Forgetting about my heart with help from an Apple watch

I got an Apple watch recently, and one of the things it does is measure your heart rate. I often think about my heart (is it going too hard or too fast?) and I figured this watch could help me take a look at it

The first day I created a watch face that showed a graph of my heart's BPMs. Watching this graph gave me an idea of what my heart does throughout the day. I saw my nighttime heartbeat, my daytime range and even the highs when I ride my bicycle into town. I kept this face for about a week

As time has gone by, that watch face has become less important to me. Because I've seen it. I've checked it and let go. And the watch is automatically monitoring my rate, with a promise to warn me if it gets too high or low, so over time I have almost stopped looking at that face altogether

I worry less about my heart now

It's because of this machine on my wrist that is worrying for me

My watch face no longer shows a graph of my BPMs. It now shows the weather—and the time