Do it till it’s done

If your thing is worrying, and you want to worry less, some people can learn to get around their problem by somehow not worrying

This works well unless you're one of the people who it doesn't work for

If this doesn't work for you, you might have to worry more. Until you're through worrying. Yes, this is a solution and it's a very good one in some cases

I might be thinking through a work situation. I want to work through it (to think less about it) but it may be that I need to think about it more in order to make it go away. Some problems less, some problems more

Some might need to learn not to try to think through every possibility of their day before proceeding into it. Other people will need to think through every possibility before they go through it. Some people can succeed by doing less. Others will need to do more

In this second way of doing things, nothing is avoided. Everything is attacked, taken on to the nth degree, pursued to the depths of its tunnel

In the first way, I try to get through giving myself and the problem an easy time

In the second way, I bash my way through, hitting every surface, killing it, smashing it, crushing it, until everything about the problem is broken (has been touched). I work through everything until there is nothing left of the problem to touch me

In the cases where you can get through unscathed, do that

The rest of the time: Do the hell out of it. Do it till it's done