I got high and wrote this

Flow from state to state easily.

Make elegant goodbyes.

Go from sober to high to sober again.

Live elegantly with ease!

Is it not saddened at the flower wilting—no, it's not!

Is it not felled by the death of a love—no, it's not!

That we can lead independent lives and tip our hats to another as we pass.

Consider that the thing you’re joking at may itself be a joke.

If you can't do anything else, rest.

Be aware of where your knowledge ends.

Don't hold on so tight that you fall off!

Personality is intended for use in mating.

Don't try to anticipate someone who doesnt want to be anticipated.

When you’re done, let it go.

People are silly vessels.

A form isn’t of any use without its function—what a body is versus what a body does.

When you let it go, let it fully go.

We are showing us how to be ourselves.

The value of a covering is to reveal what’s underneath.

Is hurting you really what’s in my best interest?

I'm not mentally ill, I'm just a writer.

A writer is one who writes, and that's all it will ever be!

You can’t learn the lesson for which you haven’t had the trial.