me

I woke on the third day of my old TD medicine, having run out of the samples of the new one, which worked better. (My notes for my first day back on Ingrezza say: "aggravating")

Then was startled by our transportation car arriving—I forgot we were going to the grocery store!

Was shaking on the way to the store, and when we got there entered a sort of panic attack (which I don't have often but which are difficult when they occur)

Ended up going to the front of the store to lie down as much as possible on the benches, knowing my face-down position is the one that stills me most

Multiple people came to check on me. The cart organizer guy. The store owner. I just told them all I was having a rough day with my condition and they left me alone

When my GF finished the shopping (which she boldly did alone) she walked me and the grocery cart to our village clinic (which is in the same shopping center as the grocery). My doctor was not in but the ones who were there, after my GF explained to them I was having trouble switching medications, gave me two more one-week samples and assurances that my doctor would call this in as a regular prescription when she's back next week

I am grateful for this medication

Switching medications can be hard, which is why in Vermont they always did it inside the hospital

I am thankful for my GF here—lifesaver <3

Glad to be taking it easy on the couch again

With respect for this illness, and days like yesterday, I am uncertain in having put out a résumé on my site—with this sort of thing going on, there's no way I could consistently work. I'm not fretting any more over that, though—but it is a thought

Generally, I'm taking this as a cue that I need to pursue the most relaxed life possible