Happy to be here

Of late, this is my motto

It is my thing I say instead of arguing

It's my bottom line—

I am happy to be here

In every situation, pleasant or un-, this is what I conclude, this is the point I come to. When someone pleases me, I am happy to be here. When someone displeases me, I have the chance to disagree, but I don't—because I don't have to—and because I am happy to be here

I would not necessarily be here, if I had died in the past. That could have really happened—so I am happy to be here

In the threat of nuclear war (even) I am happy to be here. I might not have been here—I might not have ever gotten to experience 9/11. If the world ends tomorrow, I will be happy to be here

If not, I'm happy to be here

This is the bottom line, the signature to my document, the conclusion to every argument inside my head

Whatever it is, when it comes down to it—

I'm happy to be here!