Be bold. Be unforgiving. Be unparalleled

Be without response. Break the rules. Yes—even that one. Make yourself a cauldron of love. Love everyone. Love the checker at the grocery store. Love the birds. Love your landlord. Love the cat around the corner. Have no memory. Have no limit to your depths. Allow yourself to choose the surprising choice. Have no regard for conformity. Have no care for others' thoughts—have no care for your own. Be second to none in your unconditionality. Forgive everyone and everything. Love Putin. Love the motherfucker. Love your own killer. Love the knife that kills you and the hate that drives it through. Love your jailer, your captor—love the one who insults you. Love the one you wake up next to. Serve her. Lick her. Love every inch of her. Love yourself. Love quiet moments. Love secret moments—between you and you. Love everything you ever did right and everything you ever did wrong. Love the people you can no longer stand to talk to. Love the people you invite into your sanctum. Make things. Make moments. Make stories. Make them in real life if you can—imagine them if you can't. Be unstoppable. Be indeterminate. Be indefinable. Never stop. Never stop until everything you do is indescribable. Never stop until your name is unpronounceable. Never stop until you have truly fucked shit up beautifully. Never stop until you're manic. Never stop until the only way you can be described is crazy. Be un-deal-with-able. Impossible to categorize. Undefeatable. (Before the war.) Be unassailable. Invincible. Be impossible to locate. Move in stillness. Be behind, on top of. Be simple. Be kind. Be like a child. Be curious—endlessly. Be energy in its purest form. Be like the innocent. Be like the stupid. Be fearless. When you don't know what to say, say nothing. When you don't know what to do, do nothing. Then, when you do know what to say, when you know what to do, what you say and what you do will be correct beyond measure. Be that. There is the measure. And there is you. And you (impossible to name) are beyond the measure. Be that