Being better at something doesn’t make you less self-conscious

Self-consciousness is a universal trait. It has nothing to do with how good you are at something

When you're not good at something, you might think, If I was better at this, I would be less self-conscious—or—Someone who is better at this than me must have also mastered this feeling of self-consciousness

This is not the case

Your skill level might change, but self-consciousness operates independently

A child has no skill, but they are not self-conscious!

An adult may have skill or not, self-consciousness or not—but skill does not imply a lack of self-consciousness

What more argument do you need to see that getting better at something will not make you think less about yourself while you're doing it?! Getting better at something will not (in itself) make you doubt yourself less, think better or worse about yourself while you're doing it—that is an exercise all its own