Ego is seriousness—silliness is the enemy of ego

When I'm in ego, I want to be taken seriously—as a writer, as a patriot, as myself

When I'm silly, I eschew seriousness and my ego. Wearing a silly hat does this. It says, I'm not interested in being taken seriously—There is something more important than my ego

Besides children, really only a few people are capable of being silly. Being silly is perhaps the strongest position—it not only upends everyone who is being serious, but it declares that the silly person doesn't care what other people think of them

People who have retained or regained the ability to be silly are not starting wars. They are not telling other people what to do

Serious people frown. They are fearful. They argue to get what they want. They care what others think of them (ego)—they will push you to the point of death to have their way. Serious people throw their titles in your face. Serious people try to convince you that their way is superior

Truly silly people do not care who is superior, who has the upper hand, who is winning an election—silly people are on another level. We are not afraid. That is why we are free to be silly—because your thoughts do not rock our boat

Someone who is serious can have their boat rocked very easily—that is why they have become serious (seriousness is a defense against the influence of others)

Silly people are not afraid of influence, not afraid to change and grow—silly people circumvent the game that everyone else is foolishly playing

Can I be silly today? I can—

Can you?